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Fitness machine/Gym equipment/ Standing Calf SS14 with profesional design and excellent welding,color is optional.

Fitness equipment- Standing Calf (SS4) with professional design & excellent welding & good bending


Item No:SS14

Machine Name:Standing Calf


Machine Weight:218.6KG

Guide Pole:1550MM length,19MM diameter

Surface Finish:electrostatic powder coating

Steel Tube:Q235,2.5MM thickness

Cover:White frosted-arcryl or steel board

Cables and Pulleys:7 x 19 strand construction, lubricated, nylon-coated cable meets U.S. millitary specifications; 4-1/2" (275px) and 6" (15 cm) diameter fiberglass-impregnated nylon pulleys feature sealed bearings

Warranty:10-year limited warranty on the structural frame (coatings excluded); 5-year on the pulleys, weight plates, and guide rods; 1-year on the grips, bearings and cables; and 90-day on the upholstery, hardware, springs, and any items not specified.

Machine Size(LxWxH): 1470x1140x1810mm

Carton Packing Size(LxWxH):1850x1200x220MM,1550x500x200MM

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Q:Outdoor fitness equipment should be set aside around the distance
The site and surroundings of the outdoor fitness equipment shall comply with the following requirements:1, outdoor fitness equipment from overhead, high voltage wire level should be no less than 3 m;2, outdoor fitness equipment from the underground pipe, the edge of the ground line level should be no less than 2 m, from all types of office buildings, residential buildings and all types of buildings, the horizontal distance between the tube house should be no less than 5 m;3. Where the equipment is needed for the night, the illuminance shall be no less than 15 LX within the range of 2 m of the equipment edge;4, outdoor fitness equipment should be away from flammable, explosive and toxic and harmful substances, site fitness should comply with the relevant provisions of the national security.
Q:Is it better to use indoor fitness equipment, exercise and outdoor running, climbing or swimming?
Swimming pool water temperature is often 26 degrees to 28 degrees, immersed in water, heat dissipation, energy consumption. In order to replenish the heat released by the body as soon as possible, the nervous system responds quickly to the need for a balance between cold and hot, enabling the body to metabolize more quickly, increasing the body's ability to adapt to the environment, and resisting cold. People often take part in winter, the temperature adjustment function is not easy to colds, but also improve the body's endocrine function, pituitary function increase, improve resistance to disease and immunity to.
Q:What skills do you have for practicing outdoor exercise equipment and stepping on the plum blossom pile?
First, waist waist machine: can relax massage to the waist and back. Two, walking car: mainly used for abdominal muscle and cardiopulmonary exercise function, waist and leg. Three rowing machines: mainly used to enhance arm strength, latissimus dorsi and motor coordination. Four, treadmill: mainly used to exercise legs, buttocks, waist, abdominal muscles and heart and lung function. Five, integrated multi function device includes: generally, chest expander pull-up, bench press, sit ups and other device function. The chest, chin up, bench press, is mainly used to exercise upper limb strength and pectoral muscle strength; sit ups, mainly used to exercise the waist muscles, reduce waist and abdomen fat. Through the above to the fitness equipment in the area of the most common a few simple, and hope to help you
Q:What unsafe event will happen in the maintenance of outdoor fitness equipment?
Strength fitness equipment is to pay more attention to, because the fitness equipment itself heavy.
Q:What are the functions of outdoor fitness equipment?
Stretching. Ribbed wooden, horizontal bar and other leg bar equipment. This kind of sports does not advocate the elderly desperately stretching or lift a leg to high pressure, high pressure is not healthy. A proposal is not allowed to exceed the limit.
Q:Outdoor fitness equipment path manufacturers?
Outdoor fitness path refers to complete all kinds of specified fitness movement in a series of fitness equipment, fitness path is the fitness and entertainment in one, in the square, park, square area in all the fitness path, people can at any time convenient fitness equipment.
Q:What is the price of fitness equipment in the district?
Look at your budget, but generally recommended Maihao point, first, not easily broken. Second accidents are not easy. There is to sell a higher security. Cheaper 300-500., 500-800 better, medium 1000.
Q:What are the outdoor fitness equipments?
Ribbed wooden, horizontal bar and other leg bar equipment. This kind of sports does not advocate the elderly desperately stretching or lift a leg to high pressure, high pressure is not healthy. A proposal is not allowed to exceed the limit.Low back training should also be very careful, because there is less moisture in the muscles and muscles of older people, as well as osteoporosis in some elderly people, which can damage the lumbar spine.
Q:What fitness equipment can increase the strength of your feet?
Leg exercise training body muscle especially leg.
Q:I want to buy a fitness equipment, small, is home fitness equipment, see several fitness equipment brand ranking, please help me choose a suitable for home
If only small fitness devices can buy a "suspension" plus "elastic rope", the two way to buy simple on the Internet a lot, and some with CD, can do the action, but also can play a very good fitness effect. The biggest feature is that the equipment occupies a small place, used up, can be placed in the drawer, when it does not need to use too much place. Fitness equipment brand is not important, the key is to choose the equipment at home, but people will always have a kind of laziness, is the best year money go to the fitness club, where multiple devices and there are a lot of you and like-minded people together and you have more feeling

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