Good Quality 16 C Unshielded Alarm Cable

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Good  Quality  16 C Unshielded Alarm Cable


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1. cheap price 
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5. customize specifications

16C unshieded alarm cable or shielded alarm cable with drain wire, 100meters in one roll. Customized customer's specifications.

Our specifications as below:







     Outer layer thickness



















































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A:1. Offer customers 24/7 service, whenever you need us, we are always here for you.
2. Immediate response. Your any inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
3. Support small order quantity, for the first time cooperation customers, we can send you less quantity for trial order. 
4. Support third party inspection company to inspect and check the quality and quantity before delivery.



Good  Quality  16 C Unshielded Alarm Cable

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The adapters are called cord caps. These are standard in North America. When you open the cap and access the connection points there are 3 screws. Green is the ground or bare wire, the white goes to the silver screw, the black to the brass colored screw. Follow that color sequence and you should have no problems. This applies only if the pump is 120 volt. If it is a well supply pump it may be 240 volt and you need special cord caps and then only the ground is critical. Since you are in doubt about the electrical work, contact a qualified professional electrician in your area to do the work if you still have problems.
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In my opinion, these things Quik-Conns, are trouble. The safest, best way out of this is to call a pro. The reason why is that the NEC does not allow a GFCI receptacle on with a lighting circuit. If you have a stack switch/GFCI receptacle, you will notice that there wires coming from the switch part while the GFCI has screw terminals. This is so they shall be kept separate. Good luck in all you do and may God bless. EDIT: The only acceptable way to remove wires from them is to cut them loose. If you pull, tug or jerk them out, you will actually loosen the tabs that make contact, thus causing a loose connection which leads to them overheating. Heat cause fire. Get the point? If you have to do this, Cut them. Strip 1-1/4 of insulation off of the four existing wires and 1 pig-tail. Twist all 5 wires together, cutting off the excess. Install a Big Blue wire-nut. I advise against doing it this way, as it will not meet the National Electrical Code, and insurance companies look for ANYTHING to deny a claim.
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