GGD-AC LV cabinet

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GGD-AC LV cabinet

GGD-AC LV cabinet is applied to distribution system of AC 50HZ, rated voltage 380V, rated current up to 3150A for power users,  such as power plant, substation, mining corporation and etc.,and used for driving power, illumination and energy conversion, distributionand control for

distribution equipments.

GGD cabinet broke through the structure form of old products.  Its basic frame is partial welded by cold roll forming sectiona lsteel of 8MF.  The parts of common used cabinet are designed according to moduleprinciple with installing holes of 20 modules, and the interchange ability of the parts is high. The design of cabinetbody has a good natural ventilation system. The frame, door and face-plate adopt polyester stoving finish after phosphorization, which have the advantages of strong adhesionand goodtexture. No painting parts are all galvanized and passivated.

The protectiongrade of the housing is IP30, and can also be improved accordingto the installation requirements of users.

The connection manners of GGD cabinet normally are upsideand underside incoming lines, meanwhile, the manners of incoming lines fromtop, left, middle and right positions of the cabinet have also been designed tomeet different incoming manners required by all kinds of the project designs. Atthe same time, the fixed location in the cabinet is for special users, such aspower plant, to install additionally relay protection and auto devices.  

GGD type LV distributioncabinet conforms with IEC439: LV Switchgearand Controlgear Assemblies andGB7251: LVSwitchgear Assembly.

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