General rubber sheathed cable use requirements and structural features

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Product Description:

1. Common set of soft power cable as a very broad scope. Where the requirements of various mobile electrical equipment connected to the general situation can be applied. Including industrial and agricultural sectors in general used
Electrical equipment, mobile connectivity.
2. Reported using the cable cross-section, according to the size and capacity can be affected by mechanical force. Divided into light, medium, heavy-duty three types. Requirements are soft and easily bent. But the soft light cable to
Higher demand, and properly compact, small size, can not bear external mechanical forces; medium-sized cable required a certain flexibility and withstand considerable external mechanical forces, heavy application of high mechanical cable
Strong high.
3. Cable sheath should be close strong. And a certain roundness of. YQW, YZW, YCW cable suitable for Taiwan in the field using l as searchlights, agriculture, electricity type 1. Should oil performance.
Structural features:
1. Conductive wire core with copper twisted cord Cambodia. Soft-type structure. Large cross section conductor surface allows packets. Improve the bending performance.
2. Insulation from natural - styrene butadiene rubber, insulation of aging well.
3. Outdoor rubber products, used mainly with neoprene or neoprene rubber formula mixed


Comprehensive technical parameters
Core cross-section main line/ Mm2YQ,YQWAllow long-term load carrying capacity / A YZ, YZW-YC,YCW-2 Core3Core2 Core3Core4 CoreSingle2 Core3Core4 Core0.376-------0.5119121010----0.751412141211----1--171413----1.5--211818----2--262222----2.5--302625373026274--413535473934346--5345455251434410-----7574636316-----11298848425-----14813511511635-----18316714214350-----22620817611770-----28925922422495-- --353318273273120-----415371316316

Note: The conductor operating temperature 65 ° C,

ambient temperature 25 ° C.Welding cable size of product specifications and structure

Conductor nominal cross-section / mm2Structure and single conductive wire core diameter / (root number / mm)Single or a combination of the total thickness of the sheath / mmThe thickness of the outer sheath combination jacket / mmAverage diameter / mmConductor resistance 20 ° C, / (Ω / km) ≤≥≤Not tinnedTinning10322/

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Q:Is a so-called high-end power cable going to really make my stereo/home theater sound better?
No. However you can easily make your own high end cables buying iec connectors on line or if your gear does'nt have iec connectors, you can solder new cable in to it. I made my own 12 gauge cable with Wattgate interconnects, nice attractive wrap and 12 gauge entension cord I purchased at Walmart (50 feet made me a lot of power cords- cost me $16 for the extension and $10-12 per IEC connector and $16 for 50' of wrap ). Noticeable improvement? No, not at all- but my cable looks just as high end and as pretty as the fancy $100-300 stuff. If your scared of making your own cables, check out OKorder. There is a seller out there offering some really good looking cable ( I think it's 12g-14g ) priced at around $60. The home theater market is BIG business and there are companies out there with so many exaggerated claims about their products that it's mind-boggling. Well, gotta run, I need to put a line conditioner on my refrigerator so that it keeps my food fresher.... LOL.
Q:do all 1 tera hdd come with a power cable?
They should. I mean it would be dumb if they did not. But radio shacks or office depot type places. Like electronic stores or office stores. Online would be the best place. Just type the type of power cord your looking for on OKorder and I know for a fact you will find one. Good luck
Q:LCD Display on Computer Tower power cable.?
you plug it into an open 5 pin coming from the psu. P.S. monie is thinking of a monitor.this is a display for the output of censers
Q:I bought a PS3 console without cables?
Yeah Power Cable is great and all but are you forgeting the PS3 Controller Charger, The ethernet cable and HDMI Cable
Q:What does ZR-YJV 6mm2 * 3 cable mean?
The initial also said that car 3S brand stores, mainly refers to the front of the three S
Q:Power cable for portable dvd player battery says dc in 9v - 12 v, the player itself says 7.2v to 12v?
What is the question here? Are you looking to buy a replacement power cable? One of the multi use ones would work fine, set it for 9 volts. The other important part is the current rating (amps or mA). What does the DVD player say it needs? Make sure the new power cord can supply at least that much. Voltage: try 9 first, if not work then try 10 or 11 or 12. No higher than 12. Current: the same number or higher than listed on the player.
Q:How do you run the amp power cable through the firewall in a 1994 Mitsu Eclipse?
It's simple really. If you have a drill will a power cord attached to it, simply drill a hole big enough for the power wire to fit thru. Try to do it about midway down the firwall as to not hit anything in your dash. Thats where I have done it before and have had no problems whatsoever out of it.
Q:Can you use a camcorder battery charger powercable for a ps1 power cable.?
The charger isn't meant to be a capacity source, purely a charging source. As such, with out battery, this is voltage will selection badly whilst a load is utilized and would land up adverse the stereo and/or the charger.
Q:Toshiba TV has no power cable?
check the specs on the back of the tv. There could be some listings such as vdc or volts... or something like/close if not 20-Zoll/51cm call a tv repair person. but now that I'm looking at a pic of this square tele... are you sure that it isn't a self-powered tv?
Q:Power Cable for Super Nintendo.?
Super Nintendo Rocks My Face Off!!! OKorder!! just look for a good seller with a high rating..

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