GCA-H series Automatic Silicon Rectifying Charger

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Principle & Characteristics

It is manufactured with the high quality elements、materials and the excellent technology, strictly follow the national and professional standard. It changes the electricity into LV DC output voltage through isolating step-down of transformer and bridge full-wave rectifying. In the charging period, it can stop charging for a short time automatically for each intervals of time. It has the function to stop charging automatically when it is filled and the current can be adju sted, when the advantage of reasonable structure、stable running、safe and reliable、reason able price and so on.

Scope of Application

It is widely used to recharge the battery in car and motorcycle reparing、generator group、program controlled exchange board、communication equipment and computer.

Main Technical Parameter
Overall Size & Weight(For reference only)

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Q:Fuse or instrument cluster?
Hey Jasmin, Well, I think you must've hit the wrong button 'cause your question got posted in the Jeep section not the VW section. But hey, no worries. Most modern cars have a protection circuit that will set off a fuse or some other device to prevent serious damage to the engine computers (and other components) if someone gets their positives mixed up with their negatives when jumping the battery. I would suggest you bring it in to either a highly regarded independent shop specializing in European autos (usually BMW, VW, Mercedes and Volvo) or to the dealership. Depending on the car, you may have no choice but to bring it to the dealership if there is some type of special factory software that needs to be used to repair it. I would check in with an independent shop first tell 'em what happened and what's going wrong and they should be able to send you in the right direction (their shop or the dealership). Just be aware this might cost you some large coin to fix just be ready for that.
Q:Lincoln town car air suspension?
compressor has a 30amp fuse, but, if the compressor runs, no fuse to check, probably have leaking air springs in rear
Q:What electrical modifications do I need to make for 2 15 Kicker L7's?
Actually they really are 2000 a piece depending on how you set the gain with a lot of watts to it. 100 amp fuse is awfully small for that system, you need to get up to 250 or 300 amps if you plan to run 1 ohm an another thing what ohm are the subs?? cause if they are 2 ohm subs then you're gonna need a amp for each sub.
Q:2006 Ford Fusion Battery Drain Fuse 19 Problem?
Better check with mechanic for electric supplies in your car from batter to starter and alternater. If after long drive the engine wont start again, probably its because the starter. Also check for the fly wheel. Service the starter and chenge the brushes inside it, aslo check the solanide switch if its working fine or not, if not, simply replace it. Your car is now 7 years old, so it will give such problems, so first go to some good garage in your area and ask the mechanic to inspect the car throughly. Best of luck. :)
Q:what function does this component play ?
ARGH. You have a UPS with a damaged primary (i.e. direct from the power line) circuit. Removing just one obviously-damaged component is not sufficient to guarantee that it's safe to operate. Your UPS could catch fire, start your house on fire, and thereby kill you while you sleep. You should immediately unplug your UPS and have it serviced by a qualified technician. Or, replace it.
Q:Whats wrong with the electrics in my car?
you obviosly have a short to ground somewhere
Q:12v 1700mA power supply?
You can use the power supply. The key is, it provides the correct voltage. The mixer will pull the amount of current that it needs. The power supply must have a equal or higher current rating than the mixer pulls.
Q:Fl fuse blows every time the key is turned. What could this be?
Get hold of a shop manual with a wiring diagram. Locate the circuit that 15A Fl protects. Find all feeder circuits in that stream. Check all those for a short to ground. Repair wiring or replace components as needed, and drive on!
Q:Desktop not powering on?
It is older out of date computer, so repair may be unwarranted, What is not clear is to why you would unplug, I'd computer was on while doing so, you could fry components or create surge enough to blow fuse or power component, Where did the pop come from, computer or outlet, if you have surge power bar, that may pop circuit button to which you reset, If it does not boot up or restart, then you may have fried part, you need to take of side panel view motherboard and parts from power to check for black or burnt smell from wires, Since we know not of you tech computer skills, it may be best to have friend wiz check device, as it is old, and stil workingreplacing motherboard is easy enough and fair enough to do for salvaging old files as 32bit compatable. If you are tetchy, then dis connect power and turn on, if fan in power box does not start, the power box is fried, if it does start, then some other part is fried as capacitor anywhere on board, that is tricky to repair, because you have to disassemble, solder pints and remove, and replace with new part (carefully), if not take to tetchy friend or shop, high end stores like computer world may not fix, low end shops like tech 101 gaarge will fix, If you are student then check with friends first, if you are elderly, then check with children relatives first, .
Q:How do I get the instrument panel lights to come on in my 1999 Honda CRV?
I am sure that your crv had blown fuse, do you install stereo with oem one or after market? on back of stereo there is red and black wire may shot when you cut during install after market stereo. always disconnect battery ( - ) cable to working on electric on the car. check your manual again carefully look for parking light fuse,under hood fuse box or and kick panel under dash. good luck.

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