Good High High Quality Black Color Fiber Cement Board

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900 m²
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100000 m²/month

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Thickness: 4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,8.5mm,9mm,9.5mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,4.5mm Fonction: Fireproof Board Ceiling,Soundproof Ceiling,Normal Ceiling,Integrated Ceiling,Heat Insulation Ceiling,Moisture-Proof Ceiling,Mould-Proof Ceiling,Smoke-Proof Ceiling,Waterproof Ceiling Material: Metal

Product Description:

Main mechanical preformance indexes 



100% Non-asbestos 

Raw Materials

Cement,Quartz Sand,Paper Pulp,etc.

Standard Size

1220mm×2440mm or 1200mm×2400mm

Max Width


Max Length







Light yellow or Grey

Water Content


Water Absorption


Fire Resistance

Incombustibility A Class(GB8624-A)

Thermal Conductivity


Bending Strength

Transverse≥11.0N/mm3 Vertical≥8.5N/mm3


Conforming to GB6566-2001 A Class




Wooden pallet

Trade Terms




Lead time

7 to 10 days after the order is confirmed.


Good High High Quality Black Color Fiber Cement Board

Main Characteristic


1:Excellent moisture-proof performance.

2:Excellent fire-proof performance.

3:Good heat and sound insulation


Recommended applications


1. Interior and exterior wall 

2. Furred ceiling 


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Q:i can land a kickflip in the grass 40% of the time and now i really cant land it on the cement?
Well try practicing on the cement only from now on so you can get used to the motion of the cement. Also just commit. A lot of it is ether fear or just loss of commitment. Grass has no motion in it so you have to get used to the rolling motion of the cement for a while and then keep trying the kickflip but dont do it in grass it will just ruin your ability to do it on the cement. You can do it in the grass again after you land it once on the cement because the grass just really ruins your skills at landing it because you have to be able to land with motion and movement. Not just landing and sticking there.
Q:Is cement board required for a Corian shower?
Fibre cement board should be used in showers, bathrooms, and other 'wet areas'
Q:Can cement fiber board be attached to fire board?
Cement fiber board he would have belonged to a1 grade fireproof material, you posted fire board why, money ah
Q:Cement fiberboard dry hanging practice?
Fiber cement pressure plate preparation: first with the colorimetric method of fiber cement pressure plate color selection and classification; the whole center of the fiber cement pressure plate color should be consistent, and according to the design size and drawings requirements, dry hanging fiber cement pressure board Aluminum pendant mounted on the back, according to the back of each plate 6 aluminum pendant (the largest sheet cross-sectional size of 2780 × 1220mm). In order to ensure that the aluminum pendant position is accurate and vertical, in front of the fiber cement pressure plate in accordance with the vertical spacing of the vertical keel 600mm and fiber cement pressure plate length equal to the size of the cross cross cable, fixed at the cross point supporting aluminum fasteners, aluminum pendant 10mm long, 4mm thick stainless steel screws fixed on the back of the fiber cement pressure plate, aluminum fastener after installation must be reviewed its level and vertical.
Q:A grade fireproof material cement board
High fire resistance NK-YB01 composite foam cement board is an inorganic material, is a Class A fireproof material, which has a good fire resistance, refractoriness of 1000 ℃ or more, fully meet the external wall insulation requirements.
Q:Would using cement board instead of drywall require the use of steel?
You had best consult an engineering firm. The reason I say so that you can only answer this by taking into consideration quite a few factors. For example: location, soil, drainage, foundation, reinforced or not, width, height, static load, dynamic load, etc. Anything can be done. Basically you can use wood or steel, as long as they are sized correctly. I have built homes using a combination of wood and steel. Certain types of designs calls for a central core of steel because of various factors; roof design being the main one. Others were all steel or wood. It's the architect working with home owner to decide. Steel Is more expensive because you need deeper footings, welding, steelworkers themselves, etc. The more trades you have on a job the longer it takes and the more expensive it becomes. I question how you are going to treat the seams on the cement board and still get a clean look. If it is extremely difficult to get a truck in, you are going to be severely limited as to anything you want to build. Unless it is deemed safe, a steel co or a lumber co. will refuse to deliver as they will not risk their trucks and the drivers can refuse, if it is too difficult or they deem it dangerous. Of course if money is no object, you can stage sky cranes or improve the road. AS far as concrete goes , you don't have to worry as each truck is time staged and additives added to the mixture to ensure a good pour, in fact the drivers are in constant touch with the plant in case of glitches. They can pour in hot or freezing weather. The only thing I think you have to worry about, as pointed out above, is the road. Everything today is delivered on large trucks and unloaded with a crane. Good Luck!
Q:Cement concrete pavement thickness of the number of appropriate?
As the edges and corners of the board are most susceptible to damage, edge bars and corner bars (Figure 1) can be reinforced or made thick side sections, starting at 1 meter from the shoulder and increasing the thickness to the edge of the plate Thickness is 25% larger than the middle. In the highway and a highway, can be made from the inside to the outer edge of the gradual increase in the trapezoidal section. Most of the pavement panels made of single-layer; when the plate can also be made thicker double-layer, the upper thickness of not less than 6 to 7 cm. The lower layer of the use of poor quality materials made of low-strength concrete; in order to make the upper and lower layers of solid, the lower surface should be clean, rough and set the groove.
Q:why did the contact cement not work for my slideboard?
Contact adhesive should be applied to both surfaces and then allowed to set for about 20 - 30 minutes (until almost touch-dry) BEFORE bringing the surfaces together. BEWARE! Once the surfaces touch they will bond instantly, with no scope for repositioning. Leave the existing cement until thoroughly dry, then re-apply as per my instructions.
Q:how would like to build cement steps on a incline?
I would not build those steps directly against the cinder block wall. And here's my reasoning. If you attach those steps without support like rebar, if the house shifts it will shift and crack the steps too. If you use rebar the same thing might happen. I would leave at least a one inch space between the cinder block wall and build an independent form that is separate from the garage wall so it can float kinda like the 1/4 inch float you have when installing a wood floor. It gives it room to move. You can use ply for the form on the garage side and pull it out when the cement is cured enough for the form to be removed. Something to think about
Q:New Construction house, when can I install the cement backer in bathrooms?
You can hang it anytime, but with the sanding of the drywall comes a lot of dust all over every thing, that you will have to clean off the cement board for good adhesion.

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