Glass type water dispenser HD-901

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Glass type water dispenser                HD-901

Glass type water dispenser                HD-901

Glass type water dispenser                HD-901

2015 fashionable designed free standing water dispenser

1. Environment Friendly & Energy Efficiency Design

2. High Quality Compressor: Panasonic

3. Major Thermostats : EGO (German Brand)

4. Backup Thermostats : WAKO  (Japanese Brand)

5. Hot Water Tank Insulation foam, UL approved

6. R-134a refrigerant:  INEOS (Japanese Brand)

7. ABS anti-scratch stand with adjustable height

8. With water leakage detector

9. Easy maintenance, no tool required for replacement

CNBM was awarded Global Manufacturer Certificate(GMC). Global Manufacturer Certificate (GMC) is a standard established by GlobalMarket Group to identify and certify high-quality China Manufacturers, which includes 8 benchmarks concluded from surveys with approximately 20,000 international buyers.

To become a GMC manufacturer, the manufacturer should submit an application, provide relevant documents and go through an onsite auditing process by the world’s leading certification authority TÜV. Only those in accordance with GMC standard can be awarded the certificate.

Becoming a GMC manufacturer means:

00001. Genuine manufacturer with ISO certification

00002. High-quality products and high capacity

00003. Substantial export experience and OEM/ODM experience

00004. Prominent R&D capability

00005. Good reputation within the industry

Benchmarks                  GMC Members
Genuine Manufacturer

factory or brands owned, not a trader or broker

employees engaged in manufacturing process

High-quality Products

products certified by the third party

ISO certification obtained and in its valid period

quality control system established

Considerable company Size

or 2,500,000 USD and above export volume

5,000,000 USD and above production capacity

or 5,000,000 USD and above annual turnover

Dedicated  Exp on  team

foregin language skills

necessary educational background

export  sale experience

Research and Development Ceapability

sence of social and environmental responsibity

product design and improvement or patented

suffhcient equipment

adequate professionals

*TUA Rheintand Group is a leading provider or technical services     The group's mission and guidng principte is to achieve sustained

development of safety and quality in order to meet the challenges ansing  from the interaction bntween man and the environment

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Q:How much is a drinking machine?
Several friends have used, and basically all the country has agent point, although the brand has no other reputation, but the quality is very good oh!
Q:What is the cause of leakage of water dispenser?
Do not know your home water dispenser water leakage? Do not know if you have bought such a drinking water machine, water machine just to buy a home is good, but do not know what time, found it since Water Leakage! So, why family drinking machine Water Leakage occurred, and what is the answer? A is Water Leakage internal component of the body, such as silicone tube rupture, hot or cold tank tank weld Water Leakage, bile leakage, electromagnetic valve, electronic ice (Guan Xianji) Water Leakage, resulting in water overflow and broken bottles, these usually require the replacement of the damaged parts, or the use of well qualified water bottles; two is the top Water Leakage smart seat Water Leakage. Or perhaps the floating ball can seal failure, caused by the use of net barrel. 1. if you use bottled water, it is estimated that the bucket leaks. The leak point is between the bucket mouth and the bottle cap. All bottled water is repeated filling. In the filling process, the barrel mouth will have a certain degree of wear and tear. Will affect the sealing degree of the bottle cap and barrel mouth. So I suggest you change a bucket of water.
Q:How can I get rid of the dirt of the water dispenser?
The third step: will be used for drinking fountains disinfection decontamination effervescent tablets 1 dissolved in about 2 liters of water, take some of its disinfectant liquid, wash water dispenser liner and lid inside and outside side;The fourth step: the rest of the disinfectant filled the entire cavity, to be retained for 10~15 minutes, then open the water dispenser switch, including the sewage pipe and drinking water switch, drain disinfection solution;
Q:How does the water fountain open the drain valve?
What is the leakage of the drain valve behind the water fountain?The inner parts of the body are leaking, such as the rupture of the silicon rubber tube, the leakage of the hot pot and the cold water tank, the leakage of the electronic ice water, the leakage of the electromagnetic valve (Guan Xianji) and the overflow of water caused by the water bottle rupture. The solution is to replace damaged parts
Q:The plug of the water dispenser is 3 lines, and that is the earth wire
The yellow green double color line is the earth wire, the blue is the zero line, the coffee color is the fire line, remembers left, zero, right fire. Must be able to use, pay attention to handle the insulation of the thread. You'd better stagger the three lines. Thank you for your points.
Q:Cooling principle of water dispenser
Press the heating switch, heating circuit, heating the red indicator light, the electric heating tube heating, when the water temperature rises to the set temperature, the automatic reset temperature control action, cut off the power supply, heating the red lights out, into the insulation condition. After the failure of the water temperature gradually decreased, when reduced to the set temperature, the thermostat closed contact action connect the power supply, heating, the red indicator light, the electric heating tube heating cycle. So again, the water temperature controlled at 85-95 DEG C.The fuse, temperature fuse and manual reset thermostat are protective devices in this kind of drinking water machine. When the circuit is overheated or overloaded, it automatically fuses or disconnects the circuit and plays a safety role
Q:How about the water fountain?No point. Please help, new start, a water dispenser, it is bought in the water station. The back is plastic, soft, just bought 1 days, the water a little plastic taste, not very heavy, would like to ask this brand of water dispensers?
The shell is nothing important, just a guy who can burn pure water. The smell of the plastic is gone for a few days. Is still at least three months under the clean water dispenser, because pure water will precipitate, and the gap between the intelligent seat and a pool, the dust will fly in, and will form a long time scale, two pollution. Experts pointed out that the water dispenser liner, such as long-term cleaning, will be a large number of bacteria, viruses and other serious harm to human health.
Q:Hot water principle of water dispenser
The heating switch is pressed, the heating indicator is bright, the electric heating tube is heated, and the water in the hot pot is heated up. When the water temperature is known to set the temperature, the temperature controller contacts are disconnected, the heating power is automatically cut off, the heating indicator is turned off, and the electric heating tube is stopped heating. When the water temperature drops to the setting temperature, the temperature controller contacts are closed, the heating power supply is automatically connected, the heating indicator is bright, and the electric heating tube is heated. The process is repeated so that the water temperature remains constant between 85-95 degrees centigrade."Compression refrigeration drinking machine.When you press the compression refrigeration water dispenser refrigeration refrigeration switch, the green light will start running, the compressor, the refrigerant vapor in the evaporator is endothermic gasification sucked back, and then compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, sent to the condenser, heat condenses to a high pressure liquid in the outside air through the condenser, and then by capillary blood flowing into the evaporator, absorption heat and cold chamber the temperature dropped, then being sucked back into the compressor. This cycle, to achieve the purpose of cooling. When the water temperature drops to the set temperature with time, the contact point of the refrigeration temperature controller is switched off, the refrigeration green indicator lamp goes out, the compressor stops and transfers to the thermal insulation condition. After the power failure, the water temperature rises gradually. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, the contact of the refrigerating thermostat is closed, the power supply is switched on, the green indicator light is on, and the compressor runs. In this way, the water temperature is controlled between 4-12 degrees centigrade.
Q:How does the hot water leakage of drinking fountains do?
1, if the water dispenser is bottled water, it is estimated that the bucket leak caused by the leak point is between the bucket mouth and bottle cap. All bottled water is repeated filling. In the process of filling, open the lid, the bucket mouth will have a certain degree of wear and tear. It is recommended to replace the bucket without leaking water.
Q:Water dispenser with tap water
It is now popular to filter the tap water through filters to produce fresh, pollution-free drinking water.

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