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Voice call quality high,even if you are in a noisy envisy

Position report, Send or receive GPS location,up to

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 20
hours of outdoor use

Google offline raster maps, road map, topo map and
satellite images.

Bold color display makes it easy to see and navigate
to family or friends at an amusement park, lake or
other outdoor group activity.

Sun and Moon: Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset
and moon phases

Area measurement: Measure the area and show the
shape of any shape including lakes, grasslands,
pastures farmland, orchards, etc

Fast USB computer connection and 2GB of internal
memory for rapid download maps.

Touch screen, multi touch and gesture

Optional e-Compass, G-sensor, and barometer.

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Q:After you bought a portable navigator, are you with the new map?
There are more well-known brands of navigation, generally have their own dedicated sites can provide map updates to download, or some direct supply of the store, if not always out of the way, you do not have to buy navigation.
Q:What is the difference between the GPS navigator and the PND portable machine, why are these two products? - 105
If you want to buy the rest assured that the use of peace of mind, it is necessary to take into account a number of important indicators, the following are the main factors. 1) GPS signal receiving sensitivity 2) software and hardware compatibility and stability of 3) software interface design of humanized anti electronic jamming problem question 4) 5) 6) GPS waterproof and shockproof ability of endurance 7) screen display problems
Q:Portable navigation Kay map with what version?
From your description of the situation, you can use the GPS navigator C-Car version of Kelid, that is, using the wince system, and thus continue to download the C-car version can be. In addition, the C-car version of Kelid is divided into standard and HD two, pay attention to distinguish. HD can use the Standard Version, but the standard can not use HD version, because the standard version of the navigator's processing chip can not deal with the HD version of the map.
Q:What is a portable navigator like? What is a portable navigator like?
Because the 7 inch screen product is too large, and may not have a built-in battery, directly on the cigarette lighter power, when the road is not easy to encounter a sudden power failure, a long time easy to burn out the machine, the screen is too small to see,
Q:Modern electronic dog hy-102 portable navigator to upgrade Rucker navigation
There is no large sensor head behind? Just a built-in electronic dog software?You don't have to upgrade, and have good Careland electronic dog information sharing. Is the upgrade also includes Careland, electronic dog data.I don't think you need to upgrade an electronic dog once a week.
Q:How does Kelid portable navigator upgrade maps?
Before upgrading, you must know your machine version number and the latest version of the map, if your map is the latest version, it does not need to upgradeUpgrade method genuine map of the most simple, according to the original version, find the corresponding main program, and then download the map data corresponding to the combination of the two installed, copied to the memory card to enter the activation code or replace crack procedures, can be normal use, do not need to know what brand, machine, port number, baud rate, resolution other parameters, as long as it is genuine, you can easily find the corresponding program installation! Even the map your portable navigation Kay is genuine, to be divided into 2 kinds, one is the latest version of special procedures, the other is not the latest version of special program!
Q:Portable navigation FM launch how to use, what to do
First of all: the first car FM FM, it is best to be transferred to a signal can not receive the channel (this will be better)Second: the navigation above the FM launch open, adjust to the same as the FM frequency on the car, and open the FM (usually is the point of the hook)Third: put the cigarette lighter inserted (some of this navigation is not necessary, and some navigation must be inserted cigarette lighter to launch)What does he do? He just sent the sound of the navigation to the car radio, through the car audio broadcast navigation above the sound.
Q:2013 portable navigation which brand is good
I use the Careland feel good brand and high priceI don't know what to say
Q:What is the difference between a car DVD navigator and a portable navigator
Appearance:DVD navigation is directly installed in the car audio instrument board position, no built-in battery, power line directly connected to the vehicle power supply, does not occupy the cigarette lighter, no external connection, and the whole vehicle dashboard is high-grade and beautiful all blend into one harmonious whole.The portable navigator is independent, no need to remove the car dashboard original installation, directly placed in the car, or in the front of the car with the adsorption plate mounted on the windshield, because similar portable navigator tablet computer, occupy less space, it will not affect the line of sight, although not with the car dashboard at any time may be desirable but all blend into one harmonious whole. Replacement is very convenient.
Q:Car navigation price, portable navigator brand which is good 110
Car beauty can not be exposed connection can play DVD, expensive. Portable cheap 300 - $400, you can broadcast RMVB format movies, games can be played.

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