Good elevator parts load cell,load sensor model EWD-L-J2 with EWD-GC

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Product Description:

 Type EWD-L-J2 Elevator Weighing Device

System Introduction  

DeclarationIn any case, our part is only responsible for the quality of products in warranty period.

Description 1.State Indication - FlickeringAbout “Once per Second”

.Button Operation - PressPress and release soonHoldPress constantly

.Relay  - Keep the state of Picking-up in the period of system being unadjusted or faulty

l Main Features

1. With the adoption of integrated designing of “C: Concave type sensor”, it can be welded directly on elevator car bearing beam;

2. Directly outputting full-load or overload signal depending on the change of elevator car payload

3. Simple adjustment, high precision of measurement and quick and easy installation.

l Technical specification

Application Range

Being applicable to all elevator with payload of 500㎏~20000 for full-load and overload signal


For the elevator with rated load of 1 ton, it is 5Kg

System Error


Output Mode

Switching SignalFull-load and overload Dynamic Close and Dynamic Open contact

Operation Temperature


Power Source

DC 24V(±10%)Operating current for the whole set≤100mA

MMIntensity exceeding the above listed parameter limits may cause the system abnormality or its permanent damage.

l Product Appearance, Installing Method and Relevant Structure

l Schematic Diagram of  the System

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