Glass reinforced plastic anchor rod production equipment

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FRP Bolt equipment: Glass fiber reinforced equipment

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My company research and development, production and sales have all threaded glass reinforced plastic anchor rod production line of the world's leading standard.

The length of the line at home and abroad and its own unique technology, has many characteristics, such as advanced technology, reliable performance.

This production line is mainly advantages: high efficiency (1000-1500 - mm/min, are two to three times of general equipment); To save the cost of materials (10-30%) can decrease; Cost saving process (1-3 yuan/m); High automation easy operation (4) / 2 production line; Environmentally friendly low energy consumption.

Company can match for different clients, all kinds of nuts and tray processing equipment (including high strength non-metallic nut, the bearing capacity of the pallet 150 kn) or higher.

Company can also offer to the customer required to produce a series of special resin, curing agent and other raw materials, price is superior.

Glass reinforced plastic anchor rod production equipment

Glass rod equipment and product advantages:

A, a molding: pole, mother

Second, the speed: 1.2 meters per minute

Three, large torque, more than 50-130 according to customer's need

Four, carrying big: tray, the self-contained mother is our patent products

Five long, continuous production time: 36 hours

Six, low cost, lower 1-2 yuan per meter

Seven, provide raw materials: sell cheap

Eight, formulation science, reasonable of tesco

Nine, life-long service: repair and simple

10, a variety of cooperation: a win-win purpose * thick jersey cargo

Glass reinforced plastic anchor rod production equipment

To make science and technology into productivity, to make glass reinforced plastic anchor rod in coal, building and other fields used widely as soon as possible: sincerely welcome industry peers to company guidance, hit new high together!

Sincerely welcome clients to visit our company guidance, win-win premise to seek common development!

Glass reinforced plastic anchor rod production equipment

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Refers to contain management personnel, technical personnel, the people, these people is the software factory strength, their work can let the factory work, produce benefit; Planning "work", is to do well the recruitment and training of the person, assure the software strength development of the factory.

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