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For protection of downstream devices against blockage

Very high thtoughput

High purfication efficiency

Long life


Gas filter is used for cleaning fuel gases and air with clean filter pad, the pressure gradient over the filter pad must not exceed 10 mbar (4” WC). The pressure gradient will increase with soiling due to the gas. The filter pad must be changed at pressure gradient 20 mbar (8” WC), otherwise dust may be forced through the pad.

The gas filter is suitable for filtration of the fuel gas and combustion air supply to all gas consuming appliances.

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Q:Can you use the RO membrane directly to clean the water? That is, it doesn't go through other levels of filter film.
Through the pretreatment for raw water quality, can prevent the occurrence of membrane pollution, prevent the occurrence of membrane fouling and prevent membrane subjected to physical and chemical damage, such as reverse osmosis pretreatment system in raw water, usually prone to fouling, fouling and membrane degradation etc..
Q:How much does the water supply filter consume in one year?
How much is the tap water filter? Does the tap water filter work? Add water filter, so it's normal to install tap water filter. Look what type you want ~ probably general
Q:Air contains oxygen. Is there any way to filter out other gases and impurities?
Then cooling and depressurization, when the temperature dropped to about 170 degrees Celsius, the air began to partially liquefied into the distillation tower, according to different gases in the boiling point of fractionation. The boiling point of Liquid Oxygen is higher than the boiling point of liquid nitrogen, which is more easily gasified than liquid nitrogen. More than 99% pure oxygen can be obtained by multi-step fractionation, and nitrogen gas and raw materials for extracting rare gas can be obtained simultaneously.This method is complicated. If oxygen is not of high purity, the air can be separated by molecular sieve adsorption to obtain oxygen.
Q:Which is better without air cleaners and filters?
1. early and late air purifier2. PHILPS air purifier3. SHARP air purifier4. Haier air purifier5. Amway air purifier
Q:Is the water purifier good?
Can also filter the residual chlorine in tap water and so onThe patent number for covering manganese sand filter material is (national invention patent No. ZL 3135571.4)
Q:What household articles can be made into filter cloth or filter net?
Stockings are the simplest. Look at what you use to filter. Oh, some linen or cotton fabric that is not very fine is OK
Q:There are passing friends,
The water purifier can remove large particles of substances in water, such as viruses, bacteria, and retain a part of mineral elements necessary for the human body, and the water purifier is always on the water filter, the current system is used to avoid the emergence of stagnant water.
Q:What do you need for filter supplies on the back of the aquarium?
Sea water and fresh water are different. Water quality is hard, water quality, soft material is also different.
Q:Is the disposable oxygen filter used for hospitalization in the medical insurance reimbursement range?
All within the scope of reimbursement provided by the state are reimbursed
Q:Water purifier: how to know the need to replace the filter and supplies?
then the first thing we need to do is wash water purifier, after washing, the water is still no change, then you need to replace the home water purifier filter.

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