general purpose unsaturated polyester resin-product code:191

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high purity,low price,high quality,Extensive use

  UPR Technique Data (196)





Yellow green liquid

Acid value






Gel time



solids content






Barcol hardness




general purpose unsaturated polyester resin-product code:191

Unsaturated Polyester Resin


1. Application

  1) General purpose laminating resin and Laminating resin for boats

  2) Resin transfer molding resin

  3) Heat resistance and chemical resistance resin

  4) Super corrosion resistance resin

  5) Filament winding resin and pultrusion molding resin

  6) Corrugated panel molding resin

  7) Clear casting resin and special casting resin

  8) Onyx marble resin and general marble resin

  9) Gel coat resin and color paste / pigment

  10) Others

 general purpose unsaturated polyester resin-product code:191

2. Types of resin

  1) Vinyl ester resin

  2) Iso phthalic resin

  3) Ortho Phthalic resin

  4) DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene) resin

  5) Tere Phthalic resin


general purpose unsaturated polyester resin-product code:191



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Q:What are gypsum powder reinforced resins?
(surface enhancement) dipping the prepared handicraft for 10 minutes with 1% poly vinyl oxide aqueous solution, which can increase the surface hardness, wear resistance and strength.
Q:What's the difference between type 5 resin powder and type 8 resin powder?
You mean PVC? The smaller the number, the greater the degree of polymerization, the greater the molecular weight, the higher the strength, but the more difficult it is to melt the flow, the more difficult it is to process. A large amount of plasticizers are needed. Type 5 is generic, type 3 is generally used for soft goods, and type 7-8 is for hard goods.
Q:Fusible polytetrafluoroethylene and poly perfluoroalkoxy resin what is the difference?
PFA is polytetrafluoroethylene modified, temperature can reach 260 degrees, perfluoroalkyl resin, PFA resin is relatively new melt processable fluorine plastic. The melting point of PFA is about 580 degrees Fahrenheit, density of 2.13 - 2.16g/cc (g / cm3). PFA is similar to PTFE and FEP, but at 302 degrees above, mechanical performance is better than FEP, and can be as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature of use, its chemical resistance and PTEF. PFA's products include granular products for molding and extrusion, powder products for rotational molding and coatings, and semi-finished products including membranes, panels, rods and tubing.
Q:How do you control the flow of epoxy resin?
There is a kind of "thickener" thing, white flour like powder added to the relatively dilute glue, you can adjust their liquidity. The fluidity can be adjusted by adding 5% or 7%, 10%, 15% and so on.Epoxy resin usually refers to the epoxy resin as the main body of the adhesive, epoxy resin should generally include epoxy resin curing agent, otherwise this glue will not be cured.
Q:What is resin chemistry?
Resin chemical is related to the chemical resin baaNot a plastic resin, the resin is heated usually a softening or melting range, softening tendency to flow under the external force, room temperature is solid, semi-solid, sometimes can be a liquid organic polymer. Broadly speaking, any polymer can be used as raw materials for plastic products are called resins.Resin and synthetic resinnatural resin of the points. The natural resin is amorphous organic matter from the secretions of plants and animals in nature, such as rosin, shellac, amber. Synthetic resin is chemically synthesized from simple organic compounds or some natural products obtained by chemical reaction of the resin product.Purpose: food grade industrial grade; grade; analysis; nuclear grade resin; double bed; high velocity with mixed bed resin; and the filter cover resin with moving bed.
Q:Resin tray good or wood tray? Detailed point
Since most wood fibers use adhesives to strengthen their strength, and most adhesives have volatiles, they can cause some adverse effects on the human body. Personally believe that these processed things are not as good as natural, such as some bamboo products, solid wood products, stone products are good choice. I hope my answer will be helpful to you.
Q:The difference between resin clay and rubber putty is the same as that of clay!
Resins are very easy to air bubblesResin bonded resin is not a thing of tuge......The resin clay is made of hand, and the gum is similar to the gum...
Q:How much is the resin tile one square meter?
The price is really bad, unified said, you can ask, PVC tile is based on polyvinyl chloride resin (referred to as PVC) as the main raw material
Q:What's good about the toilet lid?
Urea formaldehyde cover plate:People use more is Urea Formaldehyde UF resin is generally flat, water soluble resin, easily cured, the cured resin colorless, non-toxic, good light resistance, long-term use does not change color, heat molding will not change color, can add various colorants to prepare various brightly colored products. Urea formaldehyde resin hard, scratch resistance, acid-base and grease, medium, cheap, has a certain toughness, but it is easy to absorb water, so water and electricity are not poor performance, high heat resistance, the natural price is higher than acrylic.
Q:How long is a resin tile?
Resin tile production formula ratio is different, the production of resin tile life will be very different, such as calcium powder ratio is a technical problem, so it is recommended to choose the quality of the stability of the Pu brand resin tile.

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