Glass Industrial Silica Bricks

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It is the ideal materials , glass smelting furnace and other industrial thermal kilns.

The products are possessed of the following characteristics: stable quality, small overall dimension tolerance, high softening temperature by loading, small true density, few quartz residue, etc. It wins appreciation and compliments from the customers as home and abroad. Through the examination of the refractory material quality inspecting center of state, the physical and chemical index of this product reaches or surpasses international standard; this product has passed ISO9000 quality system authentication. It is the ideal materials , glass smelting furnace and other industrial thermal kilns.

Technical data

Silica brick for glass furnace






SiO 2





Fe 2 O 3





Apparent porosity %


Cold Crushing Strength MPa

Brick below20KG


Brick ≥20KG


Refractoriness under load ºC





True density g/cm ³





Silica brick for coke oven




SiO2: %



Al 2 O 3 : %

≤ 1.5

≤ 1.5

Fe2O3: %

≤ 1.5

≤ 1.5

Refractoriness under load 0.2Mpa

≥ 1650ºC

≥ 1650ºC

Apparent porosity: %

≤ 22

≤ 24

Bulk density: g/cm ³

≤ 2.34

≤ 2.35

Cold crushing strength: MPa



Permanent linear change % (1450ºC ×2h)



Thermal expansion(1000ºC)



Silica brick for hot blast furnace

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Q:The production of brick, the ingredients of why join the waste brick?
The production of silicon material is added to the cause of waste brick:Preparation of silica brick pug, a certain amount of waste silica brick used to add ingredients, for the purpose of expansion and stress reduction products during firing
Q:The hot blast stove when the temperature did not rise against the brick interface decreased
How to keep the brick masonry temperature not lower than 600 DEG C, while the exhaust temperature is not higher than 400 DEG C.
Q:What is the silica refractory products?
Refractory brick with silica content greater than 90%.
Q:Can not use it two brick
Acidic silica brick refractory material, has good ability in acid slag erosion
Q:What are the materials for refractory materials? What are their names?
The main raw material is the main body of refractory. Auxiliary raw materials can be divided into binders and additives. The role of bonding agent is to make the refractory body in the production and use process has enough strength. There are commonly used lignin, phenolic resin, asphalt, cement, water glass, phosphoric acid and phosphate, sulfate, some main raw material itself has the effect of binder, such as clay; additive is to improve the production of refractory materials and construction technology, or strengthen the refractory material of some properties, such as stabilizer, water reducing agent, inhibitor, plasticizer, foaming agent, dispersing agent, bulking agent, antioxidant.
Q:The United States of our brick anti-dumping duties?
At present of our brick anti-dumping rate is 73.10%
Q:Semisilica brick, clay brick, high alumina brick and what is the difference?
This is a kind of refractory material is divided into three types: semisilica brick (A12O315 ~ 30%), clay brick (A12O330 ~ 48%), high aluminum brick (A12O3>48%).
Q:The high thermal conductivity of silica brick and traditional brick what is the difference?
Tridymite content high thermal conductivity silica brick is 70%, tridymite content of traditional brick is 60%, tridymite content high thermal conductivity of silica brick than tridymite high content of 10% traditional brick,
Q:Why is the three oxidation of two silicon is very harmful impurities in silica brick
Heating calcination is the best way to extend this sort of impurity removal. Remove impurities
Q:The difference between clay refractory bricks and refractory brick in the application??
The ability of alkali resistance is poor, the thermal shock stability is the worst, and it is scrapped at one time. The brick is generally used in the coke oven, glass kiln. Other industries basically do not use.

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