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pu frame with silver mosaic mirror around, wall decor item, wall decor,classical design,competitive price.

mirror frame with silver mirror sheet, home decor item, wall decor, contemporary wall mirror frame, silver finish,

we are manufacture of wall deco items: wooden mirror frame, pu mirror frame, wall art and wall plaques.

Character List

1. Low cost: The surface painting is finished and installation time is very short; Can be planed, sawed, nailed and glued by yourself.

2. Light weight: Good resilience, light and hard.

3. Entirety: Classic, elegant and uniform

4. Water-proof: No moisture-absorbing, water-permeation and mild-ew-arising; Anti-erosion, resist acid and alkali

5. Environment protection: Using polyester as raw material to avoid forest hag

6. Flower grain: Clear-cut, fluency, water caltrop clearly, lubricity rectitude

7. Using time: No limit weather change bend, no desquamating, no chap, using life-span long.

8. Painting color: Special type PVC leather & raw material integrative figuration synthesizing surface, lacquer oil no hell, and finished goods paint any color dope


1. What is our factory's vantage?

Our factory founded in 1998, and we have much experience in mirrors. And it is the family business, so we pay much attention on the quality.

2. What about the packing?

Now the carton packing or wooden carte packing both avaialbe for us. Or we can provide the packing as your requirement

3.  What about the material of the mirror?

We have the material in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm silver mirror. It depends on the customer's requirement. We also can provide the 3.6mm, 4mm and 5mm aluminum mirror

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