Good Quality Wool Hand Tufted Carpets

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Carpet Name: Handmade Carpet / Rug

Carpet Material: 100% acrylic  

Carpet Pile Weight:1500g/sqm---2200g/sqm available;

Carpet Pile Height: 0.7cm------2.0cm availabe;

Carpet Size : any size as your requirement;

Carpet Color : any color as your requirement;

Carpet Backing : 100% Cotton Canvas backing attached with synthetic latex adhesive;

Carpet Packaging: be rolled up;each piece of rug be rolled in an individual plastic bag.

Remark: For handmade technique we could use acrylic, wool, polyester and polypropylene materials. All the carpets are good quality with

attractive price


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This carpet needs the attention of a professional carpet cleaner, some one who can treat the carpet and then hot water rinse and extract it. The carpet then can be treated with a deodorizer at that point. I do not recommend carpet foam or baking soda as these products are extremely hard, if not impossible to remove. Carpeting is a very expensive investment, it pays to do things right regarding cleaning and routine maintenance once and a while.
Q:1600*800 what size carpet is appropriate below the tea table?
Carpet size should be determined by the size of the sofa, irrelevant to the tea table. In principle, it's as big as the virtual box occupied by the sofa, but move away from the TV, not all under the sofa. Just bigger than the coffee table is not, but the problem is easy to sit on the sofa when you sit on the edge, easy to edge.
Q:What to do about smelly carpet?
Go to a good pet store and buy urine be gone, it may help somewhat, like the other poster said the smell might have gone to the padding and the ply wood.
Q:Is the living room able to lay a carpet?
Q:What kind of material is good for home bedroom carpet?
In many of the carpet material, nylon carpet occupies an outstanding performance in the one and only strength and elastic and durable, the material of the carpet not only in the long time kept the inherent fiber appearance, also has excellent antifouling dustproof performance, many features, but also makes nylon fiber material carpet, wide income consumers favor and love, but this material is often used in the living room and bedroom carpet.
Q:What is the carpet under the sofa and the tea table
Living room carpet is called the carpet has no special name as long as the size of color matching can be used
Q:What is the Largest Rug Store near Laguna Niguel CA?
The largest rug store near laguna niguel ca carries persian rugs. oriental rugs, antique rugs, silk rugs and traditional rugs for sale. The services they provided are rug cleaning, rug appraisal and rug repair. Their contact information is: Phone Number: (949) 306-9429 Address: Call for Directions
Q:What is Rug Burn and why it is called rug burn?
Rug burn is a friction injury caused by rubbing your skin against an item repeatedly with force. It's called rug burn because it's common to get such an injury while quickly dragging yourself against a carpet or rug, and the injury intially burns.
Q:Red carpet trivia?
The words, red carpet, may also be part of phrases such as the red carpet treatment and rolling out the red carpet, which refer to any special efforts made in the interests of hospitality. The 20th Century Limited passenger train may be the origin of this phrasing, as the New York Central Railroad used plush crimson carpets to direct people as they boarded.[1]
Q:breeding carpet pythons?
It doesn't just depend on age - size and weight also need to be taken into account. A female will obviously need to be in top condition as producing eggs takes a very large toll on their bodies. Depending on what species of carpet, it's often best to wait until they are 3 - 5 years before attempting breeding, and the female to be at least 2.5kg and over 6ft. (eg. coastals, murray darlings, diamonds) Females of smaller variaties such as the irian jaya and certain jungle carpets should be at least 2kg and in good condition. One exception to this rule is the bredli python, most breeders find that they need to be at least 4 years old and over 3 - 4kg to succesfully breed. Hope this helps.

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