Glass steel heating pipeline

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Product Description:

The wear volume:            Low

Impact strength:            Bakir hardness is greater than or equal to 40 (MPa)

Pipeline thickness:         See Notes (mm)

The coefficient of friction:The roughness n is less than or equal to 0.0084

Application of fluid:Drinking water; sea water; sewage; acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent chemical medium

Material:                   Glass steel

Pipe diameter:              50-4000 (mm)

Model:                      See instructions

Using temperature range:    -40-135 (c)

Product brief:

Glass steel heating pipe insulation is using epoxy resin as matrix, with continuous glass fiber and its fabric as reinforced material, control of a pipeline winding forming process by computer. Product features of the high corrosion resistance, long service life of the good toughness, resistance to external stress and foundation settlement caused by the destruction of the. The electrical insulation, good heat resistance, flame-retardant properties at high temperature of 130 degrees, can be long-term use without deformation. Excellent mechanical properties of glass steel pipeline proportion is small (1.8~2.1g/ cm 3) high strength (more than 300MPa), the ratio of strength to the lofty.

Product details:

Glass steel heating pipe insulation is using epoxy resin as matrix, with continuous glass fiber and its fabric as reinforced material, control of a pipeline winding forming process by computer.

Product features

The corrosion resistance performance is good, the service life is long

\ \ a good toughness, can resist the external stress and foundation settlement caused by the destruction of the.

The electrical insulation, good heat resistance, flame-retardant properties at high temperature of 130 degrees, can be long-term use without deformation.

Excellent mechanical properties

The glass steel pipe with small proportion (3 1.8~2.1g/ cm) high strength (more than 300MPa), its strength is far greater than the steel pipe and cast iron pipe, due to the tube wall middle layer with resin mortar, greatly improving the rigidity of the pipeline laying, adapt in various soil environment and the bottom of the sea.

The hydraulic performance optimization

The glass steel pipe inner surface is very smooth, small frictional resistance (n = 0.0084), can significantly reduce the pressure loss, increase the flow, in the case of the same flow, pump diameter or smaller power can choose smaller, thereby reducing the project initial investment, saving energy consumption (to reduce the operation cost).

The good design, wide adaptation range

The non-toxic antifouling.

Smooth inner wall without scaling or breeding algae and other microorganisms, no two pollution on water quality. Through the pipe selection of food grade resin production can be used for transporting drinking water.

The joint less, good sealing performance

Glass steel pipeline single length is generally 12 meters, using double "O" ring socket connection, each interface can test pressure, the sealing is reliable.

The light weight, easy transportation and installation

2, product specifications

(1) diameter: DN300 mm -DN4000 mm

(2) the stiffness level: 2500N/ square meters, 5000 square meters, 10000 square meters of N/ N/

(3) single length: 3 m, 6 m, 9 m, 12m

(4) pressure rating: 0.25 MPa, 0.6 MPa, 1 MPa, 1.6 MPa, 2 MPa, 2.5MPa

Note: the pipeline can also produce other pressure level, stiffness levels and length specifications according to user requirements.

3, connection mode

The double "O" type sealing ring socket connection, the single "O" ring bell and spigot joint, butt and splicing, flange connection etc.

