Good Quality Cut Pile Polyester Shaggy Carpet

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6000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

1 Item :Carpet

2 Material:100% polyester stretch yarn mixed 150D silk

3 Pile Height:1.5-4cm

4 Pile Weight:1500-3000g/sqm

5 Backing:Fine Grey-white cotton backing

6 Size:120cm×180cm,140cm×200cm,160cm×230cm,170cm×240cm,200cm×200cm,200cm×300cm Or other customed size

7 Color&Design: according to customer's request

8 MOQ:300sqm/color

9 Payment Terms: 30%T/T in advance + 70% T/T before shipment or L/C at sight

10 Packing: Rolls in the polybags, your specific packing is available

11 OEM Welcome

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Q:whata is the best carpet?
Guitar has some very good points on the stain resistance in a carpet but I have to choose a pure nylon carpet for durability. These fibers are treated now with a heat set in texture retention that when properly cleaned the fibers will come back to life and stand back up. These fibers you are walking on the tops of , and this is what you want. Berber , since your walking on the yarn side, has a tendency to matt and crush. Most berbers are also made of an Olefin/ nylon mix. While Olefin is a good stain block by nature, it is a softer yarn. So it boils down to a good stain blocker set into the fiber as its made ( not topically applied ) nylon and a good anti matt/ anti crush warranty. Nothing less than 10 years. Not all stuff will come out of a carpet . The trick is to properly treat spills right away and in a way the manufacturer suggests. Plus the daily vacuuming and at a minimum of once a year a professional , certified carpet cleaner. Mohawk and shaw make some good products. I lean toward Mohawk because I sold it for almost 20 years. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:Will laying alot of rugs down soundproof the floor?
Generally, refinishers charge $4 to $5 a square foot to sand and refinish hardwood floors, more if they add multiple coats of sealer. I would recommend against laying tile down over hardwood without taking it up first. A tile floor should have an underlayment of 1/2-inch hardibacker and a float (1/4-inch or so) of leveling compound before laying the tiles. This provides a good, solid surface that won't flex (tiles and grout won't crack from walking on it). Tile will run you about $5 to $6 a square foot for installation. This doesn't include the cost of the tile itself or the removal of the old floorboards, though. Good ceramic tile will run at least $4 a square foot.
Q:does anyone know the difference between bathroom rugs to kitchen rugs?
Bath rugs usually have a non-skid coating on the back so they don't slip when they are wet. They can be made of anything...I've had fuzzjy synthetic ones, looped cotton ones, a whole array of materials, but if they were designed for use in the bathroom, they had a non-skid backing on them. Kitchen rugs are often reversible. My favourite are the rag rugs, tightly woven colourful cotton rugs made from twisted rags, often in colour schemes (in my pair, the dominant colour is blue). They are durable, colourful, absorbent, easily washed in the machine, and release soil much better than nappy rugs. And they are dirt cheap...I have a pair in my kitchen that have been in use for more than 10 years and I paid less than $5 each for them in a place like WalMart or a dollar store. They are just now starting to fray a bit!
Q:How to judge the quality of carpet?
Peeling power of carpet backing:On the back of the tufted carpet latex glued with a layer of cloth mesh, according to standard backing peeling strength greater than 25N force value index. Consumers in the selection of such carpets, you can use the hand to the bottom cloth gently tear, to see the degree of adhesion, such as bonding is not high, the bottom cloth and blanket body is easy to separate, this carpet is not durable.
Q:Define commercial carpet cleaning?
The commercial carpeting in your business is a significant investment and plays a major role in the indoor air quality of your business... It is the one when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning and it should be a one time restoration cleaning or a monthly maintenance program...It depends on the time and cost of the carpet cleaning and it is really useful for the business..
Q:What material is used for the automobile carpet
Generally, ordinary cars use polyester PET carpets, luxury cars use nylon PA carpets, which is only the surface layer. There are several layers of car carpet, the most simple carpet is backing gum carpet PET plus glue, there sre many complex car shaped carpets, some have fabric bottom lining, others have smooth long pull short colonization PU foam and so on to help recover popcorn
Q:How can I get my cat to stop using my rug as a bathroom?
Your cat could be going on the rug because she has a urinary tract infection or inflammation, (A common syndrome cats get.) You should have your vet check to be sure it isn't medical. If it isn't medical it is likely behavioral. Since it is intermittent and both stool and urine, It sounds like a preference problem. Some cats prefer soft rugs to litter. You can try a bigger litter box so they have plenty of room to turn around and dig, a different type of litter, or if it is a covered box try uncovering it. Also, some cats are very picky about their litter and will not use the box if it is not cleaned frequently enough. Some cats need twice daily cleanings while some are fine with weekly ones. Until the behavior stops I would remove the rug and make sure you use an enzymatic cleaner before putting it back. If none of these things work there are medications (like Prozac) that can help with house-soiling problems in cats. Your veterinarian can talk to you about those also. Also, it does not help, and sometimes makes it worse, if you rub their nose in it.
Q:puked on the carpet?
no it shouldnt if you cleaned it well but just to make sure go over it again with some kind of strong cleaner or bleach and it should be fine
Q:What size carpet is the 80 x 80 tea table suitable for?
Look, do you want to press the carpet under the sofa, and the diameter of the round carpet is as long as the tea table, and only the feet sitting inside can be stepped on it.
Q:When performing Salat, is a rug (or an equivalent) optional?
The reason why a rug is used for salat is: 1. To provide a context for prayer. 2. A matter of tradition (many Muslims use other things that rugs). 3. To provide a limited space for prayer. The Qur'an does not compel Muslims to use a rug, but it does compel cleanliness during prayer, so I would strongly recommend you using a rug or its equivalent if it is available to you.

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