Great Durable CE, And ROHS Compliant Toughened Glass Bridgelux Waterproof IP65 6W LED Garden Light

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great durable ce and rohs compliant toughened glass bridgelux waterproof ip65 6w led garden light

LED Garden Light Features

  • Die cast aluminum and toughened glass.

  • Fitting screws in 304 stainless steel.

  • Good heat sink design,prolong the life of led chip.

  • Colorful, monochromatic, soft light.

  • Low power, 50,000 hours long life span.

  • Screws and bracket included for easy installation.

  • Wide range of applications:yard,garden,tourist attractions, parks, squares etc. 

  • Protection class:IP65

  • Beautiful and compact design.


LED Garden Light Specifications

LED Quantity3 pieces of 1w bridgelux chip6 pieces of 1w bridgelux chip
Input VoltageAC85-265V/12VAC85-265V/12V
Color Tempreture2700-7500K2700-7500K
Projection Distance6-20M6-20M
Lamp MaterialDie cast alluminumDie cast alluminum
Lamp Size Φ98mm Φ165mm

Why Choose

  • You inquiry will be well replied by our high effeciency team workers.

  • We provide the relative lowest price considering the high quality materials we use.(such as Bridgelux/Epistar chip brand)

  • Assembly:the lights are assembled by skilled workers and advanced equipment.We concertrate on every procedure to asure the quality of our products.

  • Test:all products are tested 48 hours before leaving our factory for lights are easy to find problems during the first 48 hours.

  • Package:all products are packed independently with pearl wool wrapped.

  • Warranty:2 years . During the period,if the chip failed,we send you a new chip.If the driver failed,we send you a new driver.For unkown reason,we send you a full light.

  • OEM&ODM available.The message of your company will be secretly keeped.


LED Garden Light Application


About LED Garden Light

Using LED garden light to clear up the outdoor regions of your property is a good way whether you take lights for residential l or commercial use. It is a great way to get the light you need and to make your property more energy-efficient at the same time.

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Q:Garden lamp installation project quotation template
Garden lamp installation project quotation template, this space is long, convenient, you go to factory understand, there will be more comprehensive text to you.
Q:Why lawn lamps are gradually replacing traditional courtyard lights?
Now, lamps, materials, aluminum gradually replace iron. Light source is energy-saving lamps instead of incandescent lamps, led gradually replace energy-saving lamps.
Q:Consult the advantages and disadvantages of the metal halide lamp and the LED miner's lamp
Main production: landscape lamp, lamp, road lights, garden lights, LED lights, solar lights, LED lights, lawn lamp, underground lamp, electrodeless lamp, lifting lamp, lighting engineering, and related accessories business.
Q:LED how much is the courtyard lamp W?
The courtyard lights belong to the highly classified 2.5--4 meters, where they are used, generally ranging from 10--60w, and are determined by the locale
Q:How much is the solar garden lamp?
First of all, we must not only look at the price, we must compare the cost performance. To Huangchuan Limin technology, customized according to demand.
Q:LED how much is the color temperature of the courtyard lamp?
Generally choose warm white, 4500K or so.If the color temperature is too low, it will appear dim. Too high, winter will be too cold, summer will attract more insects.
Q:How can you tell the quality of a solar garden lamp?
Look at the solar street lamp pole is hot galvanized plastic spray and cold galvanized plastic spraying, the difference is in the incision, hot galvanized, in the incision still has coating, cold galvanized in the incision without plating. The general life of hot galvanized lamp post is more than 20 years, and the life of cold galvanizing lamp pole is about 1 years.
Q:How to choose LED courtyard street lamp?
The choice of different time frequency brightness lighting intelligent LED lamp, people travel in a busy time, LED lamp with high power, high brightness lighting; people travel in leisure time, automatically reduce the output power frequency LED power intelligent frequency LED lamp, LED lamp, low power operation, low brightness, save energy.
Q:What does the "40WP" in the technical parameters of the solar LED courtyard lamp mean?
Wp is the abbreviation of solar cell peak power, that is, Wp=Wpeak, each day with the sun's angle is different, the output power is also different. Maximum output power expressed by Wp.
Q:How to install the garden lamp?
You should probably pay attention to the following when installing the garden lights:First, open the package and check the integrity of the garden lamp;Then, the wiring should be assembled with reference to the instructions:A, open the lamp, light source and electrical equipment installation.B the leads are drawn from the through hole to the bottom of the lamp post.C then connect the lamp holder to the lamp post, and tighten the fastening screws.D, the courtyard lamp flange and foundation embedded screw alignment, vertical stand.E, the use of a nut or pad after leveling tighten the mounting nut.F, done!

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