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Fitness machine/Gym equipment/ Standing Calf SS14 with profesional design and excellent welding,color is optional.

Fitness equipment- Standing Calf (SS4) with professional design & excellent welding & good bending


Item No:SS14

Machine Name:Standing Calf


Machine Weight:218.6KG

Guide Pole:1550MM length,19MM diameter

Surface Finish:electrostatic powder coating

Steel Tube:Q235,2.5MM thickness

Cover:White frosted-arcryl or steel board

Cables and Pulleys:7 x 19 strand construction, lubricated, nylon-coated cable meets U.S. millitary specifications; 4-1/2" (275px) and 6" (15 cm) diameter fiberglass-impregnated nylon pulleys feature sealed bearings

Warranty:10-year limited warranty on the structural frame (coatings excluded); 5-year on the pulleys, weight plates, and guide rods; 1-year on the grips, bearings and cables; and 90-day on the upholstery, hardware, springs, and any items not specified.

Machine Size(LxWxH): 1470x1140x1810mm

Carton Packing Size(LxWxH):1850x1200x220MM,1550x500x200MM

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Q:What are the names of outdoor sports equipment?
Outdoor fitness equipment, also known as community fitness equipment, there is a professional name, called outdoor path. Outdoor facilities and facilities for people to exercise and exercise are installed outdoors. Now the implementation of the national standards for: GB19272-2011, equipment safety service life of 8 years.
Q:What are the outdoor fitness equipment for the elderly?
Safety should be paid attention to when using fitness equipment. Before use, should pay attention to check the equipment is in good condition, if there is damage, please contact the management immediately;
Q:Outdoor fitness equipment should be set aside around the distance
The ground installation of the equipment and its buried underground structure shall comply with the following requirements (except for the larger ground frame type equipment):1, buried equipment column should be firmly fixed to the lateral support or support plate;2, installation of equipment should be soil, geological structure for fastening coefficient is not less than 0.7 of the class II general hard soil and above non osteoporotic and non sandy loam class within 800 mm depth from the surface; otherwise, the equivalent soil treatment, can install equipment;Note: Class II hard soil with a fastening factor of not less than 0.7 may be dug with a shovel and determined by the degree of difficulty of the excavation. The soil that needs to be dug with a shovel and excavated with a small number of picks can be regarded as a class II hard soil with a fastening factor of not less than 0.7The 3 column, equipment buried depth: when the equipment above ground height of 2000 mm, shall not be less than 500 mm; equipment above ground height of 1000 mm and 2000 mm, shall not be less than 400 mm; equipment above ground height of 1000 mm, shall not be less than 300 mm; the concrete bearing layer at the bottom of column equipment the following should be not less than the thickness of 100mm;
Q:How to use the double Tai Chi push machine such outdoor fitness equipment?
The movement of clockwise and counterclockwise can effectively improve the coordination of middle-aged and elderly exercisers, and control the respiratory rate during exercise can effectively improve the lung capacity. When used, the best method of movement with taijiquan. Practice 3 to 6 times a week, and practice 2 to 3 groups each time, from 15 laps to 20 laps.
Q:What is the price of fitness equipment in the district?
General fitness equipment prices about 500-3000 yuan, specific depends on what kind of community fitness equipment
Q:Twist the public fitness device, the shaft below is what structure?
Generally, the rolling bearings are composed of four parts: the outer ring, the inner race, the rolling body and the cage. According to the shape of the rolling element, the rolling bearings are divided into two major categories: ball bearings and roller bearings.
Q:What kind of fitness equipment is suitable for family?
If you want to exercise but do not have to buy the construction equipment, even think about fitness and there is no need to buy equipment directly to the gym membership than you buy equipment to buy cost-effective, I bought a treadmill every day to eat more than 3000 ash at home, later bought a bike riding after dinner to the gym, where many kinds of equipment the whole exercise treadmill, it is the start of 8000. Coach coaching. I'm only 1500 yuan a year. I bought the treadmill for two years, and it's broken. The gym is broken. They can handle it themselves.
Q:What are the outdoor fitness equipments?
(1) stretching her legs too high for the elderly femoral head and spine could be a threat.(2) do not use stretch training device.Twist typeThey kind of fitness equipment such as twisting machine etc.. The elderly waist is stiff, twisting when the action should be slow, soft. Moving too fast can lead to spinal muscle around the small, will have an adverse effect on the intervertebral disc, may cause protrusion of intervertebral disc. Therefore, in the twisting action, to do what, not extremely distorted themselves, especially do not overexert.Hint: in the waist, 180 degree turn around, usually 3 to 4 seconds is safe, the elderly individual can be 1 to 2 seconds. Don't use explosive force.The commonly used three twist, the people at the same time exercise, in order to prevent the occurrence of a sprain.
Q:What fitness equipment does the cerebral thrombosis patient use?
Proper and proper amount of physical exercise and physical activity should be carried out. It is inadvisable to do strenuous exercise. Neither running nor mountaineering is advisable. Aerobic exercises such as walking, soft gymnastics and Tai Chi can be carried out. But should according to individual body condition choice, cannot excessive, with not excessive fatigue is degree. Proper physical exercise can increase fat consumption, reduce cholesterol deposition, improve insulin sensitivity, for the prevention of obesity, weight control, increase circulation function and regulating blood lipid and lower blood pressure, reduce thrombosis is beneficial, prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis (cerebral infarction, cerebral embolism) positive measures
Q:What are the functions of outdoor fitness equipment?
Aerobic equipment. Dr. He Zhijian said that some elderly people on the spacewalk machine to increase stride length, span 160 degrees to 180 degrees, the space walk machine as a "dynamic cheating device", which is quite dangerous. Because it can cause hip ligament laxity, easily lead to dislocation. He suggests that older people should do more low - intensity aerobic exercises.

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