Grain Storage System Wheat Steel Silo Storage

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Grain Storage System Wheat Steel Silo Storage


 Detail Specification


flat bottom / hopper bottom


hot galvanized steel

Auxiliary system

-Loading and unloading system

-grain cleaning system

-ventilation system

-Temperature monitoring system

-Level indicating

-Lightening proctection system


-Turkey basis

-standardization componet

-full silo filling

-clear silo discharging

-excellent heat insulation technology

-Easy Maintenance


--grain project storage and turnover

--Large grain depot storage and turnover

--Port  or logstics storage



New solution for grain storage to replace traditional warehouse

Low space occupation and high storage capacity

-Patented heat insulation technology to provide grain with safer storage

-Fast loading and unloading system to fill and empty the silo in short time

-Electric control to make the operation easier




Q: Why should you choose us:

A: 1. More than 10 years experience in this industry
2. 100,000 tons exporting per month
3. Professional foreign trade tea
4. OEM&ODM capacity
5. High quality assured & competitive price
6. Try our best to meet your needs & save your budget
7. Very popular in Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid-East and South America etc.
8. VIP membership system, first time customers and long-term cooperation customers can get extra discount on some products.



Grain Storage System Wheat Steel Silo Storage

Grain Storage System Wheat Steel Silo Storage


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