General Rubber Flexible Cable Heat-resisting silicon rubber insulated cable

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1、For the type of 60245IEC03(YG),implement GB5013.3《Heat-resistant,silicon rubber insulated cable》

2、For the type of 60245IEC53(YZ),60245IEC57(YZW),and 60245IEC66(YCW) implement GB5013.4

3、For the type of 60245IEC70(YTB),60245IEC74(YT),60245IEC75(YTF) implement GB5013.5《Elevator cable》

4、For the type of 60245IEC81(YH),60245IEC82(YHF) implement GB5013.6《cable for welding machine》

5、For the type of YQ,YQW,YZ,YZW,YZB,YZWB,YC,YCW implement JB8735.2,《General rubber flexible cable》.


Brief type


Type and voltage



Test voltage (5min)


Heat-resisting silicon rubber insulated cable

Used for high-temperature site



Rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equipment and tools


CR-jacketed flexible cable


Heavy-duty rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equipment and can withstand larger mechanical forces






Braided lift cable

High-strength rubber lift cable


PCP rubber lift cable

Used for elec



Common rubber sheathed cable for electric welding machine

Used for electric welding machine



PCP sheathed cable for electric welding machine


Light-duty rubber flecible cable

Used light duty movable electrical equipment and tools



Medium-duty rubber flexible cable

YZB、YZWB 300/500V

Medium-duty rubber flat flexible cable


Heavy-duty rubber flexible cable

Used for various movable electrical equiment and can withstand larger mechanical forces


YHD 300/500V

Open country rubber insulated power cable

Uesed for various movable electrical equipment and tools in the open country


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Q:difference between power and control cable?
Q:power cable for an amp?
Of course you can. As many amps that I have installed I have only had to drill one hole through the fire wall. As long as there is a grommet you are good to go. You should be able to open the rubber up with a screw driver. Just be careful not to damage any wires.
Q:Engineering materials inspection, all types of cable wires should be issued a test report?
Buy a distributor on the line, the computer city generally have
Q:Power boost cable?
It is simply a 2nd USB for power alone, it does not use both USBs to transfer files, just one, the 2nd is just for additional power to improve the performance of the hard disk
Q:I have a power cable that says 7A 125v and my DVR says 4A max, will the cable work or harm the DVR?
The cable will work just fine.
Q:what size of power cable?
use a 4 Gage, always reliable and always dependable. Its a bit larger but you will have no problems
Q:I need to know if i can use 550 watt power cables from my old amp to power my new 700 watt amp?
No, you don't have enough power, but you can sure as hell try.
Q:Ipad charge does not enter the charge does not support this accessory charge
The In general, single-core 15 square wire, for lighting fixtures; single-core 2
Q:How do I repair the power cable on my vintage sewing machine?
If it's near the plug end, the one that goes into the wall, it's easy. You can buy a replacement plug, cut off the old one and wire on the new one. Wire strippers would be handy but you could strip the wires with a carefully used sharp utility knife, and you will need a screwdriver to deal with the plug itself. If it's very close to the foot pedal end or the machine plug side, that might be a bit harder, depending how much wire there is between the damaged cable and the pedal or plug. You could cut away the damaged portion, splice the wires with wire nuts, cover firmly with electrical tape and be done. If there isn't room to do that, you might have to take the foot pedal apart and re-attach the wires from the rest of the cable. Shouldn't be that hard to do. Just note where the wires went inside the foot pedal.
Q:Why wont my ps2 power on?
reassemble it again .pull out out the power cord and reattach it .it happened to me and thats what i did

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