Glass Sheet Greenhouses for sales with low price

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Scattering Glass( Single-layer)

Scatering Glass is a kind of newly designed glass which is specially treated on the surface and structure and it can divide the direct light into smaller beams of light with different directions. It increases the light transmitance and uniformity in the greenhouse and decrease the shadow area of greenhouse structure effectively.  The light transmitance of scattering glass is more than 97.5% and it can increase more than 15% production.


The greenhouse covering materials in our company include glass, PC sheet, PE film, available on the greenhouse roof and side wall. They can be used on the Single-span or Multi-span Greenhouse and Tunnel Greenhouse.

Glass Sheet Greenhouses for sales with low price


1.  Thickness:4mm-10mm

2.  Regular width:1220mm 1560mm 1820mm 2100mm

3.  Length:can be customized

4.  Color:Clear,Blue,Green,Brown,Opalescent and so on.Special colors and specification can be customized.



If you are not sure that which kind of sheet that you will use,you can contact us,and tell us your application,our sales will introduce the suitable sheets for you,and we will give you more information about the sheets


Please contact us,and inform your sheets' thickness,size,quantity and other requirements,our sales will quote our best price to you.Also you can send us your project detail drawing,we will check and quote to you.

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