4, the main field of application

(1), drinking water conveying pipe

(2), sewerage and sewage pipelines, water reuse pipe

(3) geothermal pipeline application

(4), sea water conveying pipe and other kinds of buried pipeline

(5), municipal water supply and drainage pipeline

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Q:Plastic doors and windows and plastic doors and windows have anything to do
PVC plastic doors and windows in the country is widely known as the steel doors and windows, plastic doors and windows is based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, with a certain percentage of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, impact modifier, Absorbent (shielding agent) and other additives, the extrusion of the material. Through the cutting, welding, etc. made of doors and windows of the frame fan, equipped with sealing tape, tops, hardware and other accessories made of doors and windows, in order to enhance the rigidity of the profile, more than a certain length of the cavity need to add reinforced steel (steel Lining), this kind of doors and windows called plastic doors and windows.
Q:Plastic steel window profile material
GB 8814-2004 according to the thickness of the main section of the profile will be divided into three categories of ABC, according to the "visible wall thickness minimum / non-visible wall thickness minimum" said, A type of wall thickness of 2.8 / 2.5mm, B Type of material requirements wall thickness 2.5 / 2.0mm, C type of wall thickness does not specify the requirements. The mainstream of the national standard profiles are Class B.
Q:What is the quality of plastic steel profiles in the end?
08 years to now has been doing the money, it began to have no conch and Shide famous, but it is higher than the other brands, the reason it is a high proportion of plastic, that is less talc powder, the other three sealed pad The bridge is split, so that the fan does not account for the proportion. Speaking of two-color co-extruded, it is the technology is ASA technology is always the most leading, there is no fade, and gorgeous and glossy, which is other profiles can not be compared, I used to vote in the tender angle, , Shide, Zhongda, Huaan, ... .... 10 years did appear broken material situation, has not yet been found.
Q:PVC extrusion profiles compared to ABS, PE and other plastic profiles have any advantages?
PE is polyethylene, this product is light weight, easy processing, the screw and the barrel is not too high requirements, processing temperature is wide, but the hardness is not PVC and ABS good, chemical resistance, some places as PVC.
Q:The difference between steel and aluminum alloy profiles
Plastic windows are easy to weather, aluminum alloy will not. If you want to be insulated when you do windows with double glass
Q:Plastic doors and windows profiles
The overall quality of plastic doors and windows by the quality of hardware accessories and installation of a great impact, because the domestic enterprises PVC plastic doors and windows profile profile shape and size are not the same, hardware accessories can not be unified, so the production of each variety of parts Can not be large, it is difficult to form a scale effect, in addition, due to the overall level of consumption of domestic doors and windows is still very low, limiting the price of PVC plastic doors and windows, PVC plastic doors and windows hardware accessories prices are too low, causing manufacturers to meet the market had to reduce Cost and make cheaper cheap hardware accessories. Fortunately, the new standards for plastic window hardware is being developed, hoping to standardize the hardware market. Excellent hardware accessories, can improve the overall performance of the window, such as flat window using multi-point locking than a single point of locking the sealing and wind pressure performance is much higher, the use of corner hinge or adjustable hinge its performance It is much stronger than ordinary type or saddle type hinge, it can effectively prevent fan sagging phenomenon. In addition, the use of silicified and the middle of the taps with the top of the top coat is much higher than the ordinary.
Q:What is the meaning of steel profiles 80?
Plastic profiles are used for the production of doors and windows with PVC profiles, as early as the late 1950s has been in Germany, China began in 1983 from the beginning of the 20th century, the late 90s began universal application. Because simply use PVC profiles processing doors and windows strength is not enough, usually in the cavity to add steel to enhance the stability of doors and windows, so the profile of the steel interior made of plastic doors and windows are often called steel doors and windows. With the extensive use of steel doors and windows, PVC profiles for the production of steel doors and windows are commonly known as steel profiles. Plastic steel profiles are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, plus a certain proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, UV absorbers, etc., by extrusion of the profile.
Q:Is not aluminum alloy better than steel?
Aluminum alloy usually use copper, zinc, manganese, silicon, magnesium and other alloy elements, the early 20th century by the German Alfred Wilm invention, the development of the aircraft to help greatly, after a World War II German aluminum alloy composition is classified as state secrets. Compared with ordinary carbon steel has a lighter and corrosion-resistant performance, but the corrosion resistance is not as pure aluminum. In the clean, dry environment, the surface of aluminum alloy will form a protective oxide layer.
Q:Plastic doors and windows and plastic windows do not like?
According to the material plastic doors and windows can be divided into PVC plastic doors and windows and glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) doors and windows. The following are the same as the " 1, PVC plastic doors and windows 1) In all kinds of building windows, PVC plastic windows in saving energy production profiles, recycling of recycled materials and the use of energy consumption has a prominent advantage in the insulation and energy saving has excellent performance and low cost. The following are the same as the " 2) In order to increase the rigidity of the window, in the window frame, sash, the tread profile of the force bar, should be based on the strength of the wind pressure design and other requirements to determine what kind of reinforced steel. The following are the same as the " 3) Coextrusion of UPVC resin with colored polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer (ASA), as well as coating on white profiles, can be coated with a variety of textures and A variety of surface color decorative effect. In addition, UPVC resin powder is also added to the pigment mixture extrusion of the body dyeing technology. But there are still different views on this technology, it should be particularly careful in the selection, to check the kind of profiles by artificial accelerated aging test after the color changes. It is recommended to coat the color film with the color film to improve its weatherability.
Q:Is the powder produced when the crushed plastic is crushed?
The use of alloy steel blade, long life; the same time, the separation of the design, easy maintenance and cleaning, and a double structure, equipped with sound insulation material, the noise is very low, knife shaft seat after a rigorous balance test, There are four rounds, easy to move.

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