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Packaging Detail:GLASS FIBER MATERIAL E-GLASS DOUBLE FOUR AXIAL VERMICULITE FABRIC CLOTH is wound onto a paper tube which has an inside diameter of 90mm. The roll outside diameter is approximately 265mm. Each roll is wrapped up in plastic film and then packed in a cardboard box. The rolls are stacked horizontally or vertically onto pallets. All pallets are stretch wrapped and strapped to maintain stability during transport.
Delivery Detail:15-20days after the deposit in advance


Product Description


Products Application


E-Glass multiaxial fibreglass fabric is made of e-glass direct roving parallel aligned in 0º,90º, +45º, -45º, then stitched with or without a layer of chopped strand mat.

Each layer is typically oriented in one of four directions; Standard configurations offered by multiaxial fabric suppliers include biaxial(0º, 90º), double bias(+45º, -45º), triaxial warp(0º, +45º, -45º), triaxial weft(90º, +45º, -45º) and four axial (0º, 90º, +45º, -45º).

It’s compatible with UP, Vinyl Ester and Epoxy etc, used in GRP pultrusion process, hand lay-up process and RTM process etc, out-made products include GRP boats, automobile parts, wind energy blades etc.

Products Feature & Advantages


1. Mechanical property of different directions is adjustable.

2. The multi-layers structure could simplify forming process, improve operation efficiency.

3. Quickly wet-out, good molding property, easily to delete air bubbles.


Key Technical Data








Total Weight






EMF1200(0º, +45º, -45º)





EMF800(0º, 90º, +45º, -45º)






EMF450/800(0º, 90º, +45º, -45º)











E-Glass Multiaxial fibreglass fabricis wound onto a paper tube which has an

inside diameter of 90mm. The roll outside diameter is approximately 265mm.

Each roll is wrapped up in plastic film and then packed in a cardboard box. The

rolls are stacked horizontally or vertically onto pallets. All pallets are stretch

wrapped and strapped to maintain stability during transport.




Unless otherwise specified, powder chopped strand mats should be

stored in a cool, dry, water-proof area. It is recommended that the room

temperature and humidity be always maintained at 15to 35c and

35% to 65% respectively.

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Q:Vermiculite and Perlite (ME / NH)?
Probably just vermiculite. (I probably didn't spell that right.) Comes with the soil. Not to worry. Now if it starts making gold, we will all be right over.
Q:Where can I buy Vermiculite for gardening other than online?
Removing Vermiculite
Q:What does cement or vermiculite mortar refer to?
Laying method of cast-in-place cement vermiculite thermal insulation layer:1, the use of mechanical agitation, the expansion of vermiculite particles are very damaged, and sometimes can reach 50%, and easily with the mixing tube bonding, it is not appropriate to use. Using artificial mixing, the first water and cement quantitative uniform into cement slurry, cement slurry and then evenly pour in vermiculite quantitative with bucket, pour with mix, mixing evenly.2, roofing laying insulation layer, should take "sub warehouse" construction, each warehouse width of 700 ~ 900mm. It can be separated by wood board, or steel bar ruler can be used to control width and laying thickness.3, because of swelling vermiculite faster water absorption, construction, it is best to transport raw materials to the laying site, with mixing shop, to ensure the water cement ratio accurate and quality of the project.4, the heat insulation layer of the virtual thickness is generally 1.3 times the design thickness (not including leveling layer), after laying with wooden clapper (wood crab) beat solid, smooth to the design thickness. The bedding plane of the expanded vermiculite particles should be parallel with the laying plane as possible as possible.5, cement, vermiculite pulp compaction, smooth, should immediately wipe leveling layer, both without scoring two stages of construction. The mixing ratio of leveling mortar is 42.5 cement: coarse sand: fine sand, =1: 2: 1, and the consistency is 7 ~ 8cm (porridge shape).6, leveling layer after wiping, in general circumstances may not be sprinkler maintenance.7, the overall insulation layer should have a smooth surface. The smoothness of the use 2m straightedge check, the gap between the ruler and the surface of the insulation layer; when the insulating layer directly set the waterproof layer, should not be greater than 5mm; such as the leveling layer on the insulating layers, should not be greater than 7mm, the gap only allows smooth change.
Q:How do I identify the grainy, black insulation in my attic?
As long as there's somewhere that she deems suitable to lay her eggs, it'll be fine. 3 eggs is really not many though for a Beardie. She may well be postponing laying her eggs, which could lead her to becoming egg bound which isn't good and requires a trip to the vet. Maybe do some research and see what other people for their Beardies to lay eggs.
Q:Vermiculite, vermiculite for soil improvement?
Vermiculite just good moisturizing, soft texture, easy to seed root, seed is usually very small, it does not contain any fields as nutrition, but also easy to powder, powder, poor permeability, is not conducive to the growth of plants, can never replace soil.
Q:Pregnant snake! neew to knwo what bedding to use for eggs!?
If theres no male in the tank, the egg is not fertilized, so no baby gecko will hatch. Just dispose of it. Its normal for females to lay eggs without a male, but as I said they will not be fertilized, hence no hatchlings. However, if their is a male in the tank as well, then I would still dipose of it if you do not have any vermiculite or an incubator. OR you can wet paper towls and lay them in a Tupperware container and lay the egg on that, it should work.
Q:Chinese rose with 6 days after the germination of vermiculite cuttings, is false living?
In order to avoid the emergence of "false living" phenomenon of rose cutting, first of all, when choosing cuttings, we can not choose the branches that have sprouted buds as cuttings. Especially in the growing season with softwood cutting, we should also pay attention to select the branches of high maturity, full axillary buds and no budding branches do cuttings. If it is urgent to use the branches that have already sprouted buds as cuttings, and when the length is more than enough, we can cut off a part that has been germinating. If the short branch, may have been used to establish 1/3 germination of axillary buds will sprout or completely removed, to inhibit their growth, make the bottom axillary bud sprout. In this way, it can make it possible for the root to sprout and sprout.
Q:Found something odd in my houseplant's soil...I think my plant is making its own metal?
vermiculite is indeed a very good insulation,years ago it was used for texture,to spray on ceilings as insulation as alternative for asbestos if you can find a way to CONTAIN it should work yery well
Q:Water resources are faced with the crisis of shortage or pollution. Can perlite and vermiculite be used for water treatment?
With the development of industrialization, water resources are facing the crisis of shortage and pollution. Researchers in various regions have launched researches to meet the new requirements of the state for wastewater treatment.
Q:What is the bulk density of asphalt vermiculite? Is it better to use asphalt, vermiculite or cement vermiculite when roofing?
Cement vermiculite, that is, cement and vermiculite mixed together, construction needs water at the scene, solidification formed after a light insulation material, usually used for roofing or ground insulation. The bulk density of cement vermiculite is about 600-800KG/m3.If only from the bulk density angle, the asphalt vermiculite certainly is better than the cement vermiculite

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