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graphite crucible is featured by fast heat conduction,long service life and low cost and the product finds good application

1.Garphite crucible can withstand the high temperature, an has good resistance to chemical erosions and thermal shock.

2.Graphite crucible is ideal for the melting of gold,silver,aluminum,copper and other metals and is also used as a tool for smelting jewelry.

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Q:What is the conductivity of graphite and copper, iron and zinc?
It is necessary to determine the material or grade of the graphite to have the corresponding technical parameters. The letter Ruida graphite thermal field | graphite heater | graphite crucible | isostatic graphite, when processing will also consider these problems, depends on the specific application.
Q:Graphite is widely used in industry and in daily life. It can not be used in industry
It is mainly used to make graphite crucible in metallurgy industry. Graphite is often used as protective agent for steel ingot and lining of metallurgical furnace in steelmaking.Used for manufacturing the electrode, carbon nanotubes, carbon brush, and the positive electrode of the mercury rectifier in the electrical industry, graphite gasket, telephone parts, TV tube coating etc..Graphite is often used as a lubricant in the mechanical industry.
Q:What is the conductivity of graphite and the conductivity of graphite?
Graphite and copper, iron, and zinc are electrically conductive.
Q:What are the two methods of atomization? What orders of magnitude can be measured?
It is mainly used in conjunction with the vapor generation process (hydride generation, high temperature purification, high atomization efficiency). C optical system (monochromator) by the concave mirror, graphite furnace atomizer (graphite furnace atomizer), cathodic sputtering atomizer (cathode sputtering atomizer): in the high temperature adjustable sample utilization rate of 100% high sensitivity. A flame atomization, tin. The atomization program is divided into drying, resolving power and collecting power, and the D detection system consists of detector (photomultiplier tube). D. The tube type graphite furnace atomizer is the most commonly used: simple operation, optical system and detection system, atomization is one kind will be placed in the tube wall and the graphite platform; the magnitude of mL, the performance of selenium: the detection limit of 10-6~10-14 samples of low dosage, slit or dispersion components dispersion element as a prism or diffraction grating monochromator is the dispersion rate and good reproducibility of B graphite furnace atomizer, also called low temperature atomization method, mercury vapor generation and volatile compounds), will be measured directly from the solid surface elements into atomic vapor and germanium micro determination of trace carbon or graphite, sample hole the crucible system atomization with electric heating to a high temperature can be measured by 10-13g/ graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry.
Q:Why do laboratory crucibles use ceramics instead of glass?
Because the glass has a softening temperature, and the temperature is below 1000 DEG C, therefore, made of glass crucible at high temperature when the heating crucible may be softening deformation, and the glass crucible should not contact with alkaline substances.
Q:Can waste circuit boards be recycled?
When the filtrate is concentrated to silver nitrate, the crystallization of silver nitrate is transferred and filtered, and all the silver nitrate crystals are precipitated and absorbed. Finally, the silver nitrate is put into the dryer and dried to be used. If the purity of the silver nitrate is not high, multiple crystallization can be used to increase purity.
Q:What are the welding methods at the end of the thermocouple?
Salt welding type K thermocouple in the beaker into the sodium chloride solution into the platinum wire in aqueous solution as an electrode, and the electrode heat as another electrode. When soldering, contact the top of the thermocouple with the solution slightly, switch on the power supply and switch off the power quickly after the arc is started. This welding method is suitable for welding 0.03mm-0.3mm thermocouples with finer welding diameter.
Q:What are the differences between quartz crucibles and glass crucibles in appearance, properties, uses, etc.?
What are the differences between quartz crucibles and glass crucibles in appearance, properties, uses, etc.?
Q:How to extract pure silver from sundry Silver
The reduction of silver: equal without rust and the silver chloride tightly alternately placed in the container and Diego. By adding 1% volume concentration of 16% hydrochloric acid, 8 - 12 hours after all. Silver is replaced, brown. Then rinse 3 to 4 times to no acid.
Q:Does the smelting of nonferrous metals, graphite crucible and cast iron crucible which is easy to use?
I can't decide which is good. I just want to talk about the smelting methods of some nonferrous alloys(1) cast aluminium alloy ZL101, cast iron crucible;(2) casting brass, H62, graphite crucible;(3) cast magnesium alloy ZM5, steel plate welding crucible(4) casting tin bronze, 5-5-5, fused magnesia, medium frequency furnace smelting
Our products are sold all over the country, and exported to America, Germany, Spain, India, Japan and Korea. Besides, we have strict management and advanced production technology. We promise we will win more clients and a larger market with honest commercial credit, high quality of products, competitive price and good service.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Inner Mongolia,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets 7.14% North America
7.14% South America
7.14% Eastern Europe
7.14% Southeast Asia
7.14% Africa
7.14% Oceania
7.14% Mid East
7.14% Eastern Asia
7.14% Western Europe
7.14% Central America
7.14% Northern Europe
7.14% Southern Europe
7.14% South Asia
7.14% Domestic Market
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Nearest Port Xingang,Tianjin
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 21-50 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 7
Contract Manufacturing 1,000-3,000 square meters
Product Price Range Low and/or Average