Good Looking High Quality Jewelry Wire and Color Wire

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Product Description:

1.Product Quick Details

Steel Grade:  40#,60#,70#


Wire Gauge:  2.38mm

Type: Galvanized

Special Use:  Cold Heading Steel

Model Number:  7*7 steel wire rope cable

Product:  7*7 red color pvc coated steel wire rope cable

Diameter:  5mm

Structure:  7x7

Surface Treatment:  steel wire rope cable with pvc coated

Tensile Strength:  1560MPa--1960MPa

Certification:  ISO9001:2000

HS Code:  7312100000

2.Product Characteristic

Using the modified PP as raw material, with good comprehensive performance, non-toxic, tasteless, light quality, has high tensile strength, stiffness, hardness, heat resistance and excellent resistant should stress cracking, extensibility, resistance to bending fatigue and processing. Using sophisticated assembly line equipment straightening the volume, smooth surface, no cracking, and color optional.


Suitable for bottle brush, Christmas rattan, angel wings, arts and crafts etc.


1.mig welding spool wire er70s 6
2.stable and smooth wire feed
3.rapid melting speed
4.high deposition efficiency

4.Reference Picture

Good Looking High Quality Jewelry Wire and Color Wire

Good Looking High Quality Jewelry Wire and Color Wire

Good Looking High Quality Jewelry Wire and Color Wire


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Q:Car audio speaker wire location?
in my car i ran the speaker wires on the same side as the RCA's
Q:What's the use of the live wire,neautral wire and earth wire?
Other guy is correct for the U.S., but from your wording, I think you live in the U.K. The live (hot) and neutral wires convey the power to the device or appliance, with the hot have a potential of 220-240 volts AC, with respect to the neutral, like the + and - terminals of a battery. The ground/earth connection is for safety, and no current flows in it under normal use. It is connected to any metal parts of an appliance. The neutral is connected to ground in the breaker box or somewhere in your basement or nearby. If there is a short in an appliance and a high voltage gets connected to a metal part, this could be a lethal hazard. But since the metal parts are connected to safety ground, it instead causes a circuit breaker to pop, disconnecting the voltage. .
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You should run at least 10 Gage power and ground wires. I would recommend 14 Gage speaker wire.
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Q:american wireing on power tools two wires rated 112 volts one white wire one black wire?
No. you are able to besides the undeniable fact that convert it to a minimum of one one hundred twenty volt circuit in case you do here: on the panel, do away with the present 2 pole breaker and replace it with a single pole. deploy a breaker sparkling in the conceal to satisfy code or yet another sg pl breaker as a spare. Or for the 2d circuit you curiously might want to have. Now then, the present twine ought to be as small as #10 (for a small A/C in basic terms unit) or as great as #4 for a great unit with strip warmth. you will ought to splice a short piece of the hot twine to the present as a manner to get it below the breaker. it somewhat is allowed by utilising Code. the different twine from the previous breaker with ought to be coloured white as much as you are able to. some jurisdictions enable as low as 6 others want the completed uncovered length. Now flow it to the impartial bar. through fact the version in value between a 15amp and 20amp circuit isn't plenty, i want to propose 20. on the a/c, if there is not a junction container present deploy one. If there's a pull-out, knife swap or breaker sort disconnect present i want to propose changing it to a 4 sq. x a million-5/8 deep steel container w/conceal. utilising twine nuts splice the present wires to the hot ones. do not forget approximately to floor the container (in line with Code). in case you're working 12/2 romex or MC you need to strap it interior of 12 of the container and each 4' there after. The suggestion to set a 30amp sub panel would not sound particularly appropriate to me purely now. yet then it somewhat is previous due and that i'm unable to make the hassle to seem it as much as be certain. Sorry. If time helps the next day i'm going to do my maximum suitable to study it an edit my answer.
Q:califronia electrical code - box wiring?
no. the number of wires in the box is restricted based on the volume of the box but the number of wires entering a knock out is restricted by the size of the conduit or the cable type connected to the knock out.
Q:will my amp wiring kit affect the performacne?
if your wire is truly 4 gauge you will have no problems.the problem is some of the 'no name' wire companies over rate their wire.they will sell 6 or 8 gauge wire as 4 gauge. go to a car stereo shop and ask to see a piece of 4 gauge wire. if it way bigger than what you have you may want to upgrade.
Q:4 Flat wire trailer wiring?
you can go to any advance or auto zone and they have these ,and they aren't expensive,they should have the ones that you just plug in between the harness,and this saves cutting any wires,and they also work a lot better,if you,ll explain what your doing to them they will have what you need,good luck with it.
Q:Does anybody do it yourself put a new wire onto your phone outside the wire ?
Outside wire would feed back to the telephone central office and will either be aerial wire, connected to poles, or buried. Either way it is not feasible for someone other than the telephone company to replace.

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