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For protection of downstream devices against blockage

Very high thtoughput

High purfication efficiency

Long life


Gas filter is used for cleaning fuel gases and air with clean filter pad, the pressure gradient over the filter pad must not exceed 10 mbar (4” WC). The pressure gradient will increase with soiling due to the gas. The filter pad must be changed at pressure gradient 20 mbar (8” WC), otherwise dust may be forced through the pad.

The gas filter is suitable for filtration of the fuel gas and combustion air supply to all gas consuming appliances.

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Q:Filter cotton for nitrifying bacteria, is it good or something else?
At the end of the filter to meet two conditions: 1, debris filter. 2. Culture of nitrobacteria. The first consideration must be placed in several layers of the upper groove surface filter. This is easy to take out and wash. The culture cycle of nitrifying bacteria is very slow, and the attachments should not be disturbed frequently. So late basically do not move. The growth environment of nitrifying bacteria is porous material, avoiding light. These two conditions meet the need for self - growth of nitrobacteria. I've done all kinds of biochemical cotton, glass change, magnetic ring and so on. Later in the field of fish farming people see dragon fish, very simple filter (of course, do not rule out the good filter effect), the effect is the same very good water permeability.
Q:What do you need for filter supplies on the back of the aquarium?
Sea water and fresh water are different. Water quality is hard, water quality, soft material is also different.
Q:Want to register a sales office paper products and other office supplies, equipment, and other advertising design, consulting, plate making, registered as a trade limited company of science and technology, do not know whether
First of all, what is your relationship with the purchasing agent in your company? If you do not know people, you may not pay attention, and your company has a fixed partner, generally selling printer supplies, there are problems of exchange of defective goods,
Q:No supplies, air purifiers and filters that kind of easy to use?
not only the air purification effect is better, but also the use is convenient, and there is no pollution for two times,
Q:Is the disposable oxygen filter used for hospitalization in the medical insurance reimbursement range?
All within the scope of reimbursement provided by the state are reimbursed
Q:Can the side filter tank be added with other filters?
Also, the tank is clean and not clean. If it is clean, it will be added to the filter tank or changed to another filter
Q:How much does the water supply filter consume in one year?
How much is the tap water filter? Does the tap water filter work? Add water filter, so it's normal to install tap water filter. Look what type you want ~ probably general
Q:Is there any explanation for the filter material in the fish tank?
The key to a good fish is to filter, and the filter is mainly to filter the fish, and the toxins in the water are produced by the fish. Now is the main aquarium filtration system universal filter, trickling flow, bottom filter, filter barrel, side filter, filter back, the filtering system form is different, but the essence is the same, is a filtration system and cultivate nitrifying bacteria in the cylinder outside. That is to say, the fish will be drawn into the filter to carry out nitrification and remove the ammonia from the fish.
Q:Function and replacement cycle of filter consumables in domestic direct drinking water machine
Hello, Vienna water purifier of the first three filter core for half a year, thank you for adopting
Q:Can you put 8 cubic meters of water in the fishpond, use the filter box, or how much other filtering equipment?. Thanks
The pipeline filter is been used in the traditional filter, but the construction is time-consuming and high cost, but the general level of the old love or fancier filter, filter can replace pipe filter, but the market each of the basic use of the most simple filter tank filter, filter cotton, cotton and other biochemical active carbon brush these materials not only cleaning trouble but also change regularly, so choose a good filter is necessary now to use the best filter is imported nano bio materials

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