Glass Magnesium Sheet MGO Board Vermiculite Fire Board

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Glass Magnesium Sheet MGO Board Vermiculite Fire Board, 
1.standard size :2440mm*1220mm 
2. fireproof,waterproof,CE,ISO

Specification :

Glass Magnesium Sheet MGO Board Vermiculite Fire Board

1.Direct factory supply

2.Over 10 years fireproof board produce experiece

3.Timely servce

glass magnesium sheet mgo board vermiculite fire board


used as ceiling board and wall partition

Standard size; 2440mm&1220mm

Max length :3000mm

Width :1220mm

Thickness:3mm,4mm,5mm ,...25mm

water content :10% max

pevcentage of dry shrinkage :0.5%

usege : fireproof , soundproof , water proof 

Product type : L Type 3-30048

Manufacture standard : GB-25970-2010 «Inorganic Non-combustible Composite Board»

Raw materials :magnesium oxide + magnesium chloride + glass fiber cloth of middle alkal +expanded perlite + sawdust + other Auxiliary materials +additives

Certificate : CE . ISO9001

1.Strictly quality inspection to confirm that you could received the satisfied products.


2.Checking and rechecking continues through the final processing,selecting,packing and final loading into containers.

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