Good quality wood lathe for sale

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Good quality wood lathe for sale

It is one of the common equipment that apply in furniture industry and wooden decorative art & craft industry.It mainly use in processing all kinds of shaping retro-rotary work-piece with template or copy shaper for example round bar,whorl pillar Rome pillar,crystal pillar,whorl wood line,wooden stair banister and the back of solid wood chair.

Main technology Dates

Max cutting length1000mm1500mm2000mm
Max cutting Dia.320mm320mm420mm
Rotary speed of main arbor750,1250,1750,2250r/min750,1250,1750,2250r/min750,1250,1750,2250r/min
Motor power / Voltage frequency2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz
Weight of machine480kg530kg750kg
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)2100×950×1250mm2600×950×1250mm3200×950×1450mm

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Q:What brand of CNC woodworking lathe is good?
This is only relatively speaking, as long as the stability of the signal, processing precision, double blade technology, the car that is fast and stable.
Q:If you have to play eccentric, you can only do clamps, and it's troublesome. A second-hand drill machine is only a few hundred. Regular holes can be played
Woodworking lathes and CNC machines have their own advantages.Woodworking lathes are primitive and retain the nature of wood as much as possible, but they do not guarantee mass production.The NC machine can ensure the finished building, currently on the market the beads are generally used CNC bed car.Personal suggestion adopts numerical control lathe, more in line with modern requirements.
Q:Do you have two woodworking lathes like electric cars? Crutches?
We guarantee the first-class quality and first-class after-sales service to your satisfaction! To provide you with the most professional CNC woodworking lathe, machinery and product production solutions!
Q:I am a CNC lathe, now I want to do CNC woodworking lathe, I wonder if it is the same
There are many kinds of programs. There are Amda, ABB, frank, and so on. Each one is differentProcedures are rote learning, and the order of the process is also based on your own experience to write
Q:Woodworking CNC lathe is double shaft four knife is good, or single axis double knife good use
Single axle double knife is easy to use. I used to buy two axle, usually a shaft machining.
Q:Can the parts made of wood be turned into metal by the lathe?
Can be ordinary woodworking lathe can be processed, CNC woodworking lathe can do.
Q:For CNC woodworking lathe, how to use stepper motor driver?
Customers can according to their own processing needs, choose the corresponding woodworking engraving machine, drive motor, to achieve more reasonable configuration.
Q:What's the use of a clutch in a numerically controlled woodworking lathe?
Yes, we do not use the clutch, we use spindle servo motor to control, accurate indexing, no error
Q:What is the difference between the CNC lathe and the woodworking CNC lathe?
Car iron machine tools, as long as the car out, the iron is light, the car wood must be no problem
Q:CNC woodworking lathe can be processed what wooden products?
The wood products of the rotating body can be machined as long as the size does not exceed the maximum machining range of the machine tool.

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