Geocomposite Geomembrane for Landfill to Prevent the Waste Water

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10000 m²
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500000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Structure of Geocomposite Membrane for  Landfill

Good mechanical properties, high tear strength, deformation and adaptable, puncture resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet-resistant, Anti oil and salt, pH, anti-corrosion, high temperature-resistant, non-toxic, long service life. water, drainage, seepage, the good effect of moisture, width, thickness of the full range of specifications and low cost, simple construction. 

Main Features of Geocomposite Membrane for  Landfill

  • Environmental Engineering: Landfill,Sewage treatment plant, Electric plant regulating reservoir, Hospital solid waste, etc.

  • Hydraulic Engineering: Canal waterproof, Dam leaking stoppage, reinforcement, Vertical core, Slope protection, Revetment, etc.

  • Municipal Engineering: Tunnel, Subway, Planted roof, Roof garden,Sewage conduit lining, etc.

  • Gardens Engineering: Artificial Lake, Watercourse, Impounding reservoir, Golf course pond lining, Lawn waterproof, etc.


Geocomposite Membrane for  Landfill Images


Waterproof Polyethylene Geomembrane with Colorful for Pond 

Waterproof Polyethylene Geomembrane with Colorful for Pond


Waterproof Polyethylene Geomembrane with Colorful for Pond

Waterproof Polyethylene Geomembrane with Colorful for Pond

Geocomposite Membrane for  Landfill Specification :




                                                   Test Value


1.0 mm

1.25 mm

1.5 mm

2.0 mm

2.5 mm



Minimum Density(g/cm³)



Tensile Property

Yield Strength ,N/mm








Break Strength ,N/mm








Yield Elongation ,%


Break Elongation ,%



Tear Resistance   N









Puncture Resistance  N









Stress Crack Resistance, hrs




Carbon Black

Carbon Black Content, %


Carbon Black Dispersion

Carbon black dispersion(only near spherical agglomerates) for

10 different views 9 in categories 1 or 2 and 1 in category 3



Oxidative induction time(OIT)

Standard OTI  Min


High Pressure OTI  Min



Oven aging at 85℃

Standard OIT-% retained after 

90 days


High pressure OIT-% retained

 after 90 days



UV Resistance

Standard OIT retained after 1600 hrs


High pressure  OIT retained after 1600 hrs



Low tempreture impact brittle property 

at -70°C



Water vapor permeability

 ( .s.Pa)



Dimensional Stability (%) 



1. How about the delivery time?    

    Two weeks upon receipt of down payment. 

2. What kind of payments do we accepted?   

   T/T, L/C, WesternUnion, MoneyGram. 

3. What's are the MOQ?   

    Normally the MOQ is 5000 SQM in theory. 

    And we can provide you free samples for quality inspection.  

4. Do you charge for the samples?   

    Accordeing to our company policy, the samples are freee, we only charge the freight fee. And we will return the freight fee in your second order.   

