Grade 42.5 R/N Grey Ordinary Portland Cement

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1.Vietnam standard (TCVN)

- Quality of Cement as per TCVN 6260 - 2009

2.European standard (EN)

- Certificate I -EN 197-1.2000- CEM II 42,5 R

- Certificate II - En 197-1.2000 CEM II 42,5N

- Certificate III - EN 197-1.2000 CEM I 42,5R

3.American standard (ASTM)

- ASTM C150 TYPE-1







Test Results

Test Method



≤ 26.00


EN 196-2



≤ 6.50




≤ 4.50




≥ 54.00




≤ 5.00




≤ 3.5


Loss on Ignition, (LOI)


≤ 10.00


Insoluble Residue


≤ 12


Physical and Mechanical Properties

Finess test

EN 196-6

-          Blaine


≥  3200


-          Retained content on sieve 75mm


< 15.0


Time of setting

-                      Initial set

-                      Final set


            ≥  75                      

< 420



EN 196-3

Soundness (LeChatelier)


< 10.0


EN 196-3

Compressive strength


EN 196-1

2 Days

≥ 20.0


3 Days



7 Days



28 Days

≥  42.5


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Q:Is it safe to use pvc cement for....?
I looked up the MSDS for the PVC Cement which we sell and it states: SUMMARY OF ACUTE HAZARDS Overexposure may cause coughing, shortness of breath, dizziness, central nervous system depression, intoxication and collapse. It may cause irritation to the respiratory tract and to other mucous membranes. ROUTE OF EXPOSURE, SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS INHALATION Overexposure may cause coughing, shortness of breath, dizziness, central nervous system depression, intoxication and collapse. It may cause irritation to the respiratorytract and to other mucous membranes. EYE CONTACT Severely irritating. If not removed promptly, will injure eye tissue, which can result in permanent damage. SKIN CONTACT Frequent or prolonged contact may irritate and cause dermatitis. Low order of toxicity. INGESTION Low order of toxicity. Small amounts of the liquid aspirated into the respiratory system during ingestion, or from vomiting, may cause bronchiopneumonia or pulmonary edema. SUMMARY OF CHRONIC HAZARDS Repeated or prolonged exposure may cause signs of central nervous system depression and respiratory irritation. This material has been shown to induce tumors in laboratory animals. MEDICAL CONDITIONS AGGRAVATED BY EXPOSURE Individuals with pre-existing or chronic diseases of the eyes, skin, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, liver, or kidneys may have increased susceptibility to excessive exposure.
Q:How do you get DRIED CEMENT off your hands/skin? please help!?
Yikes! Your boyfriend needs to go see a doctor for this. The cement on his skin can cause a chemical burn, and he needs to get it off. It's important that he go now, even if the only place open at this hour is the Emergency Room. If at all possible, he should bring the package that the cement was in so the doctors can see for sure what they're dealing with. Also, if your bf has access to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS for short) for the cement, he should bring that to the hospital too. Actually, the MSDS would probably be the more useful thing to bring if that's all he has access to. He might insist that it's no big deal and that his hands will be fine. Guys like to act tough like that. Ignore him and drag him to the hospital if you have to. ;)
Q:How to identify the quality of cement rods produced by China's tower network?
"smell", where the "smell" is "listening" means, Cement ingredients, and thus infer the quality of cement poles, at present, some small domestic cement plant for low-cost sales, violation of cement standards, excessive use of cement mixed materials, not strictly in accordance with the standard ratio of raw materials, product performance Can be imagined, the regular manufacturers of cement raw materials listed on the listing of the rigorous, the production of cement with a condensing time is moderate, durable Good features 3
Q:I just got my braces on today and there and my orthodontist put a cement blob on my 2 molars?
This does not sound right. You need to get back to her for some further explanation and adjustment. You will not go like this for a couple of years.
Q:Can water come up through cement/grout?
Yes, grout and cement is very porous. Water can seep through both of those materials. The best thing to do would be to waterproof your basement (if it's concrete) or seal the grout and tile.
Q:james hardie cement siding ?
James Hardie company makes many cement board products for the building industry, including Hardi-Plank for siding, Hardi-backer to put behind tile or stone in damp areas, etc. Their products are all excellent quality, and are worth the cost -- I use them extensively. Cement board is heavy and somewhat brittle -- buy it locally from a quality vendor (Lowes, etc) and don't worry about the few cents difference between what you heard and what you see. You're getting excellent value, and freedom from unnecessary maintenance. Rejoice.
Q:How does one make Cement boots ?
Stick your feet in some wet cement. Then have someone drill into the cement, freeing two large blocks. Now you have your very own pair of custom cement boots! Just don't go near any ledges or large pools of water.
Q:how is cement, concrete, mortar and glass made and used?
see that window ? thats how glass is used
Q:If our new house already has tile floors, will it automatically have cement board?
nobody can venture a guess as to what the tile is set on even if there is cement board, depending on the type and how well the tile was installed there is no guarantee that it will still be reusable as an underlayment after the existing tiles are removed is it a slab home, meaning concrete floors under there or is it a wood frame house? travertine will cost about 5 dollars a square foot and up depending on size and grade just for the stone setting stone takes longer than ceramic tile and there for it costs more to install it will need to be sealed before and after grouting and occasionally for the rest of its life, higher traffic areas more often
Q:How do you clean a burn mark from cement?
THIS WILL WORK , BUT IS A VERY DANGEROUS CHEMICAL IF NOT HANDLED CAREFULLY! Most commercial muriatic acid will take the top layer off the cement, but can go further if left on to long You will want to have a hose ready. using a garden sprayer and spray the area very quickly and (be very careful as the cloud that will come off the cement is very toxic and can take your breath away). spray the area with water as this will naturalize the acid and it will be OK to scrub quickly and that should take care of your spot. if your uncombable doing this have a pool person do it for you or someone else do it

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