GFRP Hollow Rockbolt in Big Diameter from Plant

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$2.50 - 5.50 / m
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TT or LC
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100 m
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90000 m/month

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Product Description:

Brief Introduction of the GFRP HOLLOW ROCKBOLT in BIG DIAMETER


Fiber reinforcement polymer, also called Fiber Reinforce Plastic, is a kind composite material whichmatrix is resin(epoxy, vinylester and unsaturated polyester), fiber as reinforcement (glass, basalt andcarbon fiber), after composite processing.


Main Advantage of GFRP Hollow Rockbolt in Big Diameter

High CorrosionResistance   The base materialsused by the bolt are durable materials, and they are molded through thecomposite process. The life span is up to 100 years. They can be used aspermanent support materials;


High Tensile Strength      Theload is approximately double that of a steel bar with the same diameter


Low Weight:             Theweight is only 1/4 that of a steel bar with the same diameter. Therefore, thelabor intensity is greatly reduced, and the transportation cost is reduced atthe same time;


Anti static             It has noelectrical conductivity, and no sparks will be produced when being cut. It isparticularly suitable for high gas zones;


Non-flammable       It is non-flammable and has high thermalisolation;


Cuttability         It avoids damages to cutter heads,and does not delay excavation


Save cost       Use this material as reinforcing bars for road and bridge, could reduce Secondary repair cost.




What is the main application?


- TunnelsandCulverts

- MineRoadways

- Civil Engineering

- Piers andSeawalls

- Military Engineering

- Roads andBridges

- AirportRunways

- Mountain Slope Supports

- Form Work and Concrete Reinforcement

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