5. Can you produce the product according to customers' requirements?

     Sure, we are professional manufacturer, OEM and ODM are both welcome


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Q:What is the electric film floor heating?
The electric heating system is different from the dot mode heating system represented by the radiator, air conditioners, and heating radiators, the streamlined heating system represented by heating cable, and the LC supply heating high-tech products produced by the modern aerospace flight technology in the field of face heating field.
Q:Geomembrane sn2/ what does pe represent for?
Two cloths one membrane,
Q:What kind of mulching film should be used for heating floor?
" Aluminum mulching film is required for the heating floor. " This is the most typical deception. Practice has proved that the main form of heat transfer is radiation in electrothermal floor heating system which is followed by air convection and finally the heat conduction. If there is a layer of aluminum foil under the heating floor, the heat reflection forms. Besides, to keep a certain temperature, the common foam has lower thermal resistance and is more beneficial for the heat transfer from the floor to the surface than the aluminum foam which has higher thermal resistance. Therefore, when choosing the heating flooring, users should choose the common foam or materials with low thermal resistance, high humidity resistance and decay resistance as cushion ply.
Q:Is installing electric heating film expensive?
Usually implies that the cost is 5000 yuan, electrothermal membrane heating principle is that heating the carbon molecules will start "Brownian motion" with the effect of electric field, and severe friction and impact will occur among carbon molecule. The heat energy it produces will spread out in the form of distant thermal infrared radiation and convection, the electric can and thermal energy conversion rate is as high as up 98%. The effect of carbon molecules will heat surface of electrothermal film heating system. Install far infrared heating system on the ground, the heat energy will be continuously transmitted to every corner of the room. Far infrared carbon crystal can rapidly heat the room because its 100% power input is effectively converted to more than 66% far infrared radiation energy and 33% convective heat.
Q:What is calculation method of constructional column concrete project quantity ?
You need to consider how many walls the constructional column contacts with. Add 30mm in each section and then times the height ( full height). If the constructional column is stubble type, you can measure the concrete quantity by filling method. For example, if the both sides of stubble is 60mm, you can calculate it as cuboid with 30mm at both sides, and calculate the template for 60mm at each side according to site operation. For example, if constructional column is 200 * 200, stubble is 60mm, and height of layer is 3.6 meters, then concrete quantity is 0.2 * 0.2 * 3.6 +0.03 * 0.2 * 3.6 + 0.03 * 0.2+ 3.6 = 0.1872 m3, and template amount (0.2+ 0.2) * 3.6 + 0.06 * 3.6 * 4 = 2.304 m2
Q:Geomembrane's application technology
Q:Which is better, oil heater or electrothermal film
Oil heater and electrothermal film are the pure resistance circuit, using resistance heating, its efficiency is not much difference. Oil heater is heated slowly, it can have a slow heat dissipation for a period of time after power off, the electrothermal film is heated quickly, it can immediately cool off after the power off. But there is not much difference when the power is same. Thermal power and consumption are same. The size of electrothermal film is a little small, it do not occupy the room. I recommend the electrothermal film
Q:Concrete and reinforced concrete construction program
1. Basis of Preparation: Contracts, drawings, regulations, standards, quality assessment standards. 2. Project Overview (should be relevant and concrete before, indicate each part of the basic amount of concrete, ready-mixed concrete suppliers) 3. Quality 4. concrete mix design goals and auditing (1) concrete requirements for raw materials; (2) concrete mix requirements; (3) supply of concrete; (4) checking concrete pumping capacity; transport (5) concrete. 5. pouring concrete (1) construction preparation; (2) construction conditions; (3) pouring concrete; (4) column concrete pouring; (5) pouring concrete shear wall (6) pouring concrete slab; (7) Concrete stairs pouring; (8) structural column, pouring concrete ring beams; pouring belt (9) after concrete pouring. Which includes concrete admixtures requirements; requirements for setting time of concrete; concrete slump requirements; levels in different parts of the concrete, leaving in vertical construction joint position requirements; concrete construction joint requirements; concrete pump, pump tubing and pump position different parts of the concrete slab requirements wipe the surface;; requirements for concrete vibrators vibration tools and methods; fixed tube requires segregation of different strength grade concrete intersection of the concrete. 6. 7. The concrete block and conservation measures to ensure the quality of product protection 9. 8. safe and civilized construction
Q:What is the construction method of the geotechnical membrane?
The construction method: To lay it in the range of measurement. To lay the composite geotechnical membrane before the first required to lay a good sand cushion on the roadbed, laying the width of the design requirements set. When laying, do not allow the laying of folds, as far as possible to tighten. After the pavement, the U type nails or bamboo nails is used to fix. When laying composite geotechnical membrane, the surface of the sand layer is smooth, no hard protrusion, and timely fill sand cover, avoid direct exposure to the sun for a long time. When the composite earthwork film is laid, the length of the transverse lap and the longitudinal lap can meet the design requirements. After the composite geotechnical membrane is rolled out, the filling material is filled up in time, and after the soil is covered with light compaction mechanical compaction, only when the thickness of the overburden layer is larger than 0.6m, the soil can be compacted by heavy compaction machine. Composite geotechnical membrane according to the design requirements can be divided into two types of longitudinal force and lateral force, the laying of composite soil before the film to understand the design intent, strictly according to the design requirements of the laying.
Q:Can geomembrane HDPE replace waterproof roll modified asphalt sbs to be used in architecture?
Does not meet the SBS construction conditions SBS can not conduct construction on the waste plant, because the base under the waste plant is soil layer; flat

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