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1.Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Nylon

2.Back: rubber

3.Pile Height: 3-5mm

4.Pile Weight:280g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm

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Technical manufacturing level

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Q:the differences of pure cotton carpets and acrylic fiber carpets
The anti static performance of pure cotton is much better than that of acrylic synthetic fiber material, if carpet has serious electrostatic, it's uncomfortable to step on it. In addition, too much electrostatic is also easy to absorb grey swing Lei seal brown Fu chicken sweep alone preserved dust, which is very dirty. Of course, acrylic fiber carpet is cheaper. The fluffiness and elastic are better than pure cotton, it's soft to step on it.
Q:Water leak in carpet?
Here's a checklist to follow mate 1) if wettest spot near external wall, check your roof gutters, has it been raining recently? Gutters or Downpipes blocked? 2) if not near external wall, check roofing/tiles, recent rains? Cracked tiles or tile capping? Loose sheeting(if applicable) 3) is it near bathroom? If your shower or bath faucet has a leak behind the tiles it can run down the inner part of the wall and emerge metres away, follow the wet carpet trail (wear only socks as it's easier to feel) walk in a circular fashion outwards from wet patch, if harder to find change socks and stand for a few seconds each step to give water time to seep up (tissues or toilet paper are good too) 4) Check all taps, tap washers (easy to replace and about 20cents each, shower heads and tighten if needed, Teflon tape to seal 5) check that all taps are turned off and go to your water meter and see if dial is turning, if it isn't you have no leaky plumbing, if it is you need to investigate every inch of roof and basement if you have it, 6) check your washing machine hose is situated in drain and that it isn't split, spilling over etc, are your fridge and freezer defrosted regularly? Mate it's water, if it doesn't smell the health risks are very minimal, though mould is a problem, air house out and keep towels down till fixed, hope you find the leak, good luck
Q:Is there a differance between rugs and blankets. Which ones do you need??
it depends on which country you are from.rugs are the english name for american blankets.kind of like the differance between a girth and a cinch they both do the same america it would be easier to find horse blankets than rugs but in reality if you live in a really cold climate you can get blankets to keep your horse and foal warm on the really bad days.but otherwise horses need shelter from the wind and rain and snow if they have these they will be fine.horses will grow a winter coat which will keep them warm in winter.make sure you feed them sweet feed or other feed that will keep their energy level up or make themhot for horses are pastured but have unlimited use of the barn stalls and other run in sheds around the pastureto shelter them from the weather.i am not too keen on blanketing horses unless i can keep watch on them all the time.buckles can get caught on things or cut the horses blankets get torn and under hoof.horses survived the ice age and millions of years without blankets and rugs by using natural shelters. edit; i live on the high plains in colorado where it doesnt snow it snows sideways and drifts and my horses have had no problems in winter
Q:Is there anyway to make a rug?
Yes. If you are going to use it the full size that it is now, all you have to do is go to the fabric store and purchase rubber rug backing so it won't slip on the floor when stepped on. The rubber gripping is best sewn on either by machine or hand and try to stitch it throughout the back, not just along the edges or at the corners so that it won't rip when you launder it. Another way to use it is a rug is to purchase two sided carpet tape. The tape sticks to the floor and then you press the rug onto it holding it in place.
Q:oven cleaner to clean carpet ?
Most oven cleaner contains Lye, and can be corrosive in large amounts! I would just stick with a rug cleaner. Lemon juice will bleach out clothes and spots some times also. Might like to try Backing Soda and Vinegar. it will foam up and lift out dirt.
Q:How do you take driveway tar off carpet?
I once got tar on my feet at the beach in Miami, and lo and behold, in the hotel's little store they had a product called Tar Off. Worked wonders. Go to any home supply store and they should have something for you.
Q:my puppy is allergic to our rug and my parents wont remove the rug what should i do?
Keep her in another room. Give her allergy meds. Clean the bloody rug!
Q:Carpet Squares are they worth using?
If they are glued down properly, they are very durable. In fact carpet squares are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings. They can be installed with different color and textures creating a checkerboard pattern also. The downside is that they have no padding.
Q:how do you remove tabasco from carpet ?
Try Shaklees Nature Bright it works soo well i have white carpet and its still white becuase of this stuff the best thing is that its not harmful to you becuase it contains no chemicals…
Q:Can I use steam cleaning on my rug?
i'm in massachusetts. particularly recommend going to living house depot or lowes and renting a rug healthcare expert for greater or less 25 greenbacks and procuring their carpet cleansing answer for 10 greenbacks. The apartment is for twenty-four hours. it truly works. eliminates puppy smells, puppy hair, airborne dirt and dirt, espresso stains, fruit punch stains,and makes carpets (and sofas!) look form new, confident even white carpets. do no longer fall for those sears and stanley steemer categorized classified ads. they are extremely too lots funds.

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