Graphite Electrodes for Steel Industrial with High Quality

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$1,700.00 - 1,900.00 / m.t.
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TT or LC
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100 m.t.
Supply Capability:
50000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

1. Specifications

Graphite Electrodes Used for steel making in arc furnace
Super quality
Competitive price 

2. Specifications for RP, HP, UHP graphite electrodes with nipples:





Bulk Density1.56g/cm3
  Specific Resistivity
  Bending Strength

Elastic   Modulus 9.3GPa

Thermal Expansion Coefficient2.7x10 -6/°C

Ash 0.5%


  Bulk Density
  Specific Resistivit
y≤ 7.0μΩm

Bending Strength14.0MPa

Elastic   Modulus 13.7GPa

Thermal Expansion Coefficient2.5 x10 -6/°C

Ash 0.5%


Bulk Density1.65g/cm3
  Specific Resistivity
  Bending Strength

Elastic   Modulus 10.0GPa

Thermal Expansion Coefficient2.2x10 -6/°C

Ash 0.3%


  Bulk Density
  Specific Resistivit
y≤ 5.5μΩm

Bending Strength16.0MPa

Elastic   Modulus 14.0GPa

Thermal Expansion Coefficient2.0 x10 -6/°C

Ash 0.3%


Bulk Density1.68g/cm3
  Specific Resistivity
  Bending Strength

Elastic   Modulus 14.0GPa

Thermal Expansion Coefficient1.9x10 -6/°C

Ash 0.2%


  Bulk Density
  Specific Resistivit
y≤ 4.5μΩm

Bending Strength18.0MPa

Elastic   Modulus 16.0GPa

Thermal Expansion Coefficient1.4 x10 -6/°C

Ash 0.2%

3. Packing:

In wooden cases strapped with steel bands.

4.Pictures of Graphite Electrodes Factory


Graphite Electrodes for Steel Industrial with High Quality

Graphite Electrodes for Steel Industrial with High Quality

Graphite Electrodes for Steel Industrial with High Quality

5. FAQ

We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely: 

①How about your Warranty Graphite Electrodes with high power ?

Our factory could produce qualified products and good delivery time, cause we have many graphite electrodes in stock to our clients. So we can offer you stock products if you need urgent.

②How to guarantee the quality of the products Graphite Electrodes with high power?

We have established purchasing quality control system, and we have inspector in the factory to check the quality. each good should be appreoved by the inspectors ,then, could be permit to do shipment.;

③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory to do production or do  delivery as cusotmers' request. 

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Q:How can the graphite powder be processed into high quality carburizing agent? Thank you
So that impurities on the high, so basically can not be processed into so-called quality, and can leave a contact, discuss each other
Q:The reason why graphite is used as electrode
The graphite has good conductivity and thermal conductivityThe conductivity of graphite is one hundred times higher than that of ordinary non-metallic minerals. Heat conductivity exceeds steel, iron, lead and other metal materials. The coefficient of thermal conductivity decreases with increasing temperature, and even at extremely high temperatures, the graphite becomes hot.
Q:How can hydrogen be produced by electrolysis of sodium hydroxide with graphite as an electrode?
Molten sodium hydroxide is ionized out of Na+ and OH-, electrons are lost at the anode OH-, oxygen and water are produced (immediately evaporated at high temperature), and electrons are generated at Na+ at the cathode Na
Q:Use of graphite in steelmaking
Application of graphite electrode in smelting, alloy steel, iron alloy, graphite electrode, the strong current through the melting zone, the arc electrode into the electric furnace, the electrical energy into heat, the temperature rises to 2000 degrees Celsius, so as to achieve the purpose of melting or reaction.
Q:What's the purpose of the electrode material?When the electrolytic molten state of NaCl is said, what is the use of the graphite electrode and the iron electrode?
1. graphite (two kinds of EDM3 and EDM200)2. copperIn general, graphite electrode for extensive escape material (graphite texture loose, discharge energy is relatively large, removal of materials faster, but face flowers that roughness is relatively large
Q:Graphite can be used in acid towers in chemical plants because of graphite
Ultra high power graphite electrode. A graphite electrode that allows current densities greater than 25A/ cm 2 is allowed. Mainly used in ultra high power steelmaking arc furnace
Q:Will the brush grease not short-circuit the commutator?
Graphite, on the other hand, has good lubrication. The graphite base electrode will form a layer of carbon film when it rotates on the surface of the motor commutator. It can reduce the friction coefficient between the brush and the commutator and reduce the wear of the commutator effectively.
Q:What's the use of carbon?
High power graphite electrode. Allows the use of current density of 18 ~ 25A/ cm 2 graphite electrode, mainly used in steel-making high power arc furnace
Q:Where is the graphite electrode scrap?
Vortex ring formed in a highly ionized internal ICP can be regarded as the secondary coil of the transformer is only one turn, and the work coil water is equivalent to the primary winding of the transformer, the coupling between them, the strength and direction of the magnetic field varies with time, the electronic and ionic field acceleration continuously changes its direction of motion. Lead to Joule heating effect and incidental ionization. This gas forms a new and stable "electric flame" light source in the quartz torch tube in a very short time.
Q:National standard for graphite electrodes
The national standard normal power graphite electrode graphite electrode: the standard name standard classification number Q51 Standard No. YB/T 4088-2000 for YB/T 4088-2000 YB/T 4088-1992 2000/12/1, instead of the execution time of 0:00:00 release time 2000/7/26 0:00:00 adoption situation

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