Good High High Quality White Color Fiber Cement Board

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100000 m²/month

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Thickness: 4mm,4.5mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm,9.5mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,8.5mm Material: Glass

Product Description:

Main mechanical preformance indexes 



100% Non-asbestos 

Raw Materials

Cement,Quartz Sand,Paper Pulp,etc.

Standard Size

1220mm×2440mm or 1200mm×2400mm

Max Width


Max Length







Light yellow or Grey

Water Content


Water Absorption


Fire Resistance

Incombustibility A Class(GB8624-A)

Thermal Conductivity


Bending Strength

Transverse≥11.0N/mm3 Vertical≥8.5N/mm3


Conforming to GB6566-2001 A Class




Wooden pallet

Trade Terms




Lead time

7 to 10 days after the order is confirmed.


Good High High Quality White Color Fiber Cement Board

Main Characteristic


1:Excellent moisture-proof performance.

2:Excellent fire-proof performance.

3:Good heat and sound insulation


Recommended applications


1. Interior and exterior wall 

2. Furred ceiling 


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A world class manufacturer & supplier of fiber cement boardis one of the large-scale professional investment mineral production bases in China. Exported to markets in Asian, American, Middle East, African. OEM service available according to customer’s requirements.

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Q:how do i attach cement backerboard to an existing drywall that's textured?
If you are putting in cement board to put up tile, you need to remove the drywall from the area that you will be hanging the board in. The backerboard should go directly on the stud. This is for two reasons: 1) The backerboard, as you know, is heavy. If you have drywall inbetween, the screws will not hold as well. 2) If you put it over the drywall, it will stick out from the wall, and the edge of your tile will not be flush with the existing wall. In my opinion, demo is the funnest part of home improvement! Just take a hammer to the existing drywall, knock a hole in it and pull hard. You may need to use a SawzAll (reciprocating saw) to get a nice edge, but make sure you know whats behind the wall before you start cutting. Stop demoing at a stud on either side, so that you have something to screw the cement board to. As a side note: I have tiled over drywall with no ill effects. Just scrape it smooth, apply the mastic, and go. Cement board is safer in a bathroom, but really only a requirement for floor tile. Good luck.
Q:I'm putting down cement backer board so I can tile. Can I lay it over remnants of paper from linoleum?
If you are going to thinset the hardi-backer down and screw it as designed, it will be fine.
Q:Can you put ceramic tile over wood floors? If yes I was told that it wouldnt stay, even with cement board.?
Without reading any answers here, and after installing thousands of sq. ft. of flooring,,,especially tile. I suggest that EVEN on a concrete slab,,, perfection isn't something set in stone,,, so to speak. You don't state the state of the construction,,, IE: Basement or crawl space below the existing floor, slab on dirt, etc.. ANY floor substrate should be as level as you can get it,,, but even that can be supplemented by leveling a tile installation. Concrete backer board is my choice, no matter the substrate, as it allows for less movement, degradation over time, a porous/textured enough surface to GRAB thin set, with less chance for warp,,, as long as the bottom line is as secure as possible. Perhaps your least or greatest concern might be removing any existing base molding and determining adding what might be near 3/4 inch height to existing flooring. Consider a deeper issue. This is EARTH, on top of which,,, or in which a house has been built. I suggest no stronger force exists than that of the EARTH.... and it gives and takes, in its process. Consider too, the prep work, and knowledge of the structure, its construction, and history. Does it tend to ebb and flow like Tides? Or has its base element been relatively secure since it was constructed? Then consider that it may last longer, no matter what you do, or what was done, than your lifetime,,, No offense. It would seem that research is your first exploration option, and valid experience. If in fact the base flooring is above a basement or crawl space some shimming might be called for, especially if the existing floor seems to squeak, or be pliant. If it's Concrete, I suggest you don't stress. E mail accepted for more info. Rev. Steven
Q:Why is the peeling paint on the cement board?
1, bad surface, the surface of oil and oil substances, the foundation clean is not net, conjunctival adhesion is not good. 2, excessive paint dilution, the surface is too smooth, brushing the coating film is too thin, poor adhesion, resulting in cracking peeling phenomenon. 3, in the cement plaster on the end of the brush on the oil on the pieces of putty putty, brush coating will make a large film rolled up. Because the oil is not clear the bottom of the strong oil absorption, putty and layers of paint itself is the bottom of the oil absorption and reduce the coating after the film easily degenerate crisp.
Q:Home improvement wall is made of light steel keel + gypsum board, light steel keel + cement pressure plate is good or red brick light weight brick good?
You can use the first program, light steel keel + sound-absorbing cotton, gypsum board, even if you want to hang TV no problem, which add skeleton on the line, so you can avoid the brick wall caused by the load-bearing problem.
Q:Light steel keel cement board is what
Light steel keel cement board refers to the light steel keel-based skeleton of the cement board.
Q:Is GAF TOPCOAT Membrane a good idea to use on my wetroom bathroom walls as a waterproofer over cement board?
Since you ve gotten this product at no cost ( by the way you describe it), and I looked at the web site, I d say yes it is ok to use. I ve always used a specific waterproofing called Red Guard.And I know water proofing isn t cheap. Since this is a brush or spray on type of coating, it will be thin enough to get a nice smooth layer for tile. I would check and make sure its ok for vertical walls application. But I strongly suggest using the strongest latex modified thin set there is. This is what I need to bond to the Red Guard I use. Another suggest and I have to do this too, is to tape all areas with thin set and cement board tape and let dry. Getting all areas. Good time to think about a recessed shelf for shampoos and soaps. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:Can I paint Cement Board?
Your best best bet would be to put some spackle on it to cover all the little holes and ridges first. Yes you can paint it, in that area a semi-gloss would probably be good since it's fairly water-proof.
Q:How should the seam from durock cement board to Drywall be taped?
You can use the fiberglass tape. Just apply compound on the drywall half and thin set on the cement board side.
Q:can i put ceramic tile on top of luan board in kithen and will it stick or would i have to use cement board or?
You can do anything. But you should not do this. Use wonder board for tile. Dur Rock. Cement board. Whatever you want to call it. I can tell you 100's of horror stories from people who didn't do this. Your job will look great maybe a year if you don't then the inevitable cracks, shifts and unevenness will appear. You need a firm hard thick solid surface for tile.

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