General Purpose Pumping LYB vertical arc gear pump oil pump

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Product Description:

Type: Vertical Installed Pump for Ship

Characteristic: It has characteristics low noise, long life and high efficiency.

Shaft seal: This series of pump adopt mechanical sealing. It also adopts the packing seal according to the requirement of customer.

Temperature: The max environment temperature is 50 °C  and the max use temperature is 80 °C.

( If you are looking for arc gear pump used in ships, just need it -- LYB Vertical Arc Gear Pump. )

TypeLYB arc gear pump

Environmental temperature: <50°c

Use temperature: <80°c

Rated pressure0.6Mpa
Frequency50Hz      60Hz
CertificationGL, ABS, BV, CE, CNV etc.
Deliever timeAbout 25~40 days according to quantity.

More Details:

CertificationGL, ABS,BV, CE, 3C, ISO9001-2000, GJB9001A-2001
PackageStandard export carton or plywood case. (By sea or by air)
Deliver dateWithin 25 working days after confirm orther
Warranty1 year

LYB arc gear pump

Outline and Installation diagram

General Purpose Pumping LYB vertical arc gear pump oil pump

Performance parameter

Rated pressure: 0.6Mpa

ModelDiameterRated Capacity(m3/h)
Inlet*Outlet 60Hz50Hz
LYB20 Φ100*Φ8024 -20 -
LYB2530 -25 -
LYB30 Φ125*Φ10036 -30 -
LYB40 Φ150*Φ12548 -40 -
LYB50 Φ150*Φ12561 -50 -
LYB65 - 65 - 55
LYB80 - 80 - 65
LYB90 - 90 - 75
LYB100 Φ200*Φ150 - 100 - 85
LYB150 - 150 - 125
LYB175 Φ250*Φ200 - 175 - 145
LYB200 - 200 - 165

All Products can be matched with different motors as customer's requirment

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