Glass steel water supply pipeline

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Using temperature range:                  30 (c)

The coefficient of friction:              1

The wear volume:                          3

Impact strength:                          6 (MPa)

Material:                                 Glass steel

Pipe diameter:                            1000 (mm)

Pipeline thickness:                       10 (mm)

Application of fluid:                     Water

One, overview of performance

Large diameter: diameter range 4000mm working pressure 50 - 0-5.0MPa

High strength: circumferential tensile strength: 320Mpa, axial tensile strength of 220Mpa (strength required design)

High rigidity: resin quartz sand sandwich structure. 1250, 2500, 3750, 5000, 10000N/M and above.

Anti leakage: rich resin lining layer and the jacket layer density structure, inside and outside leakage proof.

Light weight: generally only the same caliber steel pipe 1/4, cement pipe 1/10, low cost of installation.

Corrosion: corrosion resistance performance is especially outstanding transport corrosive medium and any sewage.

Electrical insulation: breakdown voltage of 12 - 16KV/mm.

Smooth inner wall: hydraulic friction coefficient is small and stable for a long time, has the energy conservation benefit.

Good freeze resistance: when water freezes not cracking.

Good insulation properties: its thermal conductivity is only 1/233 of steel pipe.

Long service life: by 50 years of design. Only the service life into the domestic and international standards of products.

Delivery performance is good: the vinyl resin, good water quality, no peculiar smell, and long-term use and not fouling, avoid light conditions do not produce microbial.

Two, the advantages of glass pipe

Compared with other material pipe, glass pipe prop has the following obvious advantages:

(1) good corrosion resistance. The glass steel pipe can resist acid, alkali erosion fluid, non fluid, in general, steel tube service life is 15 years, cast iron pipe is 5 - 10 years, and the glass pipe can be used for 50 years.

(2) antifouling moth resistance. Unsaturated polyester resin surface pipeline clean and smooth, its special biological stain fungi medium will not be boring rot, for example, steel, cast iron or steel reinforced concrete pipe, surface susceptible to microbial of boring and difficult to remove, so that increasing the roughness, reduce water cross section. While the glass steel pipe in the light of circumstances will not produce microbial, so no pollution, long-term use of clean.

(3) the heat resistance, good freeze resistance. Can be used for a long time range of - 40 C and 80 C within, if resin using a special formula can be more than 110 DEG C temperature work.

(4) engineering, long service life, safe and reliable. Pipeline durability, safety coefficient is above 6. The pipeline life can reach up to 50 - 100 years. For example, the pipeline, built from Shenzhen to Hongkong water supply project in the Hongkong side of the long 50KM, glass steel pipeline for each of the two inner diameter of 2.2m and 1.7m, the installation and use of throw intact so far from 1965.

(5) of light weight, high strength, convenient transportation and installation. Glass steel pipeline density is approximately 1.8, pipe hoop tensile strength of 100 - 200Mpa (close to the steel pipe), axial tensile strength of 320Mpa. Glass steel pipeline each effective length up to 12M, a concrete pipe can reduce 2/3 of the joint. Single, double sealed socket type connection, quick and convenient installation, construction period than the steel pipe, cast iron pipe, concrete pipe can shorten 1/3, welding and rust and cumbersome process and avoids the steel pipe installation required.

(6) friction resistance of small, high delivery capacity. Glass pipe inner surface is very smooth, rough rate (0.0084) and the frictional resistance is small (much smaller than the pipe and cast iron pipe roughness). Computational Hydraulics used by the Hasen William (Hazen-Williams) coefficient C can be maintained at 145 - 150 range long, get the test flow friction loss coefficient f is 0.000915, a concrete pipe (f=0.00232) and tube (f=0.00179) can significantly reduce the flow loss of pressure, improve the transmission capacity of more than 20%. Therefore, in the transport capacity is the same, the glass pipe engineering can choose smaller internal diameter, thereby reducing disposable project investment; if the pipeline using the same diameter, glass steel pipeline can reduce the pressure loss than the other pipe materials, which saves the pump power and energy (30% - 40%), reducing operation cost long.

(7) electrical and thermal insulation is good. Glass steel is an insulator, electric insulation performance advantages of the pipeline, the most suitable for use in power lines, telecommunications lines concentrated regions and multiplexers; heat transfer coefficients of the glass steel is very small (0.25kcal/m H C), pipe insulation performance. Good abrasion resistance. To contain a large number of mud, sand water, rotating effect of wear contrast test is arranged in the pipe. After 3000000 times of rotation, detecting the wear degree of the inner wall of the pipe is as follows: steel pipe for tar and enamel coating for steel 0.53mm; use epoxy resin and tar coating for 0.52mm; the steel surface hardening treatment for 0.48mm; glass steel pipe for the 0.21mm. This could explain the considerable wear.

