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GeoRef K2 series is a high-sensitive GIS data collector specially designed for the industrial professionals. It offers overall GNSS/GIS solutions, which is compatible with the international main-stream GIS platforms especially KQ GIS, while supporting large-size raster image data (up to 10GB) and hundred megabyte level vector data loading. GeoRef K2 series, with independent intellectual property, offers high-accuracy real-time differential and kinematic survey for post-processing. Based on Windows CE operating system, KQ GEO can offer users customized applications or functions according to different requirements. GeoRef K2 series, even mini-size, lightweight but rugged, is suitable for complicated environment.

Advanced System Configuration
Windows CE 6.0 operating system
1GHz industrial processor
256MB/512MB massive storage, 512MB flash memory
3.5 inches professional sunlight-readable color touch screen
3.7V, 4200mAh long-life Li-Ion battery, up to 8h continuous working with one battery

Professional GPS Functions
50-channels+ L1C/A
Built-in high-sensitive and anti-jamming GPS antenna

Integrated 2G/3G Wireless Communication
Industrial 2G/3G wireless communications modem
Data exchanging between the server center and the mobile GPS terminal
Convenient for task assignment, online monitoring, data uploading, and rapid decision-making

Integrated Bluetooth and WiFi Wireless Communications
Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi wireless communication modem
Stable short distance wireless data transmission

Integrated 3D Electronic Compass
Effective assistance to the GPS fieldwork
High-speed and high-accuracy A/D conversion
Zero pointing correction

Industrial Design
Industrial integrated multi-functions
IP67, waterproof and dustproof, against 1.5m natural falling
For high-standard vehicle navigation GPS

Visual Digital Image
Built-in high resolution camera supports on-site image acquisition and annotation
Automatically matching GPS coordinates with image attributes
Built-in microphone supports on-site audio acquisition and annotation

Professional Fieldwork Collection Software
GeoPac is the latest multifunctional GNSS data collection, processing and management software, containing data collection, edition, detection, analysis and storage, which is widely applied in different fields such as engineering survey, road engineering, water conservancy, forestry and etc.
Comprehensive functionalities, meeting both requirements of high-accuracy engineering survey and field data collection.
High-accuracy rapid positioning, meeting different accuracy requirements.
User-friendly interface makes heavy-duty fieldwork easy and convenient.
Universal coordinate systems with the popular Gauss, UTM, Mercator projection, etc.
Various convenient coordinate transformation tools, making plane 4-parameter, spatial 7-parameter and 3-parameter transformation easier.
Multiple professional data collection methods.
Complete attributes library and easy setup make data collection, edition and management super-easy, greatly increasing fieldwork efficiency.

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Q:Does the portable navigator support the rear view function?
With AVIN function on the support.Some navigation support some do not support, support to buy a special camera on it,
Q:Portable navigator to buy online or store to buy the right?
Online sales larger than the entity.How appropriate, look at your actual situation.
Q:Portable vehicle navigator often show how the lack of electricity?
3, the battery has a certain life, so a lot of portable car navigation is filled with a car, while using, while charging4, often moving and plug it, check the power socket and a cigarette lighter plug is not some loose, when there will be charging navigation lights up; if the wire has a problem, you can buy a cheaper, if it is, Jack, enlarge the maintenance fee
Q:Journey portable navigator ZT520, port and baud rate respectively
Use the port view tool to view the navigator
Q:Portable navigation which brand is good
Portable navigation, it is recommended that you can go to try to Tencent Po it, perhaps it can give you unexpected surprise.
Q:Portable navigation how to upgrade their own, there will be
Because the navigator has WIFI function, set the system update on the line,
Q:What is the difference between a portable navigator and a mobile phone navigation
Car portable navigator is particularly expensive, but also to increase the amount of open virtual maintenance upgrade to another money...Mobile phone navigation precision is usually not high, now 6000 round mobile phone star search ability than 2004 500 round copycat machine, because of the high-end mobile phone focuses on online entertainment, so, even some high-end mobile phone navigation chips are not, by the base station positioning data flow instead of flowers in the center of the city, where a good signal can be careless.The biggest advantage of mobile navigation is a mobile phone can be equipped with multiple sets of navigation software, as long as you are willing to update the data every day, on the road and can be carved to get the road ahead of the road, easy detour detour. Only your electricity bills.
Q:Portable GPS navigation which brand is good
I recommend a good journey and, because the company's radar is quite good.
Q:PND portable navigator to buy which brand is good?
Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay Support Kay
Q:Can you hold a GPS when you fly?
No, according to the Civil Aviation Safety Act, as long as the equipment involved in the reception and transmission of electronic signals should be closed.

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