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Product Description:


1,Dry Sieve Test Apparatus
2,To determine the apparent/equivalent opening size of a geotextil


Geotextile Opening Size Tester is used todetermine the apparent/equivalent opening size of a geotextile by sieving sizedglass beads through the geotextile, using the dry-sieve principle. A geotextilespecimen is placed in a sieve frame and sized glass beads are placed on thegeotextile surface. The geotextile and frame are shaken laterally so that thejarring motor will induce the beads to pass through the test specimen. Theprocedure is repeated on the same specimen with various sized glass beads untilits apparent opening size has been determined. The apparent opening size (O90)of the geotextile corresponds to a specified size of graded glass beads passed(d90).

Related Standards


ASTM D4751

Note: this geotextile opening size tester can conform to but not limit toall the standards above, for more standards conformance, please contact us.


1         Mechanical sieve shakervibrates smoothly and efficiently;

2        Two vibration mode: lateral andvertical;

3        Vibrating time is settable;

4        Time is displayed by Digitron.

Key Specifications

Inner diameter of sieves


Sieve material

Aluminium casting

Number of sieves


Superimposed height of sieves




Timer range


Lateral vibration frequency


Vertical vibration frequency


Radius of gyration


Power supply

380V three-phase


660×400×880mm (L×W×H)



Model NO.

DW1330D Dry Sieve Test Apparatus

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