Good quality Die-casting Aluminum flooring 600×600×40(mm)

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500 m²
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50000 m²/month

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Die-casting Aluminum Panel/Flooring

Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

Raised floor panels are die-casting with aluminum ingot which are light and handy and with strong anticorrosion.

Raised floor panel is designed with construction theory,which breaks through traditional thought and is with stronger loading performance.

In order to meet various needs of clean room,we supply Die-casting Aluminum Perforated Panel.Pedestal bute is designed with rib inside.

Outlet cover which wiring path is adjustable is beautiful and dignified.Its aperture is manager flexibly and easily too.  


Die-casting Aluminum Perforated Panel

Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

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Q:Anti-static floor also used shop insulation rubber it?
According to the rules, high pressure changes need to shop, the general room is not needed
Q:How to install static buckle correctly
Can not, to install 5 bar One per meter
Q:Why the same is the polyester fiber clothes some static serious some will not
The disadvantage of polyester fiber is easy to adsorb dust, resulting in static electricity. Wearing polyester fabric fabric is easy to contaminate the dust, not only cause unsightly, the most annoying is the static electricity, not only feel tingling, and if the pants will be because of the electrostatic relationship close to the skin, completely lost Clothing pants type, very unsightly. In order to avoid the defects of polyester fiber, some clothing brands in the fabric of the fabric by adding spandex, cotton and other materials can greatly reduce the generation of static electricity, which appeared with the polyester fiber clothes some static serious some will not be the case The
Q:What shoes do not have static electricity
Glue or wood or grass
Q:Selling and selling anti-static flooring which is easy
This can only see themselves, the product is not important, it is important to sell skills
Q:Room anti-static floor, how much the price of a flat
Huili room anti-static floor more than 200 ---- more than 1,000
Q:Overhead anti-static floor height of the general bracket is how much
three hundred to filve hundred
Q:Room cabinet from the UPS distribution cabinet to take power, anti-static floor below the need to put a socket?
Direct PDU on the line.
Q:Whether the floor is suitable for flooring on the floor
OA flooring need to shop the carpet, the general floor of the static floor do not need to shop the carpet, of course, if it is important to the conference room room or something, in order to more beautiful and then lay a layer of electrostatic carpet can be.
Q:Ceramic surface anti-static floor What are the characteristics
Ceramic surface anti-static floor is widely used in all kinds of high-end machine room. Is the use of anti-static tiles as a surface layer, paste in the steel floor board or composite board base (particleboard, cement particle board, calcium sulfate plate, etc.) processed from an overhead floor. Its advantages are: anti-static, no radiation, anti-aging, no dust, pollution, bearing capacity, strong decorative. And the wiring is convenient, the most important is the economic and durable. Ceramic surface anti-static floor is divided into ceramic all-steel anti-static floor, composite ceramic flooring. Two kinds of flooring belong to the ceramic surface anti-static floor, with the time when there are different options. Ceramic Antistatic Flooring Features: 1. Anti-static: The porcelain anti-static floor system resistance is stable and lasting. 2. Resistance to pollution: the porcelain brick surface by improving the product raw material formula, reduce the pores and reduce the small pores and the surface of the brick coated with a layer of special paint, so that the juice is difficult to penetrate the internal, thus solving the "dirty" Old problem. 3. No radiation: tested, without radiation elements 4. Decorative strong: more varieties of brick color, relative to the ordinary room floor, a single color, a better decorative 5. Anti-aging: ceramic anti-static floor quality , Hardness of Mohs 7 degrees, the service life of more than 60 years.

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