Grade A+ 15.6'' Laptop Screen B156Xw01 V.0 Ltn156At01 Lp156Wh1 B156Xw01 Claa156Wa01S 15.6Lcd Laptop Screen

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Product Description:

Grade A+  Brand new laptop panel monitor 15.6 inch B156XW01 V.0 or replacement  



Grade A+

Part number

B156XW01 V.0


15.6 inch



Aspect Ratio



TFT Active Matrix with led backlight


3 month

Compatible models: laptop / notebook

 Product Characteristics


LCD Panel Screen







Aspect ratio:

WXGA, Widescreen

Backlight Type


Screen Type

TFT Active Matrix Glossy

Item includes:

LCD Panel without inverter or bracket


Antistatic bag and box

Compatible models

LP156WH1, B156XW01 ,N156B3...  and so on


Specific laptop models can come in many sizes and resolutions. Laptop LCD resolution should not be upgraded or downgraded. You must confirm that this screen matches your laptop in size and in resolution before you purchase! No Returns Due To Improper Installation or Incompatibility.


Product line:

Laptop LCD led screen: from 4.5 inch to 18.4 inch


2. Resolution: SVGA, XGA, XGAHD, GA, XGA+, XGA++
3. Backlight: LED, CCFL, CCFL



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Q:Word jitter on a liquid crystal display
In addition to adjust the screen refresh Hz (60 Hz) and teach you a simple way, because now the graphics on screen now too old, as long as you can put down the display resolution. PS: my monitor has been adjusted to 1280X800
Q:How to adjust the screen display position of liquid crystal display (notebook)?
Your situation is so rare that the notebook itself does not support the adjustment display. All the width and height are fixed, but the software can be modified, but it seems that no one has a good end after the change, and the individual does not recommend doing so.I advise you to adjust your now support the resolution, to see whether there are IOUs, if there you can update your graphics card driver, 1280*768 is a conventional resolution, update the graphics driver should be able to get a resolution. If the update is not yet, you'd better contact the customer service.I think the problem is not resolution, even if the resolution is not accurate, it should be desktop deformation, nor white edge, you'd better contact customer service, the test test the repair repair. Good luck。
Q:LCD color occasionally slants red
BenQ 94VW trash display, in addition to the appearance of good. No other advantages. Certainly your monitor internal control color chip problems. Less than a year in the warranty. You can go to repair, replacement
Q:What do you mean by 17 "LCD" for LCD?
LCD means LCD, and 17 means the screen is 17 inches in size.
Q:PHILPS LCD has snowflakes
In the presence of snow, press the Auto button of the monitor. If the situation improves, the problem of the monitor can be completely determined. You can find another monitor to troubleshoot the problem.The output interface on the DVI card is different from that of the wire rod, and they are complementary.The two line, you mean the DVI and VGA lines are inserted at the same time, the display is to select one line of signal work, it is recommended to retain only one DVI signal line.VGA's signal line is not entirely beneficial, and the stretch blur is very good at boot and zoom.
Q:Maintenance of liquid crystal display
Daily maintenance points:1 、 liquid crystal display for a long time do not use, please turn off the power or set the host for power-saving mode.2, as long as possible to reduce the use of bright white screen for a long time, these two points can slow down the aging of the tube, and extend the service life of the monitor.3. Keep the storage and use environment clean and correctly clean the screen surface.4, away from the high temperature and humidity environment.5, no liquid upon screen and machine.6, strictly prohibit extrusion impact screen surface.7, avoid unnecessary vibration.8, do not disassemble and disassemble.
Q:Why can't my LCD monitor display full screen?
Display screen around the border, can not show full screen, there are two common reasons:First, the video card driver is not installed properly;Two, check the display resolution and refresh rate settings inappropriate.This happens when you switch from an older CRT monitor to a new LCD monitor, because the resolution of the monitor is not consistent with the output resolution of the card. Reset the resolution.The solution is as follows:1. Turn on the computer, select "my computer", right-click, click "properties" - enter the system properties - click on the hardware. Operate according to the computer system.2, click on the "hardware", you will see "device manager", click enter.3, access to device manager will see a lot of computer related hardware and software information, the mouse down to the bottom, find the "display card"".4, look at the display name card entry under the presence of greeting or exclamation point.5, if the exclamation mark is selected, right click to see the property, whether the normal operation of equipment, if not normal operation, then try to update the driver.6, update the driver, if not successful, you need to download a network with their computer model matching card driver, download the installation drive, so that the computer will return to normal.
Q:How can the LCD be dimmed?
General graphics drive installed, there is a set, you use the win7 system, the lower right corner of the taskbar, the speaker next to the inverted triangle point to see if there is no graphics card settings, such as there can be changed
Q:Is the LCD monitor out of the transformer?
The screen brightness is not enough, and then black, boot, "squeak" sound pressure plate that is mainly the high voltage transformer (i.e., the "yellow tape wrapped coil) winding interturn short circuit of the transformer can be replaced.
Q:What's wrong with one of the LCD monitors?
The vertical line appears on the screen (often bright line, often dark line, dotted line, solid line), sometimes not, show that the LCD source driving circuit of LCD screen or failure; a source electrode drive circuit, general cable weld, or drive IC or IC peripheral circuit damage, damage, weld parts; two LCD screen, LCD screen is damaged once the damage can not be repaired, only the replacement or test after entering XP screen test key test to see if there is no vertical line that is not the display problem. It should be the video card or even the motherboard problem. If you don't worry, try using another monitor. The work of liquid crystal display, LCD screen receives the driving signal sent from the host to the LCD screen and liquid crystal valve is controlled by the integrated circuit in the display, if the host sent a driving signal circuit or display is not normal, there will be failures you narrates. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the connection between the host and the LCD screen, whether the cable is in bad contact, if the contact is good, then the problem is on the host or LCD display, it is recommended to send a professional maintenance station for inspection and repair

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