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Specifications of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

1 Material: Natural sisal

2 Thickness: 5-10mm

3 Regular Roll Size: 4*30 M

4 Regular Rug Size: 2*2M,2*3M,2*4M,3*4M,4*6M,4*7M or other size as your request

5 Pattern: Customized,we have available design for your choice,don't hesitate to contact with us

6 Width: 4m

7 Lenth : Can be adjustable

8 Backing : Latex

9 Additional Backing : Non-woven backing,PU leather backing or other backing as your choice

10 Border: 3-12CM

11 Use Range: Home, commercial, hotel.

Advantage of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

1) 100% natural  sisal yarn.

2) Made from infinitely replenishable resources.

3) Sisal absorb moisture from the air when it's humid and release it when the humidity drops, this stabilise the surroundings for sensitive noses.

4) Natural colours - fits almost any decor.

5) Hard and resilient fiber provides excellent scrubbing action (ideal for door / entrance mat applications) .

6) Sisal carpet and rugs: hard wearing, rustic and elegant.

Pictures of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

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Q:Has anyone used the RUG DOCTOR? or just hire company to do it?
I have used the Rug Doctor and it is awesome. Well.. my boyfriend actually did the cleaning, but the results looked great! we have also paid someone to do the carpets, and those results were better.. It was after a party and there was a lot of beer stains.. I think if the carpet isnt in way too bad of a shape then just rent one... but otherwise pay someone..
Q:what is a chair rug?
The only thing I know about a chair rug is from years and years ago when I was a small kid. My grandfather got a small thin rug to place under his rocker on the wooden kept it from squeaking when he rocked. Not sure that is the same thing...but we called it his chair rug.
Q:How do I stop my cat from scratching and pooping on the bathroom rug?
The rugs may have 'litterbox smell on them now. Try using an enzymatic cleaner on them. You can find the cleaner at the pet store. The other option is to not put down the rugs for a bit until kitty gets used to the box again and forgets about the rugs....
Q:who want to buy person rugs?
if you give me your price and the size of carpet, I would buy from you. My husband is a persian rugs expert and I made rugs for many years. we can find the quality of the carpet by viewing the photo.
Q:Carpet vs. floating hardwood floors?
We had an English Bulldog that shed. Shows up good on carpet. We installed a hardwood floor by ourselves and it was easier to clean. Couple of things to consider. A large dog will have a tendancy to scratch the surface after a while of the wood floor. Especially a cheap wood floor. Things like the fake wood with plastic on top last a couple of years. Also, older heavier dogs tend to slip and have trouble standing on the slick hardwood.
Q:do you wash your rugs?
Professional cleaning for turnout rugs is something like £12 a go ( but they often run special offers so it's worth checking it out) locally I can get them washed, repaired and reproofed at the same time. Washing them at home involves bins, scrubbing brushes and a really long time to dry - not something I'd recommend, the money you'd save by doing it yourself really isn't worth the hassle involved. The stable rugs, coolers etc all go into my washing machine.
Q:Cost to rent a Rug Doctor?
Okay I have used one before I owned my own carpet cleaner. I really liked it. The cleaning solutions are an extra charge. I don't remember getting any attachments. I think when I rented one it was like $60 plus the solutions.
Q:How to clean the wool carpet
You can buy a professional carpet cleaning foam and washing powder. after a short time you can pass, carpet brush sweeping single disc machine, carpet is a kind of high-grade decorative substrate materials: Carpets must not be sent to the car washing station to clean. Second): 1 this work is simple, use dry foam brush to clean carpet, suction
Q:Are wheel chairs able to roll on carpets/rugs?
Of course your chair will roll on the carpet. Now if you select a carpet with a low pile on it, it will offer less resistance to your wheels and be easier for you to navigate. A pile like an indoor-outdoor carpet, they have some nice choices,or even some commercial style flooring has a low pile for high traffic areas. You don't have to live in a barn with cold hard floors, you can enjoy carpet! A chair with larger wheels in the front will be able to roll over the floor-to-carpet transitions better. Smaller wheels tend want to get stuck at those points. Especially if the carpet layer folds the carpet edge over (cheap undesired technique in my opinion), rather than using metal carpet strips.
Q:What size is the carpet of 0.4-0.6?

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