Good Quality 3600mm Main Beam Artistic New Ceiling Suspension Grids

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (ceiling grid for suspension) Description

Suspended Ceiling T Grid T Bar Tee system
Raw materia: Hot-dipped galvanized steel coil
easy to install and remove
good quality 3600mm Main beam  Artistic new ceiling suspension grids  


Suspended Ceiling system is a system made from High-quality hot dipped galvanized steel coil, designed to support a suspended ceiling, typically an acoustic ceiling, and it is easy to match lighting fixtures or other ceiling parts.


2,Main Features of the (ceiling grid for suspension) 



1. Humidity Resistance

2. Corrosion Protection

3. Easy Installation

4. Strong bearing capacity

5. Non-deforming

6. Easy cleaning



3,(ceiling grid for suspension) Images

Good Quality 3600mm Main Beam Artistic New Ceiling Suspension Grids 

4,(ceiling grid for suspension) Specification



Flat T Grid


(Height x Width)


MAIN TEE38x243600, 3660, 37500.26, 0.30, 0.35

CROSS TEE              

(Alloy end locking is also available)

38x241200, 1220, 1250                600, 610, 6250.26, 0.30, 0.35
WALL ANGLE24x243000, 30500.30, 0.35, 0.40
FUT T Grid System
MAIN TEE32x243600, 3660, 37500.26, 0.30, 0.35
CROSS TEE32x241200, 1220, 12500.26, 0.30, 0.35
600, 610, 625
WALL ANGLE24x243000, 30500.30, 0.35, 0.40
Slotted T Grid
MAIN TEE32x243600, 3660, 37500.26, 0.30, 0.35
CROSS TEE32x241200, 1220, 1250               600, 610, 6250.26, 0.30, 0.35
WALL ANGLE24x243000, 30500.30, 0.35, 0.40
Exposed Groove T Grid
MAIN TEE42x153600, 3660, 37500.26, 0.30, 0.35
CROSS TEE                            ( Alloy end locking is also available)42x151200, 1220, 1250
600, 610, 625
0.26, 0.30, 0.35
WALL ANGLE20x153000, 30500.30, 0.35, 0.40




5,FAQ of (ceiling grid for suspension)

Installation Steps

1. To determine the requirement ceiling level, mark the position and and attach the wall angle to the walls around the perimeter of the room.

2. To hang the main tee with the hanging wires

3. To Insert the cross tee to the main tee to make a rigid frame

4. To adjust the levels and alignments throughout the entire grid system accurately

6. To drop the ceiling tiles into the grid to finish the ceiling.


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Q:Light steel keel gypsum board ceiling length is greater than the number of need to stay expansion joints
Light steel keel ceiling is generally divided into upper and no human type two. Master type for the 60 series of the main keel, not on the human type for the 50 series of the main keel. If there is no special requirements generally the main keel is 60 wide, the vice keel is 50 wide. According to the standard installation requirements of the spacing is not greater than 1200 * 1200, the first screw from the wall is not greater than 300.
Q:Do you want to install light steel keel
Must, do not you ye installed, unless you use other materials, do not light steel keel words
Q:Light steel keel how fixed in the external walls?
Fixed with expansion bolts
Q:Do the intake vent duct need to be connected from the new ceiling level to the HAVC unit or not at all?
This is whats know as free air return. The unit does not require duct back to the unit because it utilizes the ceiling space as a plenum. However, you are correct that you will loose some efficiency because in addition to cooling the finished space you will technically be cooling the ceiling space as well, because you are drawing your cooled air back through the ceiling space. Also, there are some code restrictions to be considered. For example anything in the plenum space has to be fire rated. ie.. piping cannot be PVC, t-stat wires need to be plenum rated, etc.. So... the ideal situation would be to duct the return air back to the unit for the best efficiency.
Q:Decoration, said light steel keel gypsum board wall what is the use?
Economic and reasonable, reduce waste. Compared with the ordinary brick mixed with the secondary structure of the wall, with the need to avoid pre-embedded due to hydroelectric drained, to avoid the surface layer of decorative practices carried out plaster leveling operations, and even we in the wallpaper decorative surface operations Also omitted the plaster, putty painting operations, thus reducing the cost, shorten the duration, but also save resources, to avoid waste. 1, dry operation, safety, construction convenience, fast, on-demand combination, flexible division of space, and easy to remove. Can effectively save labor, speed up construction progress.
Q:How do I install dropped ceiling in basement?
Get your layout, mains will run every 4 feet perpendicular to your beams. You need a wire every 4 foot down each line a main will run. You can attach the the wires that hold up your mains to your joist by looping them over a beam or you can get screw eyes and screw them into your beam and run your wire through the eye of the screw. Ties these wires and leave them hanging down about 8 below your desired ceiling height. Get a level mark 1 above the height you want your ceiling in 2 corners, pop a chalk line and screw your wall molding with the top touching the chalk line you popped. If you are new at this the easiest way to start your layout is to cut the tab off 1 end of the mains, put the cut end on your wall molding attach a hanger wire to hold the main in place. Do the same with another main and hang. Measure 4 foot from the wall mold and snap in a 4' tee to connect the 2 mains together. Tees will go every 4 foot connecting the mains to each other. Then snap in a 4' tee between the 4'ts in the same direction of the mains. This creates a 2x4 grid pattern. If you want 2x2 grid you will insert 2' tees in between the 4' tees. You will need to tie the hanger wires into the mains and remember to keep them level. (run a string from side to side to keep level if you don't have access to a laser). Also remember to check your grid to make sure you are keeping it squared, measure a 2x4 rectangle from corner to corner diagonally to make sure each measurement is the same. (dropping in a tile from time to time will help you keep square as you go. main.main.main.main.main.main t .............t..............t.............. e.(4' tee)..e.(4'tee)...e.(4'tee)...e.(4'tee) e ............e.............e............e... main.main.main.main.main.main
Q:Rush! Light steel keel ceiling how to determine the ball line?
Suspension point line and ceiling height line First to find the indoor level, pop 50 (read: five) horizontal line (500mm from the ground level) For example, if the ceiling is 2.8M high, then from the 50 line up 2.3m, (horizontal allowable deviation of ± 3㎜) [PS: 2.8M is the completion of the surface size, meaning the ceiling when the size of finished, measured from the ground is 2.8M Need to deduct the hanging stalk, hanging pieces, the main keel vice keel, ceiling material. Completed surface maintained at 2.8M
Q:60 series light steel keel
Construction Technology of Light Steel keel   1) construction sequence; light steel keel installation of the construction sequence: wall line - → wall construction - → installation along the ground, along the top keel - a → installation of vertical keel (including the door to strengthen the keel), crossed keel , Through the keel - → a variety of hole keel reinforcement.   2) construction points ① in the edge, along the top keel and the ground, the top of the contact with the laying of rubber or asphalt foam, and then according to the provisions of the spacing with nails (or drill with electric drill eye plug expansion bolt) will be along the edge, along the top keel fixed On the ground and the top. ② nail from the distance of 0.6 ~ 1.0m spacing arrangement, the horizontal direction of not more than 0.8m , The vertical direction is not greater than 1.0m. The best depth of the shot shoot base: the concrete is 22 ~ 32mm ~ brick wall for 30 ~ 50mm.   ③ will be cut in advance the length of the vertical keel, to the horizontal along the top, along the keel, the flange toward the gypsum board direction, vertical keel upside down can not be reversed, the scene can only cut from the top cut, vertical Long keel can be used long U-shaped keel sets in the C-keel joints, with a rivet or self-tapping screws.
Q:Light steel keel use method
Commonly used wall steel keel specifications are 75mm and 100mm, the length of 3m and 4m; ceiling with 2, the installation of light outlet according to the size of the weight to determine the fixed method, according to the design of the construction. 3, keel
Q:How should I go about doing a mosaic on my ceiling?
Monumental doesn't even came close. To make it realistic you will need to do it on the ceiling, otherwise it will look like patchwork. First thing is to design on paper what you want it to look like. Then transfer design to grid paper. No stepladder. Buy a scaffold that is big enough and high enough to lie on. Transfer your design to the ceiling. You can make stencils for this, and use multiple chalk lines to keep everything straight. Before you start, practice on a plywood board. When you buy your materials, make sure you tell the salesman you are doing a ceiling so you get the right cement or mastic. It took Michelangelo 7 years to do the Sistine Chapel, and he used paint. Good Luck!

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