Grain Silo Steel Galvanized Steel Grain Silo for Storage

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Grain Silo Steel Galvanized Steel Grain Silo for Storage 

Quick Details




4285 CBM, 3000 MT steel grain silo


Steel, Standard Hot-galvanized steel plates


17.4*17.4*18 meter


100 tons


steel grain silo





Zinc coating:

275 g / m2

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1.We will pack by the protect film inner, water-repellent plastic outside. 2.The wood packing is necessary If send by less than a container. 3.The steel grain silo will fixed by steel rope in the container. Make sure it is in good condition when arrived destination.
Delivery Detail:about 25-45 days deliver the steel grain silo


1. Bottom: Flat bottom

2.Single Volume : 4285 CBM

3.Material : Hot-galvanized steel sheets

4. Zinc coating : 275 g /m2

5. Inside the silo body : Level system, Ventilation system, Temperature control system, Aeration system, Exhaust fan, Sweep auger, Slide gate. ( equipped according to your demands and condition ) .

6. Complete line : Cleaning system, Transport system, Silo body, Electric control system, At site installation .

Our Service:

1. Pre-sales consultation:
Your requirements-----we decide and confirm the processing technology

2. Scheme recommendation:
Offering you reasonable recommendations and solutions to guarantee the overall performance of the machine .

3. Equipment installation : 
We have professional technicians to to offer your installation guides .


Our service experts ensure production processes run smoothly by developing customized maintenance plans for each customer. We will give you comprehensive advice, work with you to plan the necessary work, and carry this out in a way that meets your specific needs.


1. What is the types of this assembly silo?        

A. Hopper bottom: Steel cone base: 

The capacity is below 800t and the diameter is below 8.5m. 

B. Cement cone base / Flat bottom: 

The capacity is comparatively big and the diameter is below 12m, its base is general made into   cement cone  base.        

2.  what is the zinc coating per sqm available ?           

The silo is made of hot-galvanized steel sheet 275g/m2,350 g/m2 and 400g/m2 are options.            

3. What is the usage of the fabricated silo ?        

The steel silos are widely used in grain storage, animal feed, flour, starch, rice milling   factory, grease processing, brewing, monosodium glutamate etc.  

4. Do you install the silo ?

  Yeah, we offer the turnkey project, we will dispatch engineers to your location for the installation .


Grain Silo Steel Galvanized Steel Grain Silo for Storage

Grain Silo Steel Galvanized Steel Grain Silo for Storage

Grain Silo Steel Galvanized Steel Grain Silo for Storage

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Q:What is the liquid that often oozes from the stored corn silage and why does it make animals sick?
You could think of that as a moonshine precursor. Fermented corn mash run through a still to pull off as pure as possible ethanol fraction results in corn liquor. Potent stuff. Undistilled, it's pretty bad for you; distilled, it may be worse.
Q:Do nuclear missile silos exist still?
Yes. Two seconds googling Minuteman III would have told you that.
Q:weird old film/ book with food known as 'silo green'? made from dead people?
Soylent Green. You can read about it on IMDb or maybe Wikipedia.
Q:What is the surface area of a silo? Geometry?
r=9' surface area of the dome is 4pr2/2=509 sq ft that means the silo's walls are 41' tall, with a circumference of 56.54', which means the surface area of the wall is 2,318 sq ft... 2,318 + 509= 2,827 sq ft of surface area 2,827 / 250= 11.308 gallons x $1k/gallon=$11,308.
Q:question about oil?
It's how it was then, now, and I do not see much change for the future. This is about Canada but applys in most of the world as well.
Q:Spanish words in English?
Bravo! Rodeo Adobe Cargo El Niño Hacienda Macho Amigos
Q:why nuclear submarine cannot replace land based ballastic missles?
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Q:What is the most dangerous superhuman power?
being able to create nuclear explosions spread diseases with mind.
Q:Why Would You Find NO SMOKING signs in a Flour mill but not in grain silos?
definite China has intercontinental ballistic missles with nuclear warheads. i think of that they does not be almost as precise or sturdy as American missles, yet they had do a good number of harm although.
Q:Why are salt silos for winter salting stored in a dome shaped like a triangle?
not only easier to build but the weight of the snow is very heavy.with the dome the snow rolls right off the roof.

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