GCA Series General Silicon Rectifying Charger

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Principle & Characteristics

Mini charger, transformer isolated stop-down, full-wave rectification、regulating current and voltage with various grade of switchgear.

Scope of Application

It is widely used to recharge the battery in car and motorcycle reparing、generator group、program controlled exchange board、communication equipment and computer.

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Q:Looking for a true electronic components store near Lakewood or Long Beach, CA?
Electronic Components (714) 373-7339 Westminster, CA 92683
Q:can I replace 4 amp 250V FUSE for 5 amp 250 V. FUSE manual says 4amp?
yes you can, 1 amp wont hurt it at all. just do it in a static free area.
Q:My Car Keeps Blowing a fuse!!!!!!!! Whats causing this?
Auto zone won't diagnose that for you. You do have a direct short and you will need to trace the wires till you find it. First try and disconnect each component in that circuit meaning radio see if it blows if it does then go to the trunk unlock devise and unplug that if it blows then go on from there. When it stops blowing then replace that device. In most cases the wiring in you car is well protected from direct shorts unless someone has messed with them or add thing to the wiring that shouldn't be there. It's just a process of elimination. hope this helps
Q:Power locks and dome light not working on 2001 Saturn SL2 4 door sedan. Fuse is fine, possibly relay?
If you are sure that the fuse is still good, it could possibly be a relay but I'd probably guess that it's going to be a damaged or broken wire. Take a voltage meter and take your dome light out. Check to see if it is not getting a positive feed or a ground. If it's not getting the feed, follow the wire back to the relay and make sure the relay is getting the feed to it and that you get a signal to the relay when the door is open. Then you can determine where to start searching and if the power is getting to the relays or components. You should be able to find a wiring diagram on the internet if you can read them. Good luck.
Q:why did my blinkers, brake light, and gauges stop working on my kawasaki kz1000?
Now that you're satisfied with your fuses and connections,check your relays, and wiring between connections for any place where the may get pinched. Also check mounting of all the affected devices for a good, clean, rust free and solid mounting to ensure good grounding of those devices. It sounds like the failure of any one of these components affects them all.
Q:what components do i need to hook up an amp and 2 subs to a 07 civic ex stock stereo?
you are able to, yet for one i might advise a capacitor in there someplace, in case you obtain six hundred watts it is going to dim your lighting fixtures at night. the line adapter is a powerful thought, reason you will choose RCA's to flow to the amp, and yet another difficulty would desire to be the amp distant turn on, which the inventory radio won't have. yet a 12V source from the radio will artwork. i might unload that amp, I have been given one for my vehicle and it sucks, the subs would be severly under powered and you will would desire to crank the stereo to get the watts up, which in turn will make the amp run greater durable, which will finally end up burning out. you will desire to understand RMS wattage additionally, if the subs are 1000 max, they're prolly 650 RMS, and if the amp is six hundred Watt, this is probable 250 RMS watts, you will desire to discover out the ohms of impedance on the subs, and see what your amp will placed out at that ohm.you may would desire to bridge it, or you may in basic terms choose to flow with one sub.
Q:A 3a device run with 13a fuse, has this been harmed?
it depends whether or not the radio received more 3 amps. if it did it is most likely ruined as normally the fuse will have stopped this happening. my only advice is to put the correct fuse in the radio and try it then if it still does not work it was ruined.
Q:Four electrical components are connected to a 120v household circuit. The light bulb dissipates 100W, the e?
Total power dissipated 3,450W. (3450/120) 28.75A., so the fuse blows. The powers are additive, then power in watts (voltage x current), so dividing power by voltage will give the current figure. W EI, I W/E. I is current in amperes, E is voltage, in volts. What more can I say?
Q:Bad Battery jumping for a Toyota Tercel 99. What fuse I should check?
I assume u are saying they touched after connecting them to the Toy before connecting to other vehicle. Just for tomorrow - clip the loose - free clip which will go to the starting vehicle around the wires. Then after u have connected to the dead battery and after u connect the + clip to the starting battery, remove the - clip and attach that. when jumping batteries, one places the cables on the battery terminals. The only way to get a fuse to blow is to place the cable someplace else so the current will flow thru the fuse. If u did that, then I would start with the fusable link usually the first thing u come to off the + terminal of the battery going to the other fuses. It is possibly integrated into the + terminal. The starter cable does not have a fuse on it. It goes directly from the battery + to the starter. Now, is it possible to damage other components like a PCM. Not hardly. Since there is now way to draw current thru it by shorting leads out. Is it possible to damage an alternator? Maybe depending on where u clipped the cable. If u connected to the alternator, u may have a problem here. Lesson, NEVER connect + lead to anything but the battery terminal. NOW, when u try 2 jump it do u get any spark when attaching the - lead (after the + always). If not, maybe the cables are open. I assume the other vehicle still works.
Q:please help me to get a block, schematic diagrams for +/- 15V basic power supply With less than 15 Components?
Connect transformer primary to mains and secondary to bridge rectifier. Connect centre tap on transformer this will be the ground. Connect + and - terminals of rectifier to large capacitors, then via regulators to output. connect small capacitors across output terminals. 9 components. if you like put a fuse.

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