(9) engineering and maintenance convenient save. Glass steel pipeline due to the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and frost resistance, anti pollution performance, so do not need to be altered, engineering measures such as anti rust and antifouling, insulation. The buried pipe without protection, save the engineering maintenance costs more than 70%. If encounter unexpected damage is easy to repair.

(10) can be designed, adaptability. According to the use of specific, be specific properties and shape on pipeline design:

A: Design of the winding angle when, in order to make the pipeline with different shaft / hoop strength distribution;

B: on the wall thickness of pipeline design, in order to make the pipelines can be subjected to different internal and external pressure;

C: Design of the material, in order to achieve different corrosion purpose, retarding, dielectric objective etc.;

D: Design of the joint mode, the application of different installation conditions, in order to improve the speed of installation engineering;

E: can design the shape of the products, to meet the specific shape need.

F: to be awakened by the rigidity of the pipeline design, to meet the different requirements of the load.

(12) the project integrated low cost and good benefit. The comprehensive benefit is the overall cost of long term benefit refers to a variety of factors by the investment of construction, installation and maintenance cost, service life, saving energy and steel form. The engineering practice shows that the comprehensive cost less than 15 - 20% steel pipe, ductile iron pipe, concrete pipe is 5 - 10% lower than. Such as considering long-term various functions and using the pipeline, the comprehensive benefit of FRP pipe is desirable, especially in the larger diameter, the lower the cost of. When further consideration of buried pipes can be used for decades, and every year without maintenance, more can play the comprehensive benefits of superior.

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Q:Plastic profile brittle extrusion process unreasonable reasons
The low molecular weight of the product is not discharged There are two general approaches to the production of low molecular weight components in the product, one at the time of hot blending, which can be vented through the dehumidification and exhaust system during hot blending, partly by partial residual and extruded heat Water and hydrogen chloride gas. This is usually through the host exhaust section of the forced exhaust system to force the discharge, the vacuum is generally between -0.05Mpa-0.08Mpa, not open or too low, will remain in the product of low molecular weight, Resulting in mechanical properties of plastic profiles decreased, resulting in plastic profiles crisp.
Q:Plastic doors and windows and plastic windows do not like?
Plastic doors and windows that use U-PVC plastic profiles made of doors and windows. Plastic doors and windows with wind, water, insulation and other good features. Plastic doors and windows are made of steel and steel profiles of doors and windows, steel profiles are made of plastic and steel profiles made of mixed.
Q:Plastic steel window profile material
GB 8814-2004 according to the thickness of the main section of the profile will be divided into three categories of ABC, according to the "visible wall thickness minimum / non-visible wall thickness minimum" said, A type of wall thickness of 2.8 / 2.5mm, B Type of material requirements wall thickness 2.5 / 2.0mm, C type of wall thickness does not specify the requirements. The mainstream of the national standard profiles are Class B.
Q:What is the steel profile?
The profile is still visible when the window is still visible
Q:Steel windows and aluminum windows compare which is more expensive
Lighting performance: Plastic window window lighting performance than the aluminum window difference, the block of a single component shading area than the aluminum window about 10%, vision and decorative effect is poor, is not conducive to building energy saving.
Q:It is good for aluminum alloy
It is also good for aluminum alloy. The strength of the aluminum alloy is three times the strength of plastic, wind pressure strength than plastic two high. Aluminum alloy frame cross-sectional area of only steel 1/3, window frame weight is much lighter. Plastic doors and windows due to the strength of the material and low steel, although the steel lining by adding enhanced, but its wind pressure and watertight performance than the aluminum alloy window two levels. Just because the plastic window steel lining is not in its profile lap angle to connect the complete frame system, window frame, fan four corners and the T-shaped plastic angle of penetration is relatively low, so the high-rise buildings should be used with caution.
Q:Specification for steel profiles
Before 50, did not use 40 or 38, 10 years ago I have done spliced steel, and now who is willing to splicing ah. But really want to splice, and now have steel can also be spliced.
Q:How many meters of a conch plastic steel profile
The length of the material factory standard is 6m Frame material is generally a bundle of four, or a bundle of six, the fan material is generally a bundle of 6-8, pressure line 20 - 30 bundle
Q:How plastic embossed profiles are made
Plastic processing is a complex process, generally divided into the following main processing methods:
Q:The main features of steel profiles
Plastic steel profile referred to as steel, the main chemical composition is PVC, it is also called PVC profiles. Is widely used as a new type of building materials, because of its physical properties such as rigidity, flexibility, corrosion resistance, excellent anti-aging properties, is usually used as copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals excellent substitutes.

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