golden yellow expanded/exfoliated vermiculite for agriculture /horticulture

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Packaging Detail:In 12kg PP or PE bags for shipment.
Delivery Detail:Around 10-20 days after confirm the order.


golden yellow expanded vermiculite for agriculture/ horticulture 
Bulk density 105-115kg/m3 
Impurity 2-4% 
only TVA in Asia


Product Description



ColorGloden yellow

Non-combustible,natural refractory properties,low density,good thermal insulation,poisonless,corrosion-resistant,etc





BuildingLight weight materials of light weight concrete aggregate
Heat preservation heat insulationUnderground pipes,greenhouse pipes, thermal insulation material
MetallurgicalSteel and molten slag
Agriculture/horticultureSeed preservation agent,soil,wetting agents,plant growth regulators on the agent,feed additives
Sea fishingErbrium fishing


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Q:Redwood starter seed soil?
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Q:Should I make the lay box now?? Please hurry!?
I used vermiculite for my ball pythons, as instructed by various local breeders. This substrate worked well for me (4 seasons). The only thing is I find vermiculite tends to stick to the hatchlings. I've been told that perlite doesn't have this effect. I know a breeder who produces Leo's, Cresteds, and Gargs. She uses SuperHatch. Apparently it changes color from brick red to pink as the moisture evaporates, and is infinitely reusable. Never used it or heard much else from said product, though. Whatever is available to you, I guess. I've heard good things about all three. Familiarize yourself with whatever substrate you choose. You should be good with any, realistically. Take care.
Q:do you think these bearded dragon eggs are ok?
Nutritionally, silkworm pupae would be fine to feed to your gecko, but he might not want to eat them because they won't be moving. You can try them out though! You can use vermiculite until it becomes discolored or starts to smell, just make sure to keep it moist, and watch it for anything that looks like mold. Make sure to throw it away before it starts growing anything, in order to keep you animals safe.
Q:i wanted to know where to get some?
Ive used vermiculite with no problems.
Q:What is an good organic soil mix for growing flowers?
What I like to do is take a Tupperware thing, and put some moss in it. Make sure you keep it warm and misted. I remember my first pregnancy. I was so worried that she wouldn't lay her eggs, or they would get stuck. This rarely happens. Just wait (My first one took 5 weeks to lay!) and let nature do it's thing :)
Q:How does vermiculite make a roof insulation?
The thickness of the insulating layer is usually 1.3 times the design thickness (not including the leveling layer). After the laying, it is leveled with a wooden board (wooden crab) and leveled to the design thickness. The bedding plane of the expanded vermiculite particles should be parallel with the laying plane as possible as possible.
Q:Using Vermiculite and/or Perlite?
........and........? Vermiculite add some water holding, perlite loosens and fluffs the soil. If you are thinking sand, no, perlite is much, much larger than sand. Adding sand to a soil can be dangerous...if added to clay you end up with an elemental concrete......not good. Normally adding organic matter does the same thing to the garden soil as does adding vermiculite and perlite.
Q:how to measure out a 2:1:1 ratio of ingredients?
Vermiculite holds moisture and helps hold nutrients and perlite helps with drainage.
Q:leopard gecko incubation?
Add vermiculite to the top of the pots. It is normal for the pots to slowly degrade so mould is to be expected. The vermiculite will prevent the stems of the lettuce damping off as it absorbs excess water.
Q:Are these leo gecko eggs okay?
None of those are good heat conductors.

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