General Rubber Flexible Cable Heat-resisting silicon rubber insulated cable

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Product Description:

1、For the type of 60245IEC03(YG),implement GB5013.3《Heat-resistant,silicon rubber insulated cable》

2、For the type of 60245IEC53(YZ),60245IEC57(YZW),and 60245IEC66(YCW) implement GB5013.4

3、For the type of 60245IEC70(YTB),60245IEC74(YT),60245IEC75(YTF) implement GB5013.5《Elevator cable》

4、For the type of 60245IEC81(YH),60245IEC82(YHF) implement GB5013.6《cable for welding machine》

5、For the type of YQ,YQW,YZ,YZW,YZB,YZWB,YC,YCW implement JB8735.2,《General rubber flexible cable》.


Brief type


Type and voltage



Test voltage (5min)


Heat-resisting silicon rubber insulated cable

Used for high-temperature site



Rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equipment and tools


CR-jacketed flexible cable


Heavy-duty rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equipment and can withstand larger mechanical forces






Braided lift cable

High-strength rubber lift cable


PCP rubber lift cable

Used for elec



Common rubber sheathed cable for electric welding machine

Used for electric welding machine



PCP sheathed cable for electric welding machine


Light-duty rubber flecible cable

Used light duty movable electrical equipment and tools



Medium-duty rubber flexible cable

YZB、YZWB 300/500V

Medium-duty rubber flat flexible cable


Heavy-duty rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equiment and can withstand larger mechanical forces


YHD 300/500V

Open country rubber insulated power cable

Uesed for various movable electrical equipment and tools in the open country


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Q:I want to install another sata hard drive into my desktop pc but there isnt another power cable?
I would try going to a nearby hardware store or electronics store that deals with computers and explain your situation to them. They can probably figure something out.
Q:Power Cable Check Well b-type covers show what?
Indicating the carrying capacity of the covers, according to "People's Republic of China town construction industry standards" to understand that: steel fiber reinforced concrete inspection covers are divided into A, B, C, D four
Q:Cant find a spot for power cable! :(?
I've gone through the door with 6 gauge wire, I wouldn't recommend this at all, but especially with anything larger than 6 gauge. It didn't really let any water in at all, but I must have gotten lucky, I've heard a bunch of horror stories with that. I'd say just look harder or if absolutely necessary, go through the floor, but make sure to seal it up good. Note: I was running a 450 watt amp at the time I had the 6 gauge wire, now I've got a 1000 watt mono amp with 0 gauge wire running through the firewall :-)
Q:What's power cable do I need for this SSD?
You should have a cable sticking out of your power supply that will fit. Otherwise you have to use something like this:
Q:How many amphs does the us ps3 slim's power cable have? It should be #A?
i don't know why youre trying to find this out but heres a chart. The power cable has different electricity usages depending on what youre doing but the average is 87 ish
Q:Is My Power Cable Good Enough?
okay alot of 4 gauge amp kits are not legit 4 gauge ive seen some more like 10 gauge of actual wire if you have legit awg wire you should be fine but you should have another 4 gauge strand to the alpine amp Id also recommend the big 3 upgrade your power will be increased greatly... if you want to run a 0 gauge you can but you could also just run another 4 gauge wire also make sure your grounds are sufficant because they shouldnt shut off either way
Q:What does ZR-YJV 6mm2 * 3 cable mean?
The initial also said that car 3S brand stores, mainly refers to the front of the three S
Q:New xfx 8800gt - won't power on, tried 3 power supplies, and squeals when power cable's not plugged in?
I think its the card. This is not uncommon. Card sounds DOA. Exchange it. 500 watts is good, the others are not, but lack of power would not kill a card, I don't believe. good luck. 8800GT is a sweet card, thats what I have, I play at 1920x1080 and get between 40 and 60 FPS in far cry 2 and great frames in oblivion maxed out. I get around 30 in crysis on high.
Q:Which has, know the power of the electrical, choose the cable formulas. And explain it
Basically are refining, the wax is also used, the high cost of particles
Q:4 core power cable, 35 mm?
4 Core Cable

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