Good quality telescopic dump truck hydraulic cylinder

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2.Seal:Merkel or Parker
3.Working pressure:16-25Mpa.
4.10 years of experienc

CMAX series engineering hydraulic Cylinder

(1)working pressure:16MPa

(2)Piston diameter: 40-250mm

(3)Seals:Merkel or Parker

(4)Sensor: MTS or Balluff

cylinder diamete r      (mm)
piston rod diameter (mm)max stroke (mm)

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Q:How much is the 1000 ton hydraulic cylinder
The rated working pressure of general press is 25MpaUsually made of 700mm large diameter (the actual calculated is about 715)
Q:Is the cylinder usually faster than the hydraulic cylinder?
When the compressed air flow is the same as that of the hydraulic source, the speed of the cylinder and the hydraulic cylinder are the sameIn actual use, the general air compressor low pressure air compressor driven by the same motor power output than hydraulic machine, so the result of the action of hydraulic cylinder cylinder than subconsciously think fast.
Q:Can the hydraulic jack be changed?
Yes, as long as the pressure of the air pump is large enough, of course, the pressure resistance of the hose should be good enough, and the speed problem can be solved by the reducing joint.Test method:1. remove the hydraulic jack refueling refueling Pusey, down on the square on the tin.2. release the hydraulic jack release valve and release the oil.3. remove the lift lever and use the +0 wrench. 8 meters of pipe clockwise unscrew the small pump, using a pointed nose pliers to pry open the gasket, remove the 6# ball.4. hydraulic jacks clamped in a vise, use pipe wrench will cap loosens counterclockwise, remove.5. beat the coat with a leather hammer and take it off.6. pull out piston rod, such as pulling out, put out the base with pointed nose pliers rectangular rubber ring valve hole, pour 8# ball, with a long stretch in the end mouth gun oil discharge valve seat hole inside the air, need to control the volume, the piston rod will pop up, aim at the wall, avoid injuries caused by pop-up.7. remove the nylon seal of the hydraulic jack piston and then put the piston rod back into the cylinder. Use the tubing to clamp the cylinder against the counter clockwise. Thus, when the pipe clamp is pulled on, the deformation of the oil cylinder can be avoided and the clamping flat can be avoided.8., with self tapping screws into the steel ball block, with pliers pull out the block, take out 6# steel ball.9. all parts of the hydraulic jack are cleaned with diesel oil and dried with an air gun. The holes in the base are blown with an air gun, and the inside of the cylinder is observed with a flashlight. Is the inner part of the pump smooth?. Replace it if it is not smooth or damaged. Observe whether the three steel balls are round and smooth.
Q:The cylinder is the same as the cylinder, crane
The medium of the cylinder is liquid (oil), and the medium of the cylinder is gas (nitrogen, compressed air, etc.)
Q:What's the difference between the cylinder and the hydraulic?
The cylinder is compressed air as the power source, installation, use and maintenance are very simple and convenient, hydraulic cylinder is hydraulic oil as the power source of great output.
Q:What can be used in hydraulic equipment factory
Most of the factory are used, hydraulic equipment, machinery and equipment power source!
Q:Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission,
Does not belong to pressure vesselOnly containers that meet the following three conditions are called pressure vessels:(1) work pressure (Note 1) is greater than or equal to 0.1Mpa (working pressure means the maximum pressure (table pressure) that the pressure vessel may reach at the top of the normal working condition); (excluding hydrostatic pressure)(2) containers with inner diameter (for non-circular section, width, height, or diagonal, such as rectangle, diagonal ellipse, long axis), not less than 150mm(3) the working medium is gas, liquefied gas or liquid whose temperature is higher than the standard boiling point;
Q:Kobelco 330 6e excavator hydraulic pump overhaul after the car is going to hold
The engine has to be overhauled with strict standards. The following are the important "indicators" for the engine to be overhauled. The signs are that the surface engines will be overhauled.1. cylinder pressure difference: cylinder compression pressure should be consistent with the original design requirements for tachometer, cylinder pressure gauge inspection does not meet the requirements for the unqualified cylinder pressure difference per cylinder pressure and cylinder average pressure difference less than 8% with tachometer, cylinder pressure gauge or engine analyzer to measure (does not meet the standards of the Elantra engine the cylinder pressure difference required for unqualified). When the engine cylinder pressure is lower than its Wyatt standard value will have a serious black smoke.2. idle fluctuation: engine idle running stability, the speed meets the original design requirements. The speed fluctuation is not more than 50r/min. The tachometer is used for running test or by engine comprehensive analyzer.
Q:Does the hydraulic cylinder speed change with the load? Ten
How to choose the proportion of flow valve, mainly based on the flow to control the size and accuracy, pressure levels, as well as some of the owners of the special requirements of the brand.As you say 0.4L/min this small flow proportional flow valve, can choose the brand is not much, Rexroth 2FRE6 series should be able to meet your requirements. As you said, the choice of 1L/min proportional flow valve is very appropriate, in the recommended electric signal 25%~75%.
Q:Is the hydraulic cylinder at rated pressure the greater the stroke and the greater the pressure, is there a formula?
Bore diameter: hydraulic cylinder jacket, unit mm;Hydraulic pressure: hydraulic system to provide the maximum hydraulic pressure, unit MPa * 10.Such as:If the bore 280mm, hydraulic pressure of 25 MPa, then the cylinder thrust3.14 * (28 / 2) x 2 (25 x 10) / 1000=153.86 (ton)

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