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pu frame with silver mosaic mirror around, wall decor item, wall decor,classical design,competitive price.

mirror frame with silver mirror sheet, home decor item, wall decor, contemporary wall mirror frame, silver finish,

we are manufacture of wall deco items: wooden mirror frame, pu mirror frame, wall art and wall plaques.

Character List

1. Low cost: The surface painting is finished and installation time is very short; Can be planed, sawed, nailed and glued by yourself.

2. Light weight: Good resilience, light and hard.

3. Entirety: Classic, elegant and uniform

4. Water-proof: No moisture-absorbing, water-permeation and mild-ew-arising; Anti-erosion, resist acid and alkali

5. Environment protection: Using polyester as raw material to avoid forest hag

6. Flower grain: Clear-cut, fluency, water caltrop clearly, lubricity rectitude

7. Using time: No limit weather change bend, no desquamating, no chap, using life-span long.

8. Painting color: Special type PVC leather & raw material integrative figuration synthesizing surface, lacquer oil no hell, and finished goods paint any color dope


1. What is our factory's vantage?

Our factory founded in 1998, and we have much experience in mirrors. And it is the family business, so we pay much attention on the quality.

2. What about the packing?

Now the carton packing or wooden carte packing both avaialbe for us. Or we can provide the packing as your requirement

3.  What about the material of the mirror?

We have the material in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm silver mirror. It depends on the customer's requirement. We also can provide the 3.6mm, 4mm and 5mm aluminum mirror

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Q:I stood in front of the mirror slowly found what song ah
Brush some soap or detergent semen in the above try it
Q:Feng shui master is not in? The Opposite the family that hung a big mirror, facing my home, I heard not very good, I would like to ask in addition to the demolition of people, but also such as
Metal color color brightness diffuse mirror gloss gloss reflection bump (%) aluminum foil 180.180.180 3290 658 aluminum foil (blunt) 180.180.180 5045 low 3515 aluminum 220.223.227 3525 low 4015 polished aluminum 220.223.227 3565 Medium 5012 Brass 191.173.111 4040 in 4020 polished brass 191.173.111 has 4065 in 5010 chrome alloy 150.150.150 no 4040 low 2535 chrome alloy 2220.230.240 has 2530 low 5020 chrome aluminum 220.230.240 has 1560 in 6510 Chrome-plated plastic 220.230.240 has 1560 low 5010 chrome-plated steel 220.230.240 has 1560 in 705 pure chromium 220.230.240 has 1560 low 855 copper 186.110.64 4540 in the K gold 234.199.135 4540 in the K gold 218.178.115 4540 6510 untreated gold 255.180.66 has 3540 in 4525 gold 242.192.86 has 4540 in 6510
Q:The door in the door hung a mirror, how do i do?
Home can not do not know the 21 feng shui taboo
Q:My house wash basin above the mirror is facing the door of my bedroom, said no?
And then how to do the next year how to do it
Q:Find a place where no one, facing the mirror, give yourself three bow bow, and then say to yourself: aunt, you are hard, in 2014 you really
The light needs to be placed in the middle of your man and the mirror, do not put it in front of your eyes, that will affect your sight hope to be useful to you
Q:Why do you think the glass on the side of the fish tank will look like a mirror? The The The
Song: because you fall in love with your singer: Sun Siyi first time to see you in the sky under the rain you stand in the rain where the eyes blurred the second time you see you are destined to lonely eyes there is a night with your breath I listen to the voice of love because of love you I know how to cherish every day diary are filled with the edge of the evening to drink Jurassia insects chu chu chu lei sweet because you miss you every day I can face the mirror that I love how much you want to see your turn
Q:The mirror on the bed of what to say, why the mirror can not be on the bed
Song: because you fall in love with your singer: Sun Siyi album: beautiful mood
Q:Kind of positive can be according to people, the opposite is transparent. What kind of mirror?
Tiles and mirrors if the work carefully, then do not have to open the glass chamfer can be directly connected, if there is a deviation can be used in the United States sewing agent, the most simple use of glass glue to fill the excessive convergence
Q:Why the vampire can not see the mirror in their own
2011 Spanish film "dark side" script is very good idea of the film
Q:"In front of the mirror that I love you more, I want to see you" which song is the last sentence?
(B) forward refers to the next front + light foot (C) up the other refers to the other before the next + Light hand (A) black particles before the + heavy legs (D) rebound shield (rebound any flying objects)

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