GRC Fiberglass Water Dispersed Chopped Strand

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GRC Fiberglass Water Dispersed Chopped Strand is used for surface crack-proof of GRC products.

Product codeStrand tex(tex)Filament dia(μm)Moisture content(%) Size content(%) Breaking Strength(N/tex) Zirconia Content(%)
ARC15-98-(3-30mm)D 98 15 <0.50.6-1.0 ≥ 0.28 ≥ 14.5%
ARC11-50-(3-30mm)HD 5011<0.50.6-1.0≥ 0.30 ≥ 16.5%

GRC Fiberglass Water Dispersed Chopped Strand

Our alkali resistant fiberglass water dispersed chopped strand applied with water-dispersed size, the strand will disperse well to filaments in water in10 seconds, and also disperse fast, appliance amount less, enlarge strength.

It is typically used in a small amount to prevent cracking and to improve the performance of ready mix concrete, gypsum or other special mortar mixes. It can be used for surface crack - proof of GRC products.


Disperse fast, low dosages, harmless.

Package and Storage


20kgs/kraft bag, 50 bags/pallet, 20 pallets/20'FCL(on 2 levels), total net weight for approximately 18 tons.

Other packing methods are available, according to customers' requirements.


AR fiberglass water dispersed chopped strand should be stored dry in their original package, the best conditions being at a temperature of between 15 and 35, and at a relative humidity of between 35 and 65%. If the product is stored at low temperature (below 15), it is advisable to condition in the workshop for 24 hours before use to prevent condensation.

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Q:What are the differences between concrete,cement and mortar?
Cement is a powder-like substance;consists of aluminium, silicates etc. manufactured in a klin. Mortar is mixture of cement and sand. It is used to join bricks in a wall. Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand and aggregate(small stones) used to construct beam and columns.
Q:I just got a model kit, and it says I have to cement plastic parts together? Where do I get cement?
Polystyrene cement. For some reason it seems to be less well known in the USA than Europe. Use with care; it melts the surfaces together for a tight, strong bond but stray drips can wreck a model; don't squeeze the tube!! Superglue (crazy glue) is safer to use because you can pull the bits apart again if you mess up but it not as good as cement.
Q:when do we use cement and concrete?
I would have to agree with Tom but omit the sand replace with peat gravel instead. The concrete used in roads tends to have a larger size peat gravel. Using just sand creates the mortar used in brick, block, etc. installations...
Q:General taxpayer commerce company sales of cement, building materials products should be handed a few points
General taxpayer commerce company sales of cement, building materials products, applicable 17% VAT rate
Q:How do you do the seams on cement backer board?
Remember that when you tile to use 100% silicone in the corners and along the bottom edge before grouting. Let it cure a couple days. This will prevent any grout from getting into those joints. I also used red guard on the seams and joints of the backer board.
Q:I individual industrial and commercial households, is the general taxpayer, the scope of business is a hardware building, into the tickets are cement, out of building materials or materials can be it?
Second, the purchase and sale business is also a category of value-added tax, the main should pay attention to the contract with the customer how to agree, such as the installation can be installed separately with the equipment sales, should issue a special invoice and installation invoices, and offset the purchase of equipment input tax If it is inseparable from the Inland Revenue Department, it is determined that this act is a mixed sale or a business tax Generally, the tax department has a certain proportion to approve it For example, , Sales part of the price in the total price of a certain percentage, is 30%, 50%, 70% I do not know, because I am not this line, hehe Finally, since it has been recognized as a general taxpayer, the tax device you do not have to install or do not close the tax bureau, they are in accordance with the requirements of the general taxpayer to look at you, on the basis of the above two problems, It is not a problem
Q:What is the significance of silicon dioxide in portland cement?
Allow me to qualify my answer first. When mixing cement water, in the process and as it dries hardens, air pockets tend to form inside the concrete. Air pockets are like those holes that are inside the cheese we see when we cut it. Concretes could also tend to form air pockets as it dries up firms up. Those air pockets could WEAKEN the concrete, because of the spaces inside. Now, the function of silicon dioxide is it minimize those air pockets tends to make concrete stronger.
Q:[Building materials] Portland cement and slag cement compared to the bleeding
Its ratio is not about 1: 1.2 between. Thank you, huh
Q:what are the best roller derby wheels for cement?
it the cement painted or polished? is it usually dirty? these can make it much more slippery than it would be if it is none of these. I skate on a polished cement track which was covered in epoxy and is super slippery. I use Sugar hybrid wheels because they are super grippy. If the cement isn't polished you should probably use harder wheels.
Q:WHY is chemical cement less abundant in SHALE? WHY is it variable in conglomerate?
Chemical cement in shale is less abundant because shale particles are so small can normally bind the rock together without an additional bonding from a chemical cement. Chemical cement in sandstone (NOT part of your question), is much more abundant because the particle size - normally visible quartz grains - is such that the rock would disintegrate, as unconsolidated sand, if it were not present. Chemical cement in conglomerate is variable because conglomerate is variable. Is the conglomerate pebble supported or matrix supported? A pebble supported conglomerate may be bound together with a later chemical cement. A matrix supported conglomerate may be bound by the sand or clay rich matrix which will not require any later infilling cement.

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