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Box girder isone of the main structural components of the bridge engineeringthe prefabricated box girder can be erected bythe bridge erecting machine after finishing the lower part of the project,which can accelerate the progress of the project, saving time. Our company usesthe factory management, standardized assembly-line; applications and process ofmechanization and automation, so that our products have the outstandingadvantages of reliable quality and controlled precision.

List of main equipments for girder fabricationfield






Steel  mold of box girder


Steel  banding tire fixtures


The   lifting tire rack for tension equipment


The fixtures for prestressed  reinforced

tire  positioning network


Vibrator  and control system

Vibrate  concrete inside the box girder’s mold.


Hydraulic  station and control system

Prestressing o reinforced with uniform and  synchronization.


Mixing  station

Mixing  concretes for fabrication.


ZL50  Loader

Transporting  aggregate.


Aggregate  washing machine

Washing  aggregate.


10m³ Concrete truck

Transporting  concrete jars.


90m³/h Concrete  pump

Transporting  concrete from mixing station to fabric machine.


Concrete  Distributor

Pouring  concrete inside the mold quantitatively.


Pulp  lifting and leveling machine


38m-50t gantry crane


17m-10t gantry crane


24m-10t gantry crane


6-12mm steel straightening machine


GQ40  steel cutting machine


GW40  steel bending machine


JW180  pulp mixing machine


Tensioning  jack


60t electronic  truck scale


900t tire  handling machine

For box  girder stripping, handling, palletizing.


3kW pressure  washer

Washing  concrete equipment.


Utility  vehicles

Transporting  industrial vacuum cleaners, reinforced tray, plastic film reel.


Conservation  film reel

Cover  and pack up the conservation film in fabrication line.


Stripping  oil jet

Jetting  oil to the mold.


13kW Vigorous  cleaner

Cleaning  up the mold crumbs.


Reinforced  steel cut-to-length machine

Cut the  prefabricated steel precisely.


Mold  circulation heating system

Enhancing ambient temperature of the lower portion of the  production line mold.


Synchronous  thermostat conservation system

Maintaining concrete and test block inside the box girder  mold.


Reinforced  steel cutting machine


1000kV·A  Substation and distribution system

Supplying  electricity.


6T  Steam boiler and  control system

Supplying  heat.


6m³ Air compressor

Generating  compressed air, supplying production line’s technology and equipment with gas.


500kW·A  Spare generator



DNA03 Level  instrument of high-precision

Measuring  the flatness of the model


TCA1800  High-precision total station

Testing  products.


499V Resistance  tester

Detecting  reinforced node resistance


Automatic  leveling test platform

Leveling  track plate automatically to facilitate detection.


Reinforced  tension monitor

For  single reinforced tension detection.

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