general purpose unsaturated polyester resin-product code:191

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high purity,low price,high quality,Extensive use

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Yellow green liquid

Acid value






Gel time



solids content






Barcol hardness




general purpose unsaturated polyester resin-product code:191

Unsaturated Polyester Resin


1. Application

  1) General purpose laminating resin and Laminating resin for boats

  2) Resin transfer molding resin

  3) Heat resistance and chemical resistance resin

  4) Super corrosion resistance resin

  5) Filament winding resin and pultrusion molding resin

  6) Corrugated panel molding resin

  7) Clear casting resin and special casting resin

  8) Onyx marble resin and general marble resin

  9) Gel coat resin and color paste / pigment

  10) Others

 general purpose unsaturated polyester resin-product code:191

2. Types of resin

  1) Vinyl ester resin

  2) Iso phthalic resin

  3) Ortho Phthalic resin

  4) DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene) resin

  5) Tere Phthalic resin


general purpose unsaturated polyester resin-product code:191



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Q:What is the curing agent for acrylic resins?
The curing agent of acrylic resin is actually an initiator, usually peroxide, with benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, cumene, tert butyl hydroperoxide, and so on. Many peroxides are white powder, such as benzoyl peroxide, cyclohexanone peroxide and so on.
Q:Is it good for synthetic resin tile or PVC plastic tile? What's the difference between the two?
Synthetic resin tile is better, synthetic resin tile surface with ASA, aging resistance. PVC plastic tile no.. The above answer is made up of (synthetic resin tile manufacturer, PVC plastic steel tile manufacturer) Wuxi Haina Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. friendship reply.
Q:What can be used to make phenolic resins not so thick?
You look at the specific phenolic resin is thermoplastic or thermosetting, the thermoplastic with ethyl acetate, dichloromethane or benzyl alcohol and so on can be diluted, want to quickly reduce the viscosity of phenolic does not reduce the solid content you can add about 0.1-0.5% PPE or two methyl silicone modified polyether, the viscosity was down the.
Q:What is the difference between resin, plastic, fiber and rubber?
Fiber: generally refers to thin and long material. Fiber has a large elastic modulus, plastic deformation of small, high strength characteristics, has a high crystallization ability, small molecular weight, generally tens of thousandsThe extraction of rubber trees, rubber processing plants such as latex, made of elastic, insulation, waterproof and air material. High elastic polymer compound. Divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber two. Natural rubber is made from rubber processing after extraction of glial trees, grass and other plants in rubber; synthetic rubber by a variety of monomers through polymerization reaction. The rubber products are widely used in industry or in all aspects of life.
Q:In unsaturated resins, what do solids refer to?
Gel timeThe gelation time is generally gel time was measured at 25 DEG C or 80 DEG.25 DEG C refers to the resin from adding initiator and accelerator to become soft and gelatinous mobility lost time. Sometimes the gel time can also be interpreted as the resin in the actual construction process of the operational impact time. Very large temperature and humidity environment, the gel time of initiator and accelerator dosage on the resin.
Q:What's the difference between type 5 resin powder and type 8 resin powder?
SG-8 type resin, reaction temperature and pressure has basically reached the polymerizer working pressure limit, the reaction requires relatively harsh conditions, more strict operation, safety, technology, personnel quality and other aspects of the requirements, and it is more difficult to control the quality of resin.Use:SG5 (K-65, S1000): pipes, profiles, plates and so on;SG3 (K-70, S1300): mostly soft products, hoses, wires, cables, films, shoes, toys, auto parts;SG7, SG8 (K-60, S800, S700): pipe fittings, sheets, containers, etc..
Q:The difference between resin anchoring agent and cement coil
The cement roll anchor is one of the bonded bolt, which is often used in the initial support of highway tunnel.
Q:How many kinds of epoxy resin are there?What are the characteristics of each?
Five major categories1. glycidyl ethers epoxy resins2. glycidyl epoxy resin3. glycidyl amine epoxy resin4. linear aliphatic epoxy resin5. alicyclic epoxy resin
Q:How do you make resin powder?
Application of high polymerization degree PVC resin in cable materialThe property of high degree of polymerization PVC resin, because of its special structure, PVC resin has excellent resistanceFlammability, mechanical properties, and good electrical properties.And the high degree of polymerization PVC resin, because its molecular weight is much higher than ordinary polyvinyl chloride resin, molecular chainObvious growth, so compared with ordinary PVC resin, but also has the following characteristics:(1) higher heat resistance.(2) better cold resistance.(3) higher mechanical properties.(4) smaller thermal deformation.(5) better flexibility and elasticity.In the application of cable material, because of the high degree of polymerization, PVC resin has the above characteristics, you can use it to produceCable for various special purposes.Heat resistant cable insulation and sheath material, with the increase of polymerization degree, PVC resin heat resistance liftingHigh mechanical properties are also improved. It will be the ideal raw material for the production of heat-resistant PVC cable material.At present, high degree of polymerization PVC resin is used to produce high temperature resistant cable material in ChinaDegree of production of S G-2 PVC resin.
Q:How about the resin strap?
The strap is more comfortable to wear. But if wet, with some stained plastic or other objects put together, it is contaminated with color, and once it's dyed, it's hard to get out. Therefore, I do not advocate buying white resin strap. I used to have a watch with a white strap and it was dirty a week later. In addition, if the resin strap is not cleaned for a long time, sweat and dust are gathered on it, which will speed up the aging of the strap and cause bacteria to produce odor. Therefore, it is best to buy the anti bacteria, odor watchband (e.g. Casio, G-shock), of course, the price is also more expensive. Also, the resin strap will be aging, and don't let it be exposed to intense sunlight for a long time.

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