Glass Magnesium Sheet MGO Board Vermiculite Fire Board

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Glass Magnesium Sheet MGO Board Vermiculite Fire Board, 
1.standard size :2440mm*1220mm 
2. fireproof,waterproof,CE,ISO

Specification :

Glass Magnesium Sheet MGO Board Vermiculite Fire Board

1.Direct factory supply

2.Over 10 years fireproof board produce experiece

3.Timely servce

glass magnesium sheet mgo board vermiculite fire board


used as ceiling board and wall partition

Standard size; 2440mm&1220mm

Max length :3000mm

Width :1220mm

Thickness:3mm,4mm,5mm ,...25mm

water content :10% max

pevcentage of dry shrinkage :0.5%

usege : fireproof , soundproof , water proof 

Product type : L Type 3-30048

Manufacture standard : GB-25970-2010 «Inorganic Non-combustible Composite Board»

Raw materials :magnesium oxide + magnesium chloride + glass fiber cloth of middle alkal +expanded perlite + sawdust + other Auxiliary materials +additives

Certificate : CE . ISO9001

1.Strictly quality inspection to confirm that you could received the satisfied products.


2.Checking and rechecking continues through the final processing,selecting,packing and final loading into containers.

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Q:My blue belly lizard just laid eggs. i took them & placed them in an incubator with dirty on top of them?
Get some vermiculite from a local reptile shop and mix it with water so that when you squeeze it it holds its shape but no water comes out and then put this mixture into a tupperware container which has small air holes cut into it for air circulation. Dig small holes for the eggs this will make it so they wont roll around. This is very important, the eggs need to be undisturbed and kept the same way the mother layed them. Keep the temperature at 84-85 degrees with a humidity of around 80%. The incubation period usually runs around 45-60 days roughly.
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Q:Laying loft insulation on vermiculite?
Peat moss tends to turn out to be a little water-resistant after it gets entirely dry, very similar to a dried out sponge. To re-moist it, you must situation the pot in several inches of heat water and let the water wick up from the backside through the drain holes. Once it has been re-wetted, hinder letting it ever get that dry again and then you will now not have a situation high watering generally. In my experience, sphagnum moss that has not decomposed into sphagnum peat moss is a better growing medium for Venus Flytraps. It is spongier and presents extra air pockets than the finer peat moss. Additionally it is less difficult to work with.
Q:Among the following, which is the best insulator?
The amount of water that's in vermiculite will not be sufficient for the germination and growth of corn seeds. You'll want to water, probably every day, perhaps more often, depending on the relative humidity of the room and how big the plant is.
Q:How do I identify the grainy, black insulation in my attic?
As long as there's somewhere that she deems suitable to lay her eggs, it'll be fine. 3 eggs is really not many though for a Beardie. She may well be postponing laying her eggs, which could lead her to becoming egg bound which isn't good and requires a trip to the vet. Maybe do some research and see what other people for their Beardies to lay eggs.
Q:can i use ironite instead of vermiculite or perlite to incubate my leopard gecko eggs?
yes just be sure to water it throughly when you use it
Q:Leopard gecko Question...HELP PLEASE!?
Maybe there not fertilized. Are they egg-shaped or are the long oval slugs? Did you see the dragons copulate or find a sperm cap?
Q:what does perlite soil do? Do I need it in plants? will chose best answer?
NO. soil will erode instantly in a hydro system. You must use perlite or vermiculite.
Q:what substrate do you place ball python eggs on while in incubation?
You should lay them on their sides and make a pit with your finger to gently place the egg in so it doesn't move around. The more eggs the more pits but you do not need to cover the entire egg with dirt. The soil should be kept moist and heated but not muddy. Are you creating an entire incubator with a submersable water heater and all? Thats a good temp...I'm not sure how chicken incubators are made but with lizard eggs they need to be kept humid all the time so they don't dry out. I've used a styrofoam cooler with a small critter carrier in it on a stand with a submersable water heater in water that came up to the top of the stand. I setup the dirt and eggs in the critter carrier and put the cooler lid on to keep the moisture in. The water inside keeps the incubator nice and humid and I would mist the dirt once day. It's so cool when you can candle're in for some fun surprises! Good luck!
Q:Help me with English, please.?

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