Geotextile Filter Non Woven Polyester Geotextile

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Specifications of Geotextile


Needle-Punched Non-Woven Geotextile is a special kind of nonwoven geotextile because of its special manufacture method by puncturing the rolling formed layer made of randomly oriented short staple fiber. Our raw material is the top class 100% new PP(Polyproplylene ) or PET(Polyester) fiber. The needle punch process involves forcibly entangling layers of loose staple fibre into three dimensional structure by sequentially punching and pulling out barbed needles through the fiber matrix, and forms a strong fabric that retains its dimensional stability, expands the serving year to all the applied project. Because of its proven track record and versatility, Needle Punched, as the most commonly used Nonwoven Geotextile, is widely used in civil and environmental engineering applications like subsurface drainage, roadway separation, railroad stabilization, erosion control, hard armor underlayment, landfill leachate collection, underground retention/detention systems, environmental protection and other projects.

Application of Geotextile

1. Filtration

The filtration layer of the dykes, river canal, seacoast, concrete slope, retaining walls. At the same time of preventing the clay granule from passing, it allows the water and the gas pass through freely.

2. Separation

The isolation of the railway dregs and the roadbed, roadbed and the soft base, surface of the airdrome and parking lot and the groundsill, different dam materials. It isolates the soil and the gravel of two kinds different granule pathway from the groundsill or other buildings. 

3. Reinforcement

The highway, railway, soilstone dam, breakwater, airport, backfill soil of retaining wall, slope protection, etc in which distributes the earth stress, prevents the side-displacement of the earth body and improves the earth body stability.


4. Protection

It prevents the bank from being washed out, protects the bank and the bottom, prevents the water and soil from being washed away.


Woven geotextile  :

Made from polypropylene and or polyester fibers, manufactured with high tensile strength and low elongation, our woven geotextiles have superior properties for filtration, separation, reinforcement, erosion control and drainage. We are leader in providing woven geotextiles for a variety of civil and environmental applications including highways, port facilities, reservoir, transport construction, waste and chemical management ,subgrade engineering, coast reclamation works, peninsula shoal engineering.

Properties of Multifilament Woven Geotextile

Metric and British conversions:

1kn/m------around68.57lbs/ft  1oz/yd2---around 33.9g/m2   1m------around 3.3ft

Physical properties

Test method


Typical Value





Tensile Strength at break MD

ASTM D 4595










Tensile Strength at break CD

ASTM D 4595










Elongation at break MD

ASTM D 4595


<=15< span="">

Elongation at break CD

ASTM D 4595


<=15< span="">


ASTM D 4491



Pore opening size O90

ASTM D 4751






1)The property values listed are gained in our laboratories .The right is reserved to make changes without any notice 

2)Mechanical properties, origin materials, width, roll length can be adjusted to different applications. 


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Q:What fabric is it?
It is composed of cashmere in ordinary high-speed warp knitting machine with Terry comb on the underlap movement before using comb long, make the fabric surface to produce a longer extension line, using the raw materials of spandex elastic restoring force, so as to form a loop on its surface, in order to cut the long extension line, to form the velvet surface produced.
Q:Who can tell me what kind of fabric peach is?!
Juicy peach is a kind of flannel. It is called "peach skin""Peach is the product after product development after suede leather fabric, which is composed of a thin microfiber fabric. The dyeing and finishing process of fine grinding and finishing, the fabric surface tightly covering about 0.2 mm short, likethe surfaceofthepeach, withanoveland elegantappearance andcomfortable feel, so favored by people, so the name of the fabric for peach (peachskin). Thus, the nap finishing is also called "peach skin finishing"". This is similar to that of suede finishing, which is also known as suede finishing when suede products are in fashion.
Q:What is the fabric of sun velvet?
Cotton fabric selection Yang 100% high quality fine cotton, and the use of new environmentally friendly pulp, without PVA greensizing of weaving, the cashmere like feel and extraordinary extreme thermal effects, the ecological sunshine clean care to every people who desire to enjoy sleep.
Q:What's the effect of blending? Why blending? How is blending defined?
Blended fabric is cotton, chemical fiber and other silk, hemp textile products of natural fiber blended yarn fabric. For example: polyester cotton, polyester wool gabardine etc.. For example, polyester / cotton blended fabric is made of polyester fiber. It is made of 65%-67% polyester and 33%-35% cotton blended yarn. The polyester cotton fabric, commonly called cotton, is really cool. Features: not only highlights the polyester and cotton fabric style strengths in dry and wet conditions and better flexibility and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, small shrinkage, with tall and straight, not easy to fold, easy to wash, dry, not with high iron and soaked in boiling water.
Q:What is lace? What is the material of lace?
Lace fabric is divided into elastic lace fabric and non elastic lace fabric, also known as lace fabric. Elastic lace fabric is made of spandex 10% nylon 90%. Non elastic lace fabric consists of 100% nylon.
Q:What is the nylon taffeta fabric
Now many derivatives are called nylon taffeta, nylon taffeta, satin, twill, jacquard lattice, etc.. Generally according to the weight per square meter, can be divided into medium thickness (80g/m2) and thin (40g/m2). The whitening, dyeing, printing, calendering, embossing nylon spinning, fabric formation of fine silk, surface smooth, soft, thin and strong wear resistance, bright color, easy to wash and quick drying. Mainly used as clothing materials for men and women. Coated nylon shioze windtight, waterproof, and anti down, can be used as a ski jacket, raincoat, sleeping bags, mountaineering clothes and fabrics
Q:What's the density of the four piece cotton fabric?
High count yarns are generally used for textile top grade fabrics and special fabrics. Limited by equipment and technology, traditional ring spinning machine can not produce high count yarn. In recent years, the level of spinning technology in China has possessed the ability to produce high count yarn by itself.High count yarn fabricAs the fabric of high count yarn, it is usually thinner than ordinary yarn, so let's see, how can the material of worsted yarn be thicker than ordinary yarn fabric? Fabric thin and can not say that the quality is not good, as long as it is high yarn, high density is a good fabric. Now I will give you a good introduction to the fabric.
Q:What is the sanding fabric?
There are many types such as ordinary sanding, sanding, water hair, carbon and water brush, a rubber sanding sanding, such as the common market a few full polyester suede, velvet, cotton velvet, Italy, such as Laikala sanding steel thorn frame fabric, warp knitting various sanding cloth. "Hair" is grinding out with rubber. The whole process is this: impregnating raising agent, drying stentering after sanding machine on the special sanding finishing, sanding machine in Italy, Germany is better, sanding machine has six sand roller, depending on the fabric bag on the different routes of rubber, and rubber cloth in roll speed on and to a certain degree of tension, slowly after rubbing the cloth six sand roller, there is a dense pile fabric. Sanding fabric is cotton fabric by friction sanding machine and diamond rubber, a qualitative change only in the appearance of the species formed. That is to say, while retaining the fabric of the original performance at the same time, the formation of a layer with a downy layer feeling in the fabric surface, gives the fabric a new style at the same time, which not only reduces the thermal conductivity of sanding fabric, added warmth and softness, its color eye-catching, soft, nice outlook. The relative technology of sanding fabric printing fabric is much more complex, after dyeing and finishing, the exquisite sanding process, unique style of odd. A new flower in the textile industry. It feels soft, comfortable, rich in texture, strong sense of drape, easy to care and rich in suede features. It attracts the consumers, and it can be close to each other during use. There is a warm and soft feeling, and the color is as long as new. Due to unique technology, sanding product that will not fade, pilling phenomenon than cotton fabric quality, and weight than the general heavy cotton material.
Q:What is the general ladies sweater fabric
100% cotton, Tencel, ladies sweaters,There are many, such as wool blended fiber flax and popular words are generally made of pure cotton
Q:What's the difference between pure cotton and polyester cotton? Which fabric would be better?
Experience with a senior shirt fabric expert tells you that pure cotton makes liquid ammonia and moisture hinge handle the same, can achieve anti wrinkle, quick drying effect. But is it expensive? It contains formaldehyde. The best is to use the content of CVC in the 80 cotton, 20 polyester and the proportion of comfort, not wrinkle, crisp. You say polyester cotton is polyester content of more than 50%, it is called polyester cotton, wearing uncomfortable, ventilation and comfort is too bad. Simply tell you this is enough for you.

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