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WoodPlastic Composite Project Decking is manufactured from a combination ofplastic, natural fiber and some additives using special equipments. It mixesnatural fiber and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood butwith rich colors of plastic.

It is asafe, environmentally responsible alternative to traditional decks, conservingenergy and resources. Not only does this save your time over the maintenance,but it will save you money as well.

WPC series
**WPC outdoor decking
**WPC exterior wall panel
**WPC DIY flooring
**garden box
Type: hollow and solid
Length: 2200mm, 2900mm, 4000mm,5800mm
Specification:150*25mm,135*25mm,140*26mm,  150*21mm, 150*30mm, 145*30mm, 250*21mm,250*25mm etc.
Color: ivory white, wood, cherry red, reddishbrown,  black etc.


Board  Material



Average Tensile Strength at break

Average  Flexural Strength at break

30% HDPE

60%Bamboo/Wood Fiber

10% Chemical Additives


Average max. load:

7166N, with rack.



Installationand Warranty: For more information, Please contactwith us.

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