Good Quality 16 C Unshielded Alarm Cable

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100 m
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Good  Quality  16 C Unshielded Alarm Cable


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16C unshieded alarm cable or shielded alarm cable with drain wire, 100meters in one roll. Customized customer's specifications.

Our specifications as below:







     Outer layer thickness



















































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4. Support third party inspection company to inspect and check the quality and quantity before delivery.



Good  Quality  16 C Unshielded Alarm Cable

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Q:The cross - sectional area ratio of the cable to the embedded tube
Frequency converter cable for the variable frequency cable, he is generally 3 +3 core, outside the copper wire braided + copper double shield, it requires the cable has a low transmission impedance, low working capacitance, it has a lot of high magnetic waves, Cable insulation impact is relatively large, relatively high demand for interference interference factors. Frequency conversion cable long distance transmission, the general should be coupled with the reactor. Ordinary cable, the outside can be added according to the need to shield or not, although he can produce electromagnetic waves, but will not produce high harmonics, the insulation requirements of the cable is not high frequency cable, he can be four core, five core. There is no need for a symmetrical structure of the cable.
Q:What is the meaning of the separation within the cable tray?
Cable bridge between the multi-layer installation control cable between not less than 0.2M, the power cable between not less than 0.3M, weak cable and power cable between not less than 0.5M, if the shield can be reduced to 0.3M, the upper part of the bridge from the roof or other obstacles Not less than 0.3M different voltage for different purposes of the cable should not be laid in the same layer of the bridge if the conditions are limited to laying in the same layer of the bridge, the middle need to add partitions.
Q:Will the leaking water cause a short wire in the wall?
The specific need to see how many of your home wiring drawings. But with the line to pay attention to, lighting needs more than 1.5 copper wire, socket 2.5 or more, air conditioning need at least 4 square above the line. 1.5 square feet of 50m, 2.5 square meters of 100 meters, 4 square meters of 50 meters. The specific depends on the line layout, it is best to let the electrician to see you, the material can buy their own. Let the electrician look at the actual needs. Water pipes, 40 to 50 meters is enough, pipe fittings need to calculate the appropriate parts, it is recommended to see the water utility.
Q:What is the patch panel and cable management, in the integrated wiring in what role
Two should be phase line, generally in the three-phase loop corresponding to the color: A phase is yellow, B phase green, C phase red, neutral (that is, zero line) for the blue. If only in the single-phase loop only red and green when the default is red for the phase line, green for the zero line.
Q:The first PC installed, how to install the order and how to take a good line.
Extension line, plus a pair of joints just fine, and only added the connector will not affect the signal
Q:12 cable to the weak box, not on the distribution frame is good?
The color of the bridge is generally based on the main equipment of the factory set down, most of the bridge for the motor gray, so look at the meaning of equipment and manufacturers, strong corrosive environment should be used (F) class epoxy resin anti-corrosion flame retardant cable Bridge. Arm, bracket also use the same material to improve the service life of the bridge and accessories, please refer to the cable bridge installation requirements and specifications
Q:Cpu power supply line is not long enough to meet the heat sink, a map, how to solve?
The distinction between special and non-specific depends on the nature of the load. Green line from the substation dedicated to the user, only for the user, do not accept the public network overhaul maintenance and power outages, also said that as long as the nearest substation power you have electricity; non-green as the public line. But now power supply reliability is so high, the city network are using ring network, the probability of power failure is small, not to mention you are using a dual power line, power failure is smaller, unless the area power outage. But you also have an important load on their own generators, so non-particularly important load, double power enough to meet its power supply needs.
Q:What is the safety distance between the bridge and the bridge?
3 refers to the three-phase, 2.5 refers to the cable cross-section, plus 1 is used to ground or zero
Q:What are the types of car harnesses, such as engine harnesses
Public relations firm is doing offline activities to create the topic, the media company is doing online media communication
Q:Where is the fiber patch panel used in general?
Optical fiber patch panel ODF fiber optic patch panel OMDF literally can understand that the two are largely consistent, all belong to the wiring connection equipment. Are used to connect fiber optic cable and communication equipment. The difference is that, in the definition of OMDF, the line side connects the outdoor cable, the equipment side connects the OLT or the transmission equipment, may through the jumper adjusts the line order, simultaneously has the openness. The ODF is connected to the optical cable or optical communication equipment, the line order is generally fixed, only one side can jumper. Fiber optic cable and other related equipment, it is best to meet the quality of high quality, where we use Fenite.

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