Good quality Die-casting Aluminum flooring 600×600×40(mm)

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500 m²
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50000 m²/month

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Die-casting Aluminum Panel/Flooring

Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

Raised floor panels are die-casting with aluminum ingot which are light and handy and with strong anticorrosion.

Raised floor panel is designed with construction theory,which breaks through traditional thought and is with stronger loading performance.

In order to meet various needs of clean room,we supply Die-casting Aluminum Perforated Panel.Pedestal bute is designed with rib inside.

Outlet cover which wiring path is adjustable is beautiful and dignified.Its aperture is manager flexibly and easily too.  


Die-casting Aluminum Perforated Panel

Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

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Q:How to choose the anti-static floor of the room?
According to the actual needs to choose. 1, if the floor below the need for alignment and air supply, you must use anti-static activities of the floor. And then choose according to the cost of the type of activities used in the floor, in general, low-grade full of steel floor (ie, melamine and PVC surface layer) and wood-based floor, the price of about two square square; mid-range anti-static ceramic Composite base, ceramic steel base, calcium sulfate floor, the price of three or four hundred; high-grade aluminum floor, the price of more than a thousand. The room uses anti-static ceramic steel and steel floor more. 2, if the use of cable frame, it is only necessary to use anti-static straight shop floor, straight shop floor, there are anti-static tiles and anti-static PVC flooring. Room with anti-static tiles is better, long life, easy to clean.
Q:PVC anti-static floor price is how much
There are more than 100 to 4 500 of the workers of the technical degree and the material is good or bad, will have an impact. I have been in this industry for nearly 20 years. Ma's rookie warehouse using the floor price in 180 or so.
Q:Deep anti-static floor where to buy?
See how much need, should be PVC anti-static floor
Q:All-steel ceramic antistatic floor on how to open the hole
Generally with cutting machine (also known as marble machine) or drill open, if it is open square hole, with the cutting machine can be opened, the general mud workers have, need to cut the two knives, because the floor is relatively thick ( 4 cm). If you want to open a hole, it is best to use a drill drill, bench drill only in specialized drilling only where there is. It is recommended to open into a square hole, and the best open on the edge of the floor, so even if the floor is broken, the replacement is also convenient. Cutting machine can cut tiles and cut steel. Ordinary steel floor (melamine surface layer) can be hand drill with diamond drill bit openings, but the ceramic surface full steel floor open hole can only use the bench drill, because the intensity of hand drill is not enough, it is easy to drill the surface of the tile The
Q:Which anti-static floor is the best quality?
Anti-static floor, the best quality is easy to pave the way. Easy to pave the stent system is a patented technology, the use of aluminum alloy profiles, because the aluminum muscle Shan crown catch non-chen stone helium alloy plasticity, good straightness, high bearing capacity, integrity, so out of the anti- Static floor is very smooth, the quality is also very good.
Q:Antistatic floor which inspection lot should be used
Antistatic flooring which inspection lot to adopt
Q:Seeking a large sample of static flooring cad
There is no problem with paid offer
Q:Will the silk be static?
Will, you get the silk and magic bar after the friction, the silk as a result of more part of the electronic negatively charged, the glass part of the electronic positive with electricity.
Q:Anti-static floor of the room.
Now anti-static floor is all steel, the bracket can be used many times,
Q:What is the method of repairing the floor of the electrostatic floor?
3, to be anti-static veneer glue, the floor after the appearance of glue dry posting; 2, the old anti-static floor surface removal of clean; 4, the old anti-static floor clean and clean appearance; 5, will have been cut a good new anti-static veneer even after bonding in the above. 6, and then scraping the car with the tendon scraper gently scratched.

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