Glass chopper jar of AC motor blender DZ-1017

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$6.88 / unit
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TT or LC
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3000 unit
Supply Capability:
250000 unit/month

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Product Description:

110-220V AC 50/60Hz 300W
Capacity: 1.0L
AC motor
One speeds. Glass chopper jar
Detachable knife for easy cleaning
Safety system
Pretty/cute appearance



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Q:PHILPS mixer for soybean milk
2004 power is 350 watts, with only one cup, 2006 to more than 2 thousand and 4 of a dry grinding cup (milling) and other 1364 are the same, is a handheld, power is relatively small, is mainly used to beat the eggs of what is good, do not facilitate mixing.Do you Soybean Milk 2004, Soybean Milk casual water with the mixer, the best beans to soak, soak three hours over the summer, with the water before the beans, a drink is added to 400-500ml, many people to 1000ml, stirring when water is not too much, too much will diffuse out. Can I cook some more water, do Soybean Milk can use the 2004 open 1, 2 alternate, usually 10 in 20 seconds is good, if you do not want to drink too much residue, stirring time should be short, with a Soybean Milk mixer is very important to fully cooked beans because pulp false boiling, not cooked will be poisoned. I hope you make delicious healthy soybean milk!
Q:Do you have to add water when mixing?
The easiest way is toPut the material in firstTurn on the electricityStir, add waterStill can not stir, add a little waterIt's been added until it's okay
Q:What's the reason that blender makes meatballs without elasticity?
Mainly for meat grinder meat stuffing cannot, it is best to use the stick beating, as the meat fibers will remain relatively intact, and then stuffing, mixing water must be a bit (in one direction) and gas seasoning, cold water balls, water boiling skim seasoning. It must be delicious
Q:Can multi function mixer make high quality bread?
Hello, I'm a bread and cake maker. Making bread from home can't pick the first kind. As you say, "cannon hits mosquitoes", ha ha! Second can make cakes and bread, but to choose the right point, and the best time to play 250 grams, because when the bread from gluten, the engine is very difficult. There are two ways to solve this problem, 1. Increase the moisture content of bread, 2. First machine dough mixing into and out of the hand rub to smooth degree. I have tried all hand made bread, ha ha, very delicious, but a little tired, ha ha!
Q:How much concrete mixing time are specified in the specification?
The shortest time "GBl4902-2003" 7.5.2 ready mixed concrete mixing concrete shall comply with the following provisions: a) when used to transport concrete mixing truck, the shortest time mixing shall be in accordance with the specification of equipment, and each disc mixing time (from all the material cast date) shall not be less than 30s, in the preparation of more than C50 the strength grade of concrete or the use of air entraining agent, expansive agent, water proofing agent should be a corresponding increase in the mixing time. B) when using the dump truck to transport concrete, should be appropriately extended mixing time.
Q:What's the difference between a blender and a distributor?
We all know that the main function of dispersion machine is capable of rapid and uniform processing of materials will be broken and dispersed, and the processed products are better, not only that dispersion machine can also put some soluble solid and liquid phase dissolved and mixed.Dispersion machine at work the stator rotor high-speed rotation, resulting in shear force is powerful, material can be quickly broken and scattered, also can be in a liquid solution containing no completely powdered clumps of dispersing and dissolving, can achieve an emulsifying effect.The mixer is a very effective to mixer material mixing, mixer can only be mutually material uniform mixing, but no shear force enough to some bulk materials broken, scattered, so the main function is the mixer rapidly and evenly dispersed material will be mixed, and the function of dispersing machine relatively complete, not only can the dispersed materials are mixed, can also be mixed material dispersion, the dispersion machine and mixer is different, the two functions are different, the use of natural industrial processing field, relates to is different.
Q:Can a blender dry powder be used to mince meat?
Even if it is used, the meat fibers are wound around the rotating shaft and blade
Q:How do blender make fruit juice?
Take tomato and apple juice as an example. The blender makes fruit juice as follows:Main ingredients: 200 grams of tomatoes, 300 grams of apples,Seasoning: 5 grams of white sugarpractice1. wash the tomatoes, scald them with boiling water, and squeeze out the juice with a juicer or sterilized gauze;2. wash and peel the apple. Put it in a blender and strain into juice;3., apple juice into the tomato juice;4., add white sugar in the juice, mix thoroughly, pour into warm water, you can drink directly.TipsGrams of food:Tomato: tomato and pomegranate with bogey.Apple: Apple bogey in aquatic products with food, constipation will lead to.
Q:How about four in one juice mixer? Well, I'll consider buying one
Juice can be squeezed, because now there is no net, easy to clean, soy milk has a filter, you can make soy milk becomes more slippery, you say what is meant by stirring? You can search the soybean milk machine, and then there are functional description, to see if it can meet your needs.
Q:Would you like a vegetable juice, a juicer or a blender or a cooking machine?
Juice, look what vegetables, hard, okay